What Would Our Ancestors Think?

1933 SS Dagger

1933 SS Dagger – A beautifully crafted piece from a regime that knew what it was doing!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been pondering this question:

What would our ancestors think?

If they were magically thrust into the middle of modern “western culture”, or we were transported back to the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, or Old Europe; what would the exchange of ideas be like? It’s an interesting question and one thing I know for sure is that modern “western culture” would not hold up very well in comparison!

What would our Viking ancestors in northern Europe have said to you if you came up and told them that you believed in multiculturalism, that all races were equal, and that it would be a good idea if Africans, Asians and Whites lived and bred together producing one world of racially mixed humanity? Would they take you seriously? Would they say anything to you at all? I think in all likelihood they would have severed your head from your body before you opened your mouth again spewing such utter dribble!

Viking Axe = Off with your head.

Viking Axe = Off with your head.

The point here is that things most certainly have not always been the way they are in the modern “west”. None of our ancestors would have even considered the possibility of a mixed multiracial society being good, unless they were to be ruling over it! Don’t get me wrong here, race mixing did occur in the past and led to the eventual downfall of all ancient White civilisations, but what I’m getting at is that our ancestors would never have race-mixed in the past if they were consciously thinking about how destructive it was. It was simply taken as a “given” that any racial group would naturally wish to preserve itself and live in its own territory. The multi-racialism of the modern “western world” is a relatively new concept which has been forced down the throats of Whites by our eternal enemy, the Jew, since the end of the Second World War. If you don’t believe that then you need to watch these three videos to see what I’m talking about (sick bags on standby):

“Imagine” is the communist manifesto in song form! A big naïve hippy-style nightmare of a world with no belief in anything, no countries which means no identities (races), nothing worth killing or dying for, and no possessions! Call me crazy, but a world with nothing worth killing or dying for wouldn’t be worth living in! The very concept entails removal of everything valuable from the world! A brotherhood of man, you may say he’s a dreamer? No, I’d say more like a wacked out hippie lunatic with no concept of reality, or a communist! Take your pick!

Warning: Don’t watch the next two clips if you’ve just eaten or you’ll be cleaning chunks of spew from your keyboard for the next half hour:

Sorry about that. You can’t say you weren’t warned! Note the name Ed Kassner on “The Equals” record. There’s always a Jew behind it! Just like with the Beatles and Brian Epstein. The Jews constantly promote race-mixing and communism through “music” and in the “modern west” music has become so thoroughly debauched that you can hardly call it music. It’s basically become a soft-core porn industry in itself with negroes promoted everywhere for Whites to aspire to. What the hell? This certainly is not a normal state of affairs to be putting up with!


What would our White Christian ancestors think if you came up and told them that you thought the Church should condone “gay marriage” and accept displays of public faggotry? What would they do if you also explained how Christianity would be better if it were applied universally, rather than exclusively among the White Adamic Race, and that they should accept the Jews as “God’s Chosen People” and promote negroes among the Church hierarchy? I’ll tell you what, you wouldn’t get too far with that crap. You’d likely be executed on the spot for blasphemy and sins against the laws of God and Christendom. Do you think our Christian ancestors were weak-willed softies with a love of “tolerance” and acceptance toward all races and creeds? They most certainly were not! Racial purity of the White Adamic Race was of paramount importance in the eyes of Yahweh and so was resisting, rejecting, and crushing anything to do with the “Synagogue of Satan” (aka the Canaanite/Edomite Jews)! As for the faggots, well they are an abomination against God (see Leviticus 20:13) and the true Christians are supposed to punish them with death! Christian support for “gay marriage” or homo rights wouldn’t have been too likely back in those days, to put it mildly!


I think that as an overall assessment of the state of the White Race it is fair to say that we have never been in worse shape, ever! All you have to do is put things in the context of history and then you will realise how the current state of affairs is a dangerously disgusting “blip on the radar”. Things have not always been like this, nor will they always be. In fact, never before has the fate of the entire planet and our race sat in such a perilous position. We have faced bad times before, but never on such a global scale. We are living in the time where the dominion of Esau-Edom (Jewry) has perverted the Natural Order of everything to the point where their Judaic system is just beginning to collapse around them. We are on the cusp of a very dramatic reshuffling of the world’s political and spiritual paradigm. Things cannot get much worse politically and spiritually as things stand now; The Jew does not have much longer in complete control and he knows it. His power structure is parasitic and economically we have been living in a giant Jewish Ponzi Scheme. The Jew cannot keep doing what he’s doing forever since it’s scientifically impossible by Nature. What will matter most in the future is how we deal with the aftermath of Jewish Satanic rule. That is up to us: the White Adamic Race, the Children of Light to decide……

– BDL1983

10 thoughts on “What Would Our Ancestors Think?

  1. commandergoyim

    A women manager in my local store in a store called “Fist Full of Dollars” SEXIST!! LOL…

    I said, “We did NOT have that word when I was a kid.

    I hate Judahwood but at least he stops the booze/gun-runners, killing the evil beanors on the border; he even rescues the girl and gets her son back!

    Kosher media “blackens” anyone trying to make the USA better. Warren G. “slashed immigration quotas” a true American Patriot.

    Harding is maligned for: having a girlfriend!!


    kikenvermin porn dominates the Web.

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  3. Noachideous

    Mohelian Knob Goblins seek to use Australian Legislatures as proxies to foist their religion on others. Goyische collaborators defer, and move in principle to make it so.



    Federal Legislator wails that those who find her collaboration and misuse of Parliamentary privilege distasteful and shameful are vilifiers rather than dissenters who seek immutable Truths over happy consensus more likely to appease habitual con artists. Con Artists are always ‘friendly’ when you’re swallowing the con.
    Ignoramus legislator duped into protecting Noachide enforcement act 18C , simultaneous gematria 24 18 or 42, and receives approval of jews not for virtues, but for personal vices, thus securing political career and media applause.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Interesting speech from Christine Milne. I can’t stand her!
      Just reposted that article & I’ll probably post the other one a bit later on…
      Thanks for sending those links mate! I appreciate it!

      1. guest1

        Is this the same SS daggger that the poor lebanese refugee used a couple of days ago to stab that guy to death in front of children and shoppers? And that axe, is it the same one that those poor 13,15,16 year old abor
        origionals used to attack innocent white folk in perth last week?

        1. BDL1983 Post author

          You’ve lost me with that comment….. unless you’re being sarcastic in an odd sort of way….

          1. guest1

            Lol, sorry yeah. Taking the piss bro and at the same time highling the brutal savagery of the lebanese and aboriginals

  4. Trent

    Brett, Brett, Brett,

    Aidhan and i have been chatting on webcam on skype, i know that
    he is your friend cause he told me you guys often go the pub together,
    we had a massive conversation about the perverse and sickening nature
    of the jewish mind, which aidhan then wrote an article about our conversation
    and put it on his blog, i have introduced him to heaps of new national-socialist,
    nordicist and antisemetic figures, we discuss nordic theory heavily, i’d love to chat
    to you as well, email me your skype addy if you like, it’s entirely up to you my friend.


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