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14 thoughts on “THE NATURE OF THE JEWS….”

  1. Very good, up with the jews are opposing force one. I’ll definately use this material for my future children. Go through it with them. Very scientific.

    There was a man on the radio speaking about dogs and skull shapes and behaviours change with skull shapes.

    Now I know alot about humanoid skull shapes and intellegence and its very dishonest they will talk about dogs but not about ‘humans’ anymore.

  2. If what you say is true, then there is really no reason to feel hatred or anger towards Jews. Whatever their behavior is, it is not their fault since they can’t choose the genes that dictate it. It is not the Jew’s fault that he is parasitic, just as much as it is not the Eagle’s fault that he has to kill mice and rabbits for a living. Wouldn’t you agree?

    1. We can’t BLAME them for being Jews anymore than we can blame a snake for being a snake… Jump in bed with a snake and the odds are you’ll get bitten…Let Jews run your nation and they rob cheat steal and murder….. That’s just what happens. Our hatred and anger comes as a result of THEIR ACTIONS! If mice and rabbits were capable of complex thought they probably would hate eagles!
      Interesting point though… We just can’t live with them… They destroy US! Mice and rabbits would prefer to live “eagle-free” no doubt…..

  3. Your proof he’s right, “To be a successful parasite he must do his best to blend in with his hosts; at least initially. The Jew then attacks his hosts with all of his assorted weapons…”

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