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I hope you’re aware of the time.

Friendly Reminder Of A Few Basic Facts:

  • Any society/economy dependent on government handouts and endless ‘stimulus’ is doomed. The government may as well just declare “everything is free (UBI-anyone?)”, stop giving people welfare/stimulus money, and just shuffle the money back and forth between the various government departments and big corporations. In effect, that’s all that happens anyway- why not cut us out as the middle man?
  • There is no economic recovery going on. Just mountains upon mountains of ‘stimulus’ money floating around giving the illusion that the economy is still functioning/viable.
  • They know this can’t go on much longer and that is why the Order Diazepam Overnight Delivery is on standby. They wouldn’t be planning to implement it, if the current fiat system was set to be ‘revived’ in the future.
  • The direct and unprecedented scale of government intervention to prevent the immediate collapse of the economy this time last year, means that they now have the power to pull the pin at anytime. Society, on the whole, has completely surrendered any form of economic self-determination. This means the central banks and government will do it for you in the future, if you let them, otherwise strive for self-sufficiency.
  • We are now unproductive marxist welfare states. Massive QE and very little production equals rapidly devalued currencies worldwide. Prices will go through the roof and there’ll be very few real jobs because we are no longer a real economy- we are essentially service economies with an ever growing welfare burden. This is a recipe for disaster.
  • Buying and selling (flipping- if you like that word??) houses should not be the main thing that holds up the economy. When it is, your economy is officially a joke.
  • All the weird feminist, ‘anti-racist’, transgender, gay, multicultural bullshit is taking it’s toll. This jewish social engineering machine runs that many stupid contradictory ‘ideals’ (for want of a better word) through it’s own wiring, that it’s hard to see how they can sustain it much longer. A foundation built on lies is like a house of cards– these ones specifically:

Anyway, just a few important points I felt like rehashing. It all gets a bit repetitive doesn’t it?? But it’s important that people with ears to hear receive the correct message and prepare accordingly.

No. Better not do that!

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel:

-ETP Admin.

Buy Alprazolam Cheap

If the housing market was truly as healthy as the government would like us to think it is, they would not have had to intervene last year with the HomeBuilder scheme. You don’t go propping things up, unless they need it. That aside, it seems in theory they could keep pushing it higher, since borrowers are still insane enough to take out enormous mortgages and lenders are still obliging. See what happens if they tighten the lending standards…

Add into the mix Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery timber prices rising and a serious shortage- who knows what will happen? What I do know is that you can’t build things unless you can reliably source ALL the things you need, AND WHEN you need them.

It’s all a total mess.

Eventually something has to give. It has to.

-ETP Admin.

Buy Xanax Nz

Well, they openly talk about it, therefore it’s no longer a conspiracy theory. Nonetheless, you’ll still be branded a nutter if you believe the global elite are planning to implement Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 MgBuy Xanax Paypal Uk

It goes something like “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”:

If you own nothing, they own everything. And judging by a quick look at the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio on the Adipex To Buy Online, it seems people are intent on not being happy about it. Perhaps the vaccines will help create an even more mindless army of the undead- people capable of being happy with total slavery and zero freedom- like something out of Brave New World.

Buy Ambien For Cheap are promoting it:

Buy Zolpidem Usa

In the article the writer states that the system has reached the end of its usefulness. It sure has. The debt (funny money from thin air) and interest system has siphoned most of the worlds wealth into jewish hands. Since people can no longer pay back their debts, let alone the interest, there is nothing more that that system can offer other than what it’s doing right now- infinite QE. Cheap money to keep it afloat.

We have officially passed the tipping point. The commercial banking sector can’t seriously expect current debts and interest to ever be repaid. So, then, what is the point of them continuing that system? This is exactly why this Great Reset stuff is being suggested- they want a new system involving Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s). You will have to get the the strange anti-coronavirus potion injected into you (vaccine passport), then they’ll allow you to have a digital wallet with the central bank and you’ll get credit to spend in a certain specified time before it expires. How much CBDC you’ll be granted will depend on how much of a good boy or girl you’ve been and plan on being- akin to social credit scores. Put simply, The Great Reset is going to be The Great Nightmare.

And of course, the fake pandemic came along oh so conveniently to fit in with The Great Nightmare agenda. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and if there is no crisis, Buy Diazepam Ebay

-ETP Admin.

Buy Ambien Prescription Online

Buy Phentermine Generic is always a good one for information about the U.S. economic situation:

He always hits the nail on the head.

This next clip alerts us to the dangers lurking beneath Australia’s absolutely fantastic, unstoppable housing market:

Buy Diazepam Legally

Something is lurking. Something is going to give.


-ETP Admin.