Why I Stand For What I Stand For!

Adolf Hitler - we need another one!

Adolf Hitler – we need another one!

I’m going to explain a few things here in relatively simple terms, so anyone who is confused or wondering what motivates me can refer to this article.

What Sort Of Society Do I Want To Live In?

I want to live in a society among my own kind, meaning my own race. I do not want to live among those of other races because they are not of my blood and do not share a common world view and basic morality with my race – the White Aryan race. Different breeds (races) of humans are different, and for that reason alone it should make sense to anyone with a thinking brain to keep them separate. Now, despite the fact that there are plenty of arsehole Whites around the place, I’d still a million times over prefer to live with them than non-whites. As for all the Whites who’s natural sense of morality has been led astray, well they need to be re-educated to adhere to proper Christian principles.

Essentially I’d like to live in a White nation which operates on a basic code of Christian morality, similar to what we saw in National Socialist Germany. There’s nothing devious or tricky about any of this. It is what it is.

Am I an “Extremist”?

It is not “extreme” to want to live in a White nation with Christian morality. It is a perfectly rational desire for any White person who wants their race and themselves to have a decent future. What is extreme though, is this Jewish agenda to try and force all the non-whites and their foreign belief systems into any White living space, anywhere on earth! That is fucking nuts, pardon my French! So, no, I am not an “extremist” by any stretch. If you want “extremism”, then look no further than the current day Jewish-run political establishment in the west!

Why Won’t I accept Jews, Moslems, Blacks And Other Assorted Mixed-Breeds?

Pretty simple folks – the answer here is that these people (non-whites in general) are trouble makers. People don’t like to hear it, but it’s true and it needs to be said. Follow the historical path of civilization and observe the pattern: White Aryans create the civilization and it flourishes. Then the Jews worm their way in and corrupt everything. Next, they start bringing in other non-whites as slave labour. Finally, we are left with a racially mixed decaying civilization. Hitler explains this in Mein Kampf and it’s true, whether fashionable to say so or not! (it will be fashionable a few years down the track, trust me!) So when I am presented with the options of a White racially pure society or a racially mixed, Jew and negro loving society, which one do you think I’d choose?

Remember - one doesn't exist without the other.

Remember – one doesn’t exist without the other.

Do I Have An Irrational Hatred Of Non-Whites?

Absolutely not. I have never been that sort of person. What I do have though, is a perfectly rational hatred for a lot of these people, not because I’m some sort of horrible monster, but because their actions warrant it! They have throughout history caused the downfall of my race’s civilizations, yet I’m supposed to love them all and welcome them in with open arms? People always talk about “learning from history” and if they were serious about it they’d pay attention to my reasoning above.

I Just Can’t Be Bothered With All The Bullshit That Comes Along With A Multicultural (Multiracial) Society

Racial Nationalism is natural. A race or breed should have it’s own territory. You respect the boundaries of your lands, and others should do the same with theirs. If not, you crush the wrong-doer. It’s that simple (in theory anyway).

Multicultural (multiracial) societies run by Jews always turn into Marxist cesspits of competing ethnic groups. This is no good because what it means is the most productive group (Whites) must carry all the useless groups (mostly non-Whites) via taxation and the welfare system until we can’t support it any longer and the society crumbles. Why would I want that?

Anyway, I don’t have any particular feelings of ill-will toward the other races. They can go and do whatever they feel like in their own lands, but not in mine! I just don’t want to live with them or have anything to do with them! Why is that so hard for people to understand?

Feelings About Fags

Faggotry is outside the boundaries of any healthy White Christian society. I do not want their disgusting degeneracy to have any place in my society. I do not uphold the Jewish idea of “freedom” which means anyone anywhere can just do whatever they want, including the dick up bum hole act. This sort of degeneracy all fuels the fire which destroys White society, and that is why I oppose it! A society must have standards if it is to survive!

More About Feelings

I just don’t care about the plight of non-whites. Be they Jews, Arabs, Negroes, Asiatics, or some other exotic mixture, I just don’t care. Never have, never will. I always think “well why would you involve yourself in someone else’s problems?” No, that’s for them in Arab-land or negro-land to figure out. It’s not my business, I don’t care, so they can go cry to someone else about their “oppression”. I won’t bother them if they don’t bother me. It’s pretty simple.


Just to reinforce the point:

I’d like to live in a White nation which operates on a basic code of Christian morality. The best example we have is what we saw in National Socialist Germany:


None of this stuff is hard to understand, nor is it overly complex.

– BDL1983

46 thoughts on “Why I Stand For What I Stand For!

  1. markdomney

    Great post.i agree with everything you said.We as a white people should not have to live with these foreigners in our lands.These weak and lily-livered politicians who push the barrow of multiculturalism such as merkel in Germany are traitors to there own race and should be dismissed from office at the very least if not hung for there actions .I am sick to death of the way this world is heading with its acceptance of homos and third world trash which they call intergration .it is pure and simply invasion and the people are to brainwashed and apathetic to see this.We need to do something before its to late if it isn’t already.We need another Adolf Hitler to set things right.

  2. Zander

    Bret I agree. Very well written. Whether you are Christian or not (I am not) you can not argue about the moral code and its necessity.

