You’ve Figured It Out……. NOW WHAT???

OK. You’ve learnt the truth about the Jews and their Jew World Order agenda. You understand the racial question. You view the world clearly along the correct ideological lines: racial separatism equals racial preservation; the opposite equals racial and cultural destruction. You know that the Jews are the destructive force behind the agenda of racial integration; therefore they must be opposed and excluded from our society. You know and understand the ways of nature and how National Socialism is the direct expression of natures will. You know that Jewish Communism is 100% anti-nature and is the enemy of everything good and beautiful in the world…..

The situation is pretty simple.

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Above: Good and Evil.

You must be Pro-White, Anti-Jewish and Pro-Nature. That’s essentially it! Now what? What do you do?

This is when things get frustrating. To know the “real deal” about world politics and then take a good hard look around at how completely inert the average persons mind is; well, to put it mildly, it doesn’t fill you with much hope……. It reinforces the fact that we are suffering from MAJOR POLITICAL IMPOTENCE! I believe that most people who know the stuff we know probably feel the same way. They look around at the unthinking masses and just wonder, “What the hell are we going to do about our state of affairs?” It makes you feel like a genius stuck in an absolute swarm of idiots. I don’t know how else to put it. I really don’t like bragging but we must admit it: we, the people in ‘the know’, are like a more advanced life-form than the average unthinking people….. That may sound as if I’m suffering from delusions of superiority, but am I really? WE ARE RIGHT. WE KNOW IT. Therefore all else follows. If 99.9% of other people can’t figure out how things work around them, then why should we pretend as if we are on their level (for any reason other than spreading the word), when we are above them? If in doubt, turn on the T.V. and see what level of political thought the average people are occupied with…. It’s so dumb and meaningless it’s beyond description!

So, we are pretty much ‘lone people’ with far superior knowledge and understanding, surrounded by giant swarms of mindless idiots. That’s how I feel most of the time, except when I’m talking to like-minded intelligent beings…. I’m lucky enough to know a few of these splendid people among family, friends, and internationally. But, apart from that, the whole world is a bunch of idiots!

What do you do? Time is ticking, the world’s problems are getting worse thanks to the Jews, and we have absolutely no political organisation, and no real way of fighting these filthy rat-faced Jews…. This is the political impotence I mentioned earlier! There is basically nothing of any substance we can look to to fix things…… You feel like just throwing your hands in the air and saying, “to hell with it all”, and completely ignoring all this stuff. But you know deep down that you simply can’t ignore it! That’s because as righteous individuals we feel a responsibility toward our race and providing it with a decent future. This is a natural instinct and it cannot be done away with. Maybe it can be suppressed, but not extinguished. So, once again: What do you do?

Here’s how I view our situation and ‘options for action’:

Are we ever going to magically ‘wake-up’ the great masses of people? No, that will never happen.

Is there probably 10-15% of our race that is worth saving? Yes there is, and this should be our TARGET AUDIENCE when spreading our message.

Can we ever negotiate or compromise with the Jews? Absolutely not under any circumstances whatsoever! (That would be like a mouse pleading with a cat not to eat it!)

OK, so we have a target audience for our message; the 10-15%. Remember we are the 0.1% of this 10-15%, if that! We know the deal and it’s our job to somehow plant the right ideas and seeds of thought into this worthwhile 10-15%…… The million dollar question is: HOW?

I believe that since this whole ‘Anti-Jew, Pro-White’ movement is virtually non-existent in the real world; our job at this stage is to simply do what we can to fight the ‘infowar’. As much as I hate to steal a term from big fat Jew shill Alex Jones, it is the best term for the stage things are at…. The ‘Infowar’ stage. Can we really kid ourselves into believing we are any more politically advanced in this fight than that? Not in my opinion.

How do we conduct ourselves and what techniques should we use to spread our message?

