The Thing about Love and Hate

We often hear a lot in this ‘movement’ about there being too much hate. People often complain about hate as if it is somehow an irrational, unnecessary emotion for humans to feel toward someone or something. Well, the truth of the matter is that if hate were an unnecessary part of the human make-up, then we would have been born with an innate inability to feel hate. Anyone who is honest and has more than half a brain knows that they hate certain things in life – everyone does. There’s nothing wrong with feeling hate. It’s natural, normal and healthy.


Love and hate are polar opposites emotionally. This is a simple fact of nature, like how good and evil are also polar opposites. This is where the cunning Jew likes to confuse matters. The Jew knows very well that 99% of well-intentioned people like the sound of “love and good” far more than they like the sound of “hate and evil”. So, being the eternal deceiver and liar that he is, he tricks people’s minds into believing that ‘hate’ = ‘evil’, and ‘love’ = ‘good’. It is a cunning deception as usual, but it can be easily exposed for the deception it is by highlighting the fact that if hate equals evil, and love equals good, then why would we need different words to express the exact same emotion? Hate is not necessarily evil, nor is love necessarily good – this is what the Jew doesn’t want anyone to think about rationally and it’s also why they put so much effort into ‘combating hate’ and crap like that. The purpose of their campaign against ‘hate’ is to turn whatever it is that someone doesn’t like into a psychological disorder then get “Dr. Rosenblum” to prescribe Jew psychiatric pharmaceuticals to cure the ‘hater’!

A couple simple case examples:

If someone came to your house, murdered your family and stole a bunch of things, would you hate them? Of course you would! The ‘hate’ in this case is a healthy force for good! If you loved this person you’d be a mental patient.

If someone helped you through some personal problems, let you use their car, and gave you some financial help, would you love and appreciate them? Of course you would! The ‘love’ in this case is a wholesome healthy emotion! If you hated this person you’d be a mental patient once again!

I rest my case.

The main reason I think they are so fixated on eliminating ‘hate’ is because Jews know that Jewish behaviour is so fundamentally unlikeable to anyone of any race, that portraying the ‘hater’ as a social outcast or a psychopath is the only tactic they can use to convince the rest of society that “this is where ‘hating’ gets you”. The Jews know damn well that when the inevitable backlash against them comes, they want a world with as few ‘haters’ as possible – haters of them, that is. Funny how the Jew doesn’t care about any communist or left-wing hate which is very, very often directed toward us, and blatantly so. Once again the Jew is exposed for the hypocritical liar that he is!

and respect for my race of people. If you oppose me and my people then we’ll crush you!!

This is how ‘love and hate’ works through my eyes:

We, on the National Socialist truthful-side-of-politics stand for and love our own race (despite their current problematic state). This comes from our innate healthy instincts which tell us to do so. These instincts are strong and can’t be over-ridden. It follows logically from here that since we are telling the truth about our love for our race, then we would also hate anything and everything which poses a threat to our racial well-being and survival. That’s just common sense from my perspective.

They, on the Jewish/Communist/Left-Wing side of politics hate our White race. They seek our destruction because as an infinitely more capable race than any other, we shatter their stupid and utterly wrongful delusions of racial equality and multiculturalism. We are the only real threat to the Jewish plan for world domination and the Communists idea of everyone being equal. Clearly they are the psychopathic side of this argument, since all of their ideas are not based on reality or nature, but on delusion! The only love felt on this side of the political fence is self-love and the love of their own unrestrained egoism. This is because they have nothing worth loving, no true ideals, and are either Jews or disaffected, detached individuals with no capacity for truly caring about the most important thing everyone has right in front of them – their own genetic race – their own bloodline!

The Jews (and their lackeys) hate us because our race is an obstacle to them achieving their agenda. There is no other reason for their hatred of us; for they know very well that we have not persecuted them. We have always been provoked by them and eventually got fed up with their behaviour and given them the boot!

