For me personally, I have absolutely no need for any organised structured religious institution. I do not need anyone to tell me how to behave and especially how to be a ‘good person’. Behaving in a decent manner and respecting others is something that comes naturally to me. I believe it comes naturally to most white people. It fascinates and annoys me to see the constant bickering about religion within this so-called White Nationalist movement. There is no need for it. It serves no purpose. Whatever religious or spiritual beliefs satisfy a person, that’s their thing, it doesn’t matter to me so long as the WHITE RACE and the Laws of Nature sit above the religious dogma.

I would define my religion as being the survival and upward evolution of our race; everything else in the world can be judged by Nature. If something is not natural, then it is against my religion. If the white race were to be wiped out by the current Jewish-led war against us, then that would be nature’s judgement. We are still here, we are white, and we believe in our racial survival! That is the ‘religious’ aspect of my worldly outlook.

Let’s take a look at what everyone seems to enjoy squabbling about:

1.)    Christianity:


Codreanu and the cross…..

The favourite punching bag of many. I don’t believe it has Jewish origins, although it most certainly came from the land now known as Israel and has been corrupted and infiltrated by Jews. I think this is what happens to anything over the course of 2000 years: Jews tinker with it.

Were the original Christians white (Christian Identity)? I think it is possible considering how many different tribes were in the area at the time, but there are numerous disgusting parasitically-natured quotes from the Old Testament which point me away from that idea. Could all these parasitic and therefore ‘Jewy’ quotes be something which the Jews themselves have stuck in the bible over the past couple millennia? I’m really not sure but it might help explain why there seems to be two sources of input in writing the bible.

John 8:44 – You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

This is clearly speaking about the Jews. If Jews created Christianity then why would they expose themselves? That wouldn’t be very cunning or ‘Jewy’.

My point is that the whole question of Christianity is beyond ‘murky’ to say the least, and I’m convinced there are two origins for all the stuff in the bible. It is both pro-Jewish with a few choice parasitic Old Testament quotes AND anti-Jewish with the likes of John 8:44.

I don’t have any use for Christianity personally, but I have no problem if someone else does, that’s up to them to decide. So long as the WHITE RACE and NATURE are above all then they are my ally!

2.)    Paganism/Odinism:


Not that everyone squabbles over Paganism and Odinism all the time, but it is another ‘religious’ avenue people like to explore. I really like the old time ‘fighting spirit’, honour, bravery, and self-sacrifice embodied within Paganism/Odinism.

I see it as vague in a doctrinal sense, but I think it is more-or-less a legitimate expression of the nature of the white race.

3.)    Creativity:


Ben Klassen was a very intelligent man. I think he is too harsh on Christianity in general, but the rest of the Creativity religion makes sense to me. I can see where he was coming from regarding Christianity. He was certainly right about it if he replaced the word ‘Christian’ with ‘Judeo-Christian’ or ‘Christian Zionist’, just to define it more accurately.

Creativity takes the WHITE RACE and NATURE and says ‘here’s your new religion’! Could you or I do any better than that? I couldn’t! That’s why I think Creativity very closely mirrors my own personal belief system.


Like I said before, my religion is the survival and upward evolution of our race combined with the Laws of Nature. So, if you take Creativity minus the Christian bashing, add in the fighting warrior attitude expressed in Odinism, take the positive/anti-Jewish parts of Christianity, and roll them all into one: You have the perfect belief system!!

I don’t know why anyone would need anything more than that! ‘Race and Nature’ is my religion and all else which doesn’t make sense is the result of Jewish infiltration and the subsequent distortion of reality. I classify the ‘Race and Nature’ belief system as National Socialism’s spiritual expression.

– BDL1983


  1. “there are numerous disgusting parasitically-natured quotes from the Old Testament which point me away from that idea.”

    From what I’ve gathered the Old Testament is a mish-mash of other belief systems that the Jews have collected as they move from country-to-country. Take the story of ‘Noahs Ark’ which is really just a retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh:
    ‘Andrew R. George submits that the flood story in Genesis 6–8 matches the Gilgamesh flood myth so closely, “few doubt” that it derives from a Mesopotamian account.’

    And when you think about it, it makes sense, because the Jews are well known to steal other peoples ideas and pass them off as their own. That’s why I reckon that Judeo-Christianity should be left by the side of the road. Something like paganism/Odinism would better give White men the spritual guidance that they need: firstly because it’s true and secondly because it has been written by white men and not Jews. THe Havamal is a good starting point if anyone is interested in Odinism, because it’s short and has some useful everyday advice (like don’t drink too much) that is easy to understand.

    There’s one translation of it here:

  2. The problem with the religious angle is that the religions themselves have been infiltrated and white anted by atheists of various colours (but mostly whites). I find that my most fanatical enemies are white atheists whether they push marxism or white supremacy. With the white supremacists they seem to hate God more than anything. I oppose atheism because by default it accepts all people as equal regardless of who they are or what they choose to do. I also oppose atheism because it peddles that things like nature and race occurred by chance and therefore has no concept of a higher order beyond themselves and this I cannot and will not accept.
    As for judaism? I believe that it like other Abrahamic faiths have been corrupted by a type of atheism as demonstrated by the likes of the “Nation of Islam” and scientology. These two ‘faiths’ are in fact quite atheist. The Nation of Islam as well as an offshoot known as the 5%ers believe that collectively all blacks are “god”, the same creed is in the askhenazi strain of Judaism where they have perverted the Adam Kadmon concept and see themselves as cells in the body of god. Not even the likes of Falashas and Mizrahis participate in this sort of apostasy and hence they are outsiders in the ranks of things such as world jewry and Israel even though they are more likely to be able to trace their ancestry to ancient Israelites and Judeans than the askhenazi who are khazar converts and the sephardics who are berber/iberian converts.
    I believe there is a God, also known as the God of Abraham.
    I know him as Jehovah, he is the only God.
    There is no other and never has been, and none shall surpass him.
    Praise be upon his name, Praise be upon him.
    I do practical Kabbalah and the Shem ha-Mephorash, that is occult practices not the crap madonna goes on about which is nothing but a hipster lifestyle choice trend.
    Now whether some of you want to call me a jew god lover, well that is up to you. Maybe you might take issue with NSM which is the flipside to the “Joy of Satan” crowd.
    What do I recommend for white people for spiritual guidance?
    Well if you want to be a Christian then you should review what it is all supposed to be about. Jesus wanted us to be like him, not to worship him. Can you find one bit in the Bible where Jesus says “I am God! Worship me!”
    What was Hitler? To me he seemed to be a deist if anything, he understood that if he was to gain favour with God he would have to do the most amazing things. I do think he had at the very least a rudimentary understanding of the Kabbalah and understood that the askhenazi were perverting and profiteering of it and sought to stop this practice.
    How many falashas, mizrahi and karaites for that matter were on his hit list?
    None because they didn’t participate in the askhenazi apostasy.
    I don’t have a problem with the Abrahamic faiths and I don’t think that anyone else should either if they know why the prophets were revealed to us by the order of God and take the time to fully comprehend the message they were sent to give rather than ‘interpretations’ by pay by the hour clergy who are only in the church until they get their real estate of stock broker licence.

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