Activism such as handing out fliers or DVD’s or plastering noticeboards etc, are always good things to do. It’s probably not very effective on most people because most common idiots struggle to digest any real information that’s not in the mainstream media. But, forget them; they’re a lost cause anyway. Noticeboard fliers (if they look good) may tweak the interest of someone in the 10-15%, who knows? It may lead that person over to our side…. That’s our aim of course! This sort of activism is not for everyone obviously. Personally, I like to do the noticeboard thing every now and then. It’s easy to do if you’re out and about the place, and it might get through to someone someday…. Another idea is to stick a couple bumper stickers on your car… Not with swastikas or anything likely to get your vehicle vandalised though….. Stickers like this:




Maybe VoR isn’t the best example as they are seemingly defunct…. or Truth Militia either since they’re on ‘extended holidays‘…. but you get the idea. Just make sure it LOOKS GOOD. Nothing boring or shitty looking…

My favourite technique to spread the message is through the spoken word (one-on-one style). The main thing to take into consideration when speaking to people you don’t really know is whether they are susceptible to reason. If they’re not, then don’t bother. If they seem decent, intelligent and interested in the subject matter, then ask them some thought provoking questions. Be smart and try to get them thinking! Behave in a decent polite manner, show respect, and never come across as if you are insulting their intelligence. I’ve done that before in the past, and people think you’re a fucking crackpot lunatic, tipping a bucket of water on their head, and expecting them to drink it all!! DON’T DO THAT, trust me! Success comes when you can put ‘our message’ on THEIR level. They are not on your level, so you must alter your conduct accordingly. The idea is to lift them to a higher level of knowledge, so play it cool and smart! If you’re out somewhere and alcohol is involved, be extra careful!

Another method is through the internet. Start up a blog and put your thoughts on there! Who knows, YOU may have a great writing style and a ‘knack’ for getting through to people! It’s worth trying. What have you got to lose? Obviously this site is aimed mainly at the already converted, and I’m probably just preaching to the choir most of the time… But who cares? I feel better for doing it and it means there’s one more site opposing the rotten Jew bastards! Internet media is the media of the future. More and more people are going to get sick of the Jew newspapers and look for alternative news and truth on the net…….. Then they stumble upon our plethora of sites? More sites expressing our message can only help things reach a ‘critical mass’ in the future….. I hope!

Still within the internet realm; you could go around to mainstream news sites and other blogs that disagree with us, and leave comments directing readers our way…..

This is honestly where I believe we are at in this ‘movement’ (if we can call it that)….

Outside of the ‘world political nightmare’ you have yourself to worry about. What are you going to do with your life? No matter what dreams you may have of living 100% independent of the Jew, it aint going to happen, not at this point in time anyway….. But, you can minimise your involvement and dependency on his rotten system!

I have a theory that enclaves of decent White people will emerge in the future as a result of how the Jew system pushes things about….. The top 10-15% of Whites will probably be forced back into self-sufficiency, meaning living off the land once again, as our Jew-run countries balkanise along racial lines…… This is why I promote the idea of ‘Whites who know the deal’ going back to the land to run their own affairs as independently of the Jew as they can! This is my personal aim in life, outside of all the political concerns….. Take it for what you reckon its worth.

The biggest hurdle in the future will be how we handle the non-white hordes in all the cities when their welfare funds dry up…… They will move outwards looking for more stuff to pinch off Whitey… What will we do then? I think this is the point when political organisation will ‘all-of-a-sudden’ become a lot easier for Whites to do along racial lines…. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and the worthwhile Whites will eventually organise properly out of necessity!!

I may be wrong about how I think things will unfold in the future. I’m only speculating here…..

The bottom-line is:

Take care of yourself and your own affairs first. Look for a way to minimise participation in the Jew system and simultaneously do your bit to inform other receptive minds of what’s going on!

That’s really all we can do at the moment until the Jews exhaust themselves, which they will, because their systems are parasitic and therefore self-destructive! At the critical juncture when the Jews’ power has weakened: We will strike the beast and finish him off for good! Until then, everyone is far too comfortable to organise politically, therefore NOTHING will happen at this point in time……

Be positive and spread the word of TRUTH…. EVERY effort helps!


– Brett

17 thoughts on “You’ve Figured It Out……. NOW WHAT???”

  1. This is an absolutely fantastic post.

    “Success comes when you can put ‘our message’ on THEIR level.”

    This couldn’t be more accurate. The only addition I would make is that it may be more effective to split it up into multiple conversations. For example: the first time the Jewish question could be brought up could be during an obviously slanted news story. Pointing out that the news organization is run by Jews and that the story has a Zionist slant could “plant a seed” making a following conversation about Jewish influence have a stronger impact. People are generally more open to an idea they have a baseline familiarity with. Kind of like how a song you dont like can “grow on you” after you’ve heard it a couple times.

