Today’s Society Is Pathetic

Why I Stand For What I Stand For!

Hippies & Marijuana Legalisation

Strong Foundation = Strong Worldview

Candle-Lit Vigils and ‘Emotional Care Bears’

The Fallacy of Evolutionary Theory

Modern Society and the “I Don’t Care” Factor

False Hope is a Waste of Time

Have You Ever Met Someone You Can’t Fucking Stand?

The Stage Is Set For The Final Battle

We Are Fucked….

1984 Was 30 Years Ago……

Nature Versus Nurture – How the Jews Lie to You

The Jewish Vampire Will Fall!

The Latest Escalation of Worldwide Jewish Insanity

What Would Our Ancestors Think?

‘Worse is Better’ because the White Liberals need to be taught a Lesson!

The AFL, Racism, and the Horror of the Federal Budget!

Rabbi confirms Jewish plan to Rule the World and wipe out the White Race….. in 1952!

Instead of having a Jew Facebook Page – I have this site!

Vlad’s Russia – The Last Hope for the White Race

The Thing about Love and Hate

This World is a Fucking Cesspit

The Cause of Our Economic Woes: Free Trade, the United Nations, Fractional Reserve Debt-Based Money, Usury, and Jews

Why Does Everyone Want to be a Victim?

“Jewish Lies” Run Even Deeper Than You Could Imagine……

My Melbourne Multicultural Experience

Final Thoughts on the 9-11 No Planes Issue

Might is Reality, but is it Right?

Thoughts on the 9-11 No Plane Theory & “Everything’s Completely Fake” Idea

Identifying Where The Power Lies

Legally Brown Australia?

Don’t Ignore the Class War!

An Awesome Thought….

Jewish Materialism MUST be Purged.

The White Race Needs A Spiritual Force!

9-11 Was An Inside-Out Job…..

The Infinity Paradox & Our Perception Of Reality……

The Jews vs Syria……

You’ve Figured It Out….. NOW WHAT???

The Jews and China…….

The Nature of The JEWS….

Good Morning Australia….

Political Semantics #2

How’s Your Office Space Goy Slave?

My Awakening Process……..(to the Jews)

Climate Change is a Jewish Hoax!

Our Sporting Culture…….

It’s The Jews, Stupid!

Christianity: Do We Need It?

Reality Check…

Democracy, Cultural Marxism, Political Prostitutes, and General Shit…..

Political Semantics

Golden Dawn on SBS Dateline…..

Physical Fitness & Self Improvement

The White Liberals

The Eternal Jew – The Necessary Evil?

Thoughts On National Socialism

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  1. Hello Brett,

    Can you please set up a “contact” tab on your website. I have a lot to add but not here. There is a solution and I see it. If we are going to win we have to know first where to start. There is a starting position which is to take away their capacity to own our money supply. By now you will know that the plans are on track, deep, intertwined and hell bent on exterminating white Christians.

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