  3. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

    Hi,I am launching a new show on http://www.eurofolkradio.com which will start on Monday 1st February and go out for one hour Monday to Friday at 10am Eastern.Having been very impressed with your Expel The Parasite website, I would like to interview you for the show which I pre-record which will make scheduling easier, as I am based in the UK and most of my guests are based in the USA. To record the show we would just need to arrange a mutually convenient time for a one hour Skype call.If you are interested, please let me know.All the best,Andywww.andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com

    P.S. Thank you for posting a link to my website on your site

    Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 08:16:57 +0000 To: andrewcarringtonhitchcock@hotmail.com

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      No worries! I’m glad it makes sense to people. A lot of people seem to really like this post! I didn’t know it struck a chord so well

  4. combatermaconaria

    Well said,everybody should read and google please : Ben Klassen The white mans bible and of course “nature eternal religion” !!! He tried everything to save the white race and explains very well, that it were again the yews who invented the bible and the koran to enslave and erase the white race. And also read Yuri Lina : architects of deceptions pdf and ” under the sign of the scorpion” . It is us against THEM
    I am a female medical doctor in the age of 60s and we were brainwashed at school and at the univsersity. Aleister Cowley the 3rd WWIIII is christians agianst the muslims. All is in plain eyes but the white race today ……………read Ben klassen and Yuri Lina and lets send them to hell

  5. Eye Spy (@Eye_Spys_All)

    Nimrod the grandson of Ham a black man was the founder of Asshur, Ninevah, Babel,Resen. Blacks ruled the world and whites stole all they know from the early great civilisations 2000 years ago..You Neathandals lived in caves when Blacks were living like gods. Secondly Europe would not have all these blacks if they never went to other countries and pirated all they have even to this very day.

    You come to the black civilisation and we civilise you. The Pyramids are in Africa not bloody Europe. White civilisation was given to the greeks by the black Egyptians. Now it is the white mans turn to give something to the world and all this recessive genus can do is stab huemanity in the back by bombing people out of their Lebensraum. Blacks gave white people life and look how you repay your motther Eve. Whites cant produce black but black can produce white because white is a recessive gene, thats why you all are known as destroyers.

    When white people leave black lands then blacks will leave white peoples land

    You are total dick heads

  6. Jb

    We were all black once … Dickhead !
    Deal with it ! They are the surpreme race, not cacausisans . I’m white,btw …who has that much time to be that judgmental anyways?? Do something helpful in this world , not something hateful .!

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Yes, we were all negroes once… Hahhaa. I have plenty of time to be judgmental whenever I want to! This site has nothing to do with “hate”, dickhead. It has everything to do with loving one’s own race, nothing else. If I or anyone else chooses not to like or associate with other races then that’s our choice, so fuck off you “tolerant” liberal idiot

  7. Shaun

    Biggest regret in history

    Germany attacked Russia in operation Barbarossa
    Or at best left Poland and Should have stopped with Austria
    And Oswald Mosley didn’t come to power in Britain
    Or Germany didn’t hold off reclaiming reich territory
    We would have had a better world today
    The royal family even say the greatness of a future reich .
    Reischmarshal Herman goering should have been allowed to take hold of the Reich at the end
    He didn’t deserve the noose
    The excuse was was Luftwaffe pilots executed 3 British prisoners this wasn’t by his orders
    American p50s staffed civilians taking water from the Rhine after the dresdon fire storm
    Should Eisenhower have been hung
    Exaggerated claims of numbers in camps by Jews
    Exaggerated claims of gassing toxicology tests on walls at so called death camps find no trace
    Germany was starving the prisoners came last hence the skeletol frames of them
    typhoid and dysentery was high

    All contrived by The JUDEN
    Us poor Jews all the time let history know how the Jew has had it hard

    Not by how German farms were sold for one dollar at a time and how the Jew took great satisfaction and took advantage of the treaty or Versailles

    Today’s banks and governments all Jewish
    Lands stolen in the east of Muslims by the Jew

  8. rml2740

    The Bible tells us what it is all about, for example read Genesis 34 and realise that what happened then is happening now on a much greater scale, but the system works for THEM as it has many times.


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  11. Jay

    Reading your views makes me feel sick….call yourself a Christian? ? You are so far removed from any form of Christianity or humanity than it is possible. .. your admiration for a monster. …you certainly inherit something of his… insanity and depravity. …. I’m sure Satan will look forward to your arrival in hell
    What absolute bollocks. … hell is here on earth …created by you and all the other extremist. ..whatever race or religion. .you are no different to the Muslim extremist or Jewish extremist. . You are all the same species… you live in Australia. ..how dare you live in a country that was not a white man’s country.. what’s so incredible is white man traveled to other people’s countries…made it their business to steal those countries and wipe out the natural indigenous people of those countries. .. maybe that’s why race mixing exists because white men were so fond of rape….now you complain. ..oh I’m sure somewhere along the line you too have Jewish blood or ancient African (java) genes… because those pest rats get everywhere don’t they ? 😉

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  13. §

    So, are you saying you want your own country with these rules and no mixed race, diffrent race, gay, bisexuals, Muslims, jews, etc, etc, or to wipe all of these other types of peoples out and take the whole world?

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      “are you saying you want your own country with these rules and no mixed race, diffrent race, gay, bisexuals, Muslims, jews, etc, etc” – pretty much. I said everything in the article I needed to say.
      “or to wipe all of these other types of peoples out and take the whole world?” – whatever works. I have no tears left for the poor oppressed whinging coloured races, nor any other “victim” category. It either us or them, the dark races, who get to rule the world essentially. And it’s not going to be them! Go figure.

  14. Jan

    I want to live in a white Christian heritage nation too. We need a plan. Repentance and prayer. Didn’t God say he was going to use Jacob and Joseph to turn Esau to stubble?

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