    This is probably not the best example, but the message is that we shouldn’t feel like we only have one shot to save that potential 10-15%. It isn’t easy to break through decades of indoctrination with a few sentences full of hard logic. Patience with our brethren can be a great asset in the long run. Treating them with respect (as you mentioned) is going to go a long way to achieving our goals.

    Seriously, brilliant post. You do great work (even if you are preaching to the choir) keep it up, kinsman.

    1. Josh & Wilson Mount: Thanks for spreading the article!
      I have that German WW1 flag in my window at home…. Good work there!
      Keep up the great work on your blogs; I always find them a good read too.

      1. It is no trouble!

        I’ll confess I’m not as active as I’d like to be, but I have a job and am trying to get physically fit (without drugs or bodybuilding subculture, of course)..


  2. Good post man, all I know is that I ain’t shuttin’ my mouth any time soon! This is a life long struggle we are engaged in. As Hitler himself said, “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.”

  3. This post has got a great vibe about it! Kudos to the author! Lefties and conspiracy theorists run into the trap of studying their enemy for waaay too long and not doing anything about it. They miss out on the all important part: the action! Doing something! Leafleting, face to face, over the net, posters etc.

    Study + Action = Massively increased chance of success

  4. This a great peice of work congratultions , and yes we do have our work very much cut out for us .The jew owned media has been so effective in brain washing our folk ,That any mention of National socialism ,Adolf hitler, or The jews , and people will go streght into shutdown .Its like talking to a brick wall ,after all their farthers and grand farthers fought this war. Its hard to get through and convince them they are being conned and their parents and grand parents were also conned . and so forth . I personaly became aware that somthing was wrong after the 9/11 outrage I was lucky enough to hear that a third tower had “collapsed” and it wasnt even hit by a plane .I first saw the david cole documentary in 2009 but it took about a year for it all to “gell” By mid 2012 i became fully awake and sought out fellow truthers. I started watching alex jones but i had the feeling he was fake ,somthing in the sound of his voice isnt right ,(.roll up roll up folks. ) Lucky for me i found scott roberts and mike delany, you know the truth when you hear it, it fitts in with what i already know. I have learned so much from my own research like the jews funded WILLIAM THE CONQUERER, 1066 and paid for the invasion of england enslaving my people. The so called GREAT FIRE OF LONDON was in actual fact a smoke screen .for the parliment to push through the “CESTUI QUE VIE” ACT 1666 (pronounsed Sestive K V) in which all the people of england were declared lost at sea and their land and property confescated .At the moment Roger hays (British Constitution Group) FAMOUS FOR MAKING A CITZENS ARREST ON A POLLTAX JUDGE is taking on the banks and trying to get them into a common law court as morgage interest payments are unlawfull , the so called money dosent exist until you sign the morgage agreement .Also we are trying to get the BRADBURY POUND an interest free currency issued in the ww1 ” president” re-enstated .The enemy is stuffed unless they can print the dosh .And that is where i think our message is best deliverd MONEY every one is running round in the jews money puzzle ( well ‘they dont print the interest do they) Its somthing that each and every one of us is interested in and affected by ..Hope this helps in some way

  5. My comment is that there are so many part Jewish (Edomite/Caaninite) ppl and so much mongrelisation today that it is arguable how many ppl are really white. We may be on our last breaths already, there not being enough stock out there to carry on. We also don’t know how much Jew got into the gene pool when the Lost tribes were colonising Europe. How much Jew got into the gene pool after say the invasion of 1066 or after the French Revolution period. My observations are that mongrelised ppl are the mindless ‘vessels of clay’ masses we see in everyday life, never mind the new influxes of beasts from Africa, Eastern Europe, India, China etc. I look around and I see a lot of Jew faces among ppl I would have previously thought were just within the normal spectrum of white ppl. There is a lot of dark shades out there among so called whites. I allude to the consequence of race mixing which is a lowering in intelligence and moral and spiritual capacity. Even if this point has not been reached it is inevitable and soon. Cheers. Thanks for the excellent read.

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