Modern Society and the “I Don’t Care” Factor


It can be tough work sometimes living in today’s modern Judaised society, in which all natural and healthy ideals have been turned on their head. Standing for 100% the opposite of what the Jewish system presents to people as ‘normal’ has made me develop an ever-present “I Don’t Care” Factor.

In order to explain this “I Don’t Care” Factor, it is necessary to analyse some of society’s mechanisms which make me not care:


Our genius leader.

Our genius leader.

The two-party system is prevalent throughout the western world. You could argue that it’s technically not a two-party system because there are always a handful of compromised ‘third options’, but either way it’s always one of the two main ones which will get elected. The choice is always red or blue, communism or capitalism – a choice between whichever flavour of Jewish bullshit you’d prefer. There is no chance of ever defeating this false dichotomy, exemplified by the word ‘democracy’, by voting, and Jewish money and media will always make sure of that. So why would I care about what goes on in the world of ‘politics’? I just don’t care…..


The AFL's #1 cry-baby.

The AFL’s #1 cry-baby, Adam Goodes.

Professional sports these days have become far too intertwined with big money and politics. The money factor has corrupted all professional sport, meaning drug taking and betting (read match-fixing) are rife. When you have drug cheats, rigged matches, players being flung around from team to team with no loyalty to any one team, what does it all mean? I’ll tell you what it means – professional sports are nothing but meaningless distractions from reality. Without loyalty or honesty in a competition, the whole thing is pointless. Nowadays we can also add to the picture, endless political themes and messages being inserted into the fabric of all professional sports. Socially Marxist ideas are the only acceptable ‘codes of conduct’ for modern-day sporting fans. Here in Australia, they are even ‘educating’ fans on how to support their team in the politically correct way (AFL). What a joke. This makes me feel sick. So, as for professional sports: I just don’t care…..

TV Shows

A sickening faggot promotion show. Puke.

A sickening faggot promotion show. Puke.

Considering the TV networks are all kosher as hell, it barely needs explaining. Regardless of whether the show is some homegrown garbage or whether it is sourced from an overseas network – it is always the same Jewish agenda at the forefront. All the usual tell-tale signs are there; the promotion of race-mixing, homosexuals, equality, feminism, etc, and this is allegedly only for our entertainment purposes. Yeah right. It is brainwashing, plain and simple. If people watch enough of the Jewish TV crap that’s out there, which they do, then they will believe in the same ideals as presented in its contents, whether the show is intended as fiction or ‘news/fact’. When the vast majority follow the rest of the dumb-arses as a matter of lemming-like herd-mentality, then pretty much everyone is moulded into the Jewish Marxist mode of thinking and behaving. So, do I need to be entertained by some stupid lying Jewish TV network? I just don’t care…..

Materialistic Attitudes

She isn't really happy folks. It's all a Jew inspired illusion!

She isn’t really happy. It’s all a Jew inspired illusion!

Now, regarding materialism and how this mindset operates in modern society, I must first clarify a couple of things. Possessions are good and necessary, no doubt about it, otherwise you may as well be a damn communist, but only to the point that they are needed to live life, and so you don’t wind up living deprived. That is fair enough. The problem is that in this modern gimme-gimme all-consuming society, people rarely know when enough stuff is enough stuff, and then the Jew keeps tempting them with the promise of never-ending credit cards and loans etc, until we see what we see now – a society of greedy ‘want-everything-now‘ people, who are horrible to be around. So, why would I be interested in associating with people of this mindset? That’s why; once again, I just don’t care…..

The Music Industry

I recommend Motorhead!

I recommend Motorhead!

In these times of ever-increasing ‘enlightenment’, strangely enough it has become harder and harder to find any decent new music. Despite Jewish management of musical groups and record companies since the 1950’s ‘rock n roll explosion’, there were at least some good bands/musicians still around up until 10 to 15 years ago. You just had to dig around a bit to find the decent stuff, and no, just because Jews run the record companies doesn’t mean every band is a Jew political pawn, some are apolitical, meaning they neither appease nor offend the ‘establishment’. (If you’re not specifically upsetting the Jews, then they used to let you have a career in music, provided they got their shekels) Having said that though, there have been many Jewish controlled groups, the most notable being the Beatles under Brian Epstein, who were specifically there to promote the Jewish agenda of the time; communism, LSD, hippy race-mixing, no possessions (hippy style anti-capitalism ‘maaaaan’), and generally ‘spacing out’ to ‘protest’ the Vietnam War. There are many more examples I’m not going to bother pointing out here.