We hate the Jews because of what they do. If they didn’t constantly work toward our racial destruction and just left us alone and went and lived among themselves somewhere else, then we would never have had a problem with them! It’s that simple.

Finally, to any of our Jewish friends or communist lackeys reading this – here’s something to bear in mind:

When the White man with racial love and pride in his heart finally gets furious, you’ll find out that your hatred is nothing compared to ours, for you have no true love. We do, and it gives us infinite strength to crush our enemies with!

This quote from George Lincoln Rockwell sums the situation up nicely:

Without a deadly hatred of that which threatens what we love, love is an empty catchword for hippies, queers, and cowards…


– BDL1983

11 thoughts on “The Thing about Love and Hate”

  1. Good article. People constantly talking about not “hating” really annoys me. They say we shouldn’t hate our enemies because they are just doing what they do naturally. Well sure, there’s some truth to that, but at the end of the day hate is an EMOTION, not a philosophy. If you don’t hate the people who are trying to kill you and destroy everything and everyone that you love then there is something seriously wrong with you.

    1. Cheers man! Exactly – Hate is not a philosophy, that’s for sure… It’s a perfectly rational emotion when directed as I said in the article! 14/88

  2. Thanks, edifying read. Can u abstract the word hate to ‘survival instinct’ when it comes to race preservation in whites? Mere ‘Hate’ is a judgmental, condescending, and blatant false accusation by base non-Adamic types of what is Godly, normal white behavior, which hypocritical lofty Aliens can’t comprehend. They seek to speak the opposite of truth, call good bad, and deliberately lie to cause mischief, calamity and confusion to deal treacherously with honest innocent men. Such is the way of the beasts and snakes to minimize personal risk and accountability while effectively spoiling others. It is justified on the propaganda we are all equals, and feel-good, politically correct, false notions of tolerance (or social ostracism) which, in turn, is based on the subconscious future robbery and pillaging, criminal mentality of the invading alien, It’s short-changing our emotions towards being dumb animals, which the other races certainly are (since THEY are bipeds mixed with other animals by the fallen angels, according to the Genesis) BUT WE aren’t, And only we can qualify as being decent, moral men, distinct from mere animals. And, in serpentine Jew fashion, ‘hate’ is confusing and tempts us to abrogate our long-term responsibilities of love for our race/kind for some sort of temporal satisfaction and fitting in with the apathetic mood of modern multi-racial society and unnaturally imposed coexistence. Hate implies some sort of ignorance, or inadequacy in whites, that’s used to provoke us, when are literally trying to save our white skins and those of our kin!

  3. “The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all.”

    – John Tyndall

  4. The text of judasism reveals it to be an ideology whose very existence is a function derived of a universal hatred of the other not born ‘jew’…… The jew is murderously ‘magnificent’ and will tolerate the image of only itself in the mirror of ‘god’.

    Those Christians who seek the approval of the jew, seek the kiss of Judas.

    More than any other, the JEW viscerally hates……as only a jew can……. this……

    The jew would declare these reminiscences to be ‘ancestor worship’…… The jew , fork tongued asp urgers all, has also suggestively declared ANZAC day, where thousands of our own passed in contrived wars for the benefit of ‘israel’, to be ‘ancestor worship’.

    Above all things…the jew is a liar and a deceiver………All need to remember that……First and before purchasing then imbibing the Snake Oil of the jewplicitous Kike.

  5. The idea that race doesn’t exist is a sick sinful
    Evil and unnatural jewish myth. Race does exist and
    The nordic race is the true master race. Nordic supremacy
    Shows itself in every possible way, technology, innovation
    And especially in the way nordics run countries, australia –
    A purely nordic nation, no 1 quality of life world wide! I am an
    Expert on nordic racial hygiene and dr. Achim gercke is my true
    Idol and hero he was as nordic and aryan as hitler could want so
    Much so that he was charged with making sure Reinhard heydrich
    Was a pure aryan! The second most important man in the third reich!


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