Moving along now to the MTV, soft-core porn ‘pop’ music of the last decade or so, and a very rapid path of complete degeneration is clear. People may think that this latest trend of watching ‘rap music’ on TV, with negroes gyrating and scantily clad white girls (or mixed race), is a new phenomenon, but in reality the seeds were planted way back in the 50’s. It was a gradual downhill slide from there with an ever accelerating speed to reach today’s standards. Now, I will stop short of saying that there is nothing good, ever, in the field of ‘new music’, but the pickings are few and far between, and most music, pop or ‘alternative’, has been infected heavily by the Jew social-engineering. It’s unfortunate that modern music is such a disgusting mix of rap, weird electronic sounds which you’d have to be on drugs to enjoy, or some girl slutting around on the TV screen, but there you go – that’s what it is. And for these reasons I just don’t care……

Being Popular

This is what real popularity looks like!

This is what real popularity looks like!

The urge to be popular is not something the Jews foisted upon us, but something which exists naturally. Having said that, it is the number one reason why the Jews have their power over every aspect of society. Since they control the social-engineering programs, the lemmings naturally conform to their ideals. They will conform even if it goes against their better instincts, because being unpopular makes the weak-of-mind feel insecure. They would prefer to follow the other lemmings over the cliff, just because there are more of them. Whatever makes them feel good; I just don’t care…..


No, just a realistic assessment of society!

No, just a realistic assessment of society!

I will probably write up a sequel to this article because I know there is more I should include. You might think this is a very negative assessment of things, but I would say it is simply accurate. Just because most lemmings are happy to keep smiling in the face of a society going up shit-creek, doesn’t mean I have to as well! When society is rapidly plummeting downhill, is it better to state what you think, or just smile like a retard as we all get collectively fucked over by the Jews?

Anyway, that is a basic summary of why I don’t care about modern society and the pointless directions people like to be led into. And finally, an appropriate song to finish with:

– BDL1983

15 thoughts on “Modern Society and the “I Don’t Care” Factor

  1. Malleus Deus

    I couldn’t agree more with this article.

    Three years ago I was still suckered in with all this crap, and had no idea of what was happening, despite the fact it was right under my nose. One day I woke up and realised I hated all this ‘progress’ that we are subjected to, for no other reason then I think Yahweh opened my eyes.

    The amazing thing about all this garbage is it falls away from you so easy that you don’t ever think about it once it is gone. The whole ‘I don’t care’ attitude is exactly where I am at right now, and I feel better that you have put this up letting me know that there are other people who can think like a decent white bloke.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Yep, I hear you! There must be some reason we can see through all the Jew garbage. I think it’s our job to help others see what’s going on and bring them to a higher level of understanding. Not that we are our own gods or anything stupid like that, but we can speed up the awakening process in other people on the brink of seeing through the bullshit!
      Thanks for the comment Malleus Deus!

  2. GDSoldier

    Once again brother you not only “hit he nail on the head” but actually smashed it! Allow me to write my brief view on the topics you covered Brett
    1) Politics == Fuck off Shabos goy traitor cunts!
    2) Sports == Fuck off Goodes you retarded sooky girl ape!
    3) TV Shows == Fuck off you pedophile kike faggots!
    4) Materialism == Food, water, your people, sharp sword. Nothing else matters.
    5) Music == Ludicrous maggots flashing all seeing eye symbols, get fucked clowns!
    6) Being Popular == Sucking many jew dicks and living for muh shekels, muh fame. Enjoy the taste while you can vermin, a new taste is coming your way soon, the taste of Zyklon B!

    Thanks for the article mate, we are multiplying much to the yid’s horror. DEATH TO ZION!
    1488-SIEG HEIL as always brother.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Fucking hell man! I know I’m pretty good at swearing, but I reckon you’d take me to the cleaners in a ‘swearathon’! Hahaha, maybe we should lobby the International Olympic Committee to see if they will include swearing as an olympic sport at Rio 2016!! At least we wouldn’t have to be drug cheats! 14/88

      1. GDSoldier

        LOL, Yeah I should’ve put in a disclaimer re: the profanity.. I think sometimes only an Aussie can understand that type of swearing (in context), however when you pen an article that mimics my exact thoughts on the state of affairs you gotta wear some blame brother hahaha. As a side note you are correct, I could waste anyone in a swearathon : ) Just show me Le Happy Merchant and I’m going off like a nuke over tel aviv!! Catch up soon for a yarn brother, and I promise no profanity,,,,, 1488=SIEG HEIL

  3. Realist Report (@RealistReport)

    Well said man! I completely agree with you. I literally do not watch TV – I do watch YouTube videos though, some of which are clips or entire episodes of crap that appears on TV. But still, I am controlling what I am intellectually consuming, rather than the Jew media running the show (which is what happens when anyone turns on a TV set!).

    If you don’t watch TV and avoid all the BS mainstream sites (Yahoo!,, ABC, Fox News, CNN, etc.) life is much, much better. It’s even enjoyable!

    Cheers brother, we gotta catch up on Skype soon.

  4. Noachideous

    Abbott is a probable FreeMason like his buddies who advise to the ADC,
    FlakJacket Jonny and SideShow Bob.

    The initial gematria of FreeMason is FM or 613…. same as the 613 Mitzvot
    of the jews.The gematria of MATH is 13 1 20 8 or 14 28 1488 or 42 as is ODIN 15 4 9 14
    or 28 14 1488 or 42…. Both point to 14 88

    The word MATH is probably derived from the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Maat
    as much as is MASON a probable derivation of Son of Maat…… Both by
    their nature T’El the Truth…. MATH is mechanical.. The ‘MASON’ however,
    like others, is subject to the vagaries and vanities of its own desires and
    the things the Mason might covet.

    The Mason we might expect to measure everything for Truth… After all, the
    outputs of the square and compass are numbers.. Then what to make of the
    now ‘Free’ Masonic support for the never verified 6 million of the
    ‘holocaust’ that is derived of the jew abused number 42 and more kosher numerological
    semiotic filthe…… The duplicitous ‘math’ of the jew……

    Halacha, judaic law declares that it is forbidden to count, or measure,
    ‘jews’…. We can extrapolate that is also forbidden to count or measure
    jewish ‘truths’.

    Those who recognise or seek to understand the nature of jewish numerology
    and jewish ‘truth’ are required by law to be incarcerated in some
    countries. The forensic Truth… The Maat, the Math of the matter does not
    matter. Only the offended sensibilities of the precioius ‘jew’, the
    ‘singular purpose of the creation’ (puke).

    Then what to make of the emancipated or Freed Mason who is no longer
    obliged to Tell the Truth ? The jew is a known liar,forke tonged
    deceiver and rapist of Truth with his tried and crusty Menorah.

    The FreeMasons have a flower of their own…. The Forget Me Not… FMN. It
    has been used as a symbol of remembrance in the past, not just for

    The number FM or 6 13 points to 1948 via sum and product of 3 and 16. The
    letter N is 14 and is the sum of 8 and 6 as much as the product is 48…. 6
    and 8 out of 4 and 2.

    FreeMasons seem, as evinced by behaviour, to be Judas Goats in the service
    of the jew for their own self serving profit and interest…..Not Truth, or
    Maat…….Others die so that they, as Judas Goats like the former Prime
    Monsters may live the shameful life of the morally diseased “Noachide”…

    For purposes of make mockery of Goy dead, the jew selected the Lillian Freiman peddled… Red Poppy 18 16 as a symbol of ‘remembrance’. It symbolises Dead Blood 42… Many
    AngloCelt GrandFathers fought in world wars 1 and 2 .
    The colours BlackRed amount to 2 18 or 2018, the date the jew imagines the
    return of its blood drinking ‘messiah’.
    The jew regards goy who die in their contrived jew wars as soul less bipeds whose
    only purpose was to serve the jew…… Having no soul, their blood is dead… for eternity…
    or so the jew might like to think.

    Knowingly serving the jew is a shameful act of extreme dishonour to one’s
    ancestral memory…. Those who did not know are not Dead as the jew would
    have us believe. They Live in and with us. They are shamed by the lies of
    the judas goat leaders who Lie as noachide proxies for the kike as to the
    reasons for the wars….

    It is an act of extreme dishonor….but you persist with great zeal do you
    not …. political filthe ?…..

    A new not jew interim remembrance symbol is required……pending proper public conversation.
    The Forget Me Not may serve that purpose once more…
    Its colours Blue and Gold are the colours of the Blue Sky and the Golden
    Sun, symbolising the return of their essence and eternal souls to the
    source and their memory bequeathed properly and truthfully to their Children
    and GrandChildren.

    The gemtria of the name Forget Me Not… 1948 jew israel…NOT, reminds us
    all that the vast significant majority of them, including my UK GrandFather, fought deceived for the benefit of jew israel in 1948, and that we will never forget that sordid fact.

    In that.. by speaking, by T’Elling as close to the asymptotic Truth as is
    humanly possible…. Their memory and that of others is honoured… and
    deeply respected…..

    Almost all of Them were AngloCelts.

  5. Noachideous

    We must all seek, yearn and strive for the approval of the jew every day….. because they are the world’s exemplar as caring and empathic people….. They Live…. too and they has been sufferink also 2…….

    The crafty jew is a malevolent adept at bringing a society to its knees in a sequence of carefully contrived states of tearful collective emoting. The ANZAC video produced by the ABC 123.. 6 by sum and 6 by product of 66 or 36 sum 12 or 48, with a six pointed jew death star pretending to be a lissajous figure…… is a case in point….. They are, the ANZAC, all part of a multiculturally genocided by design amorphous, goyische…… ‘us’……. Without their consent………

    It is all a ruse……. like the wars… It could be described as the “Shit of the Jew”… and it emerges from the halitosic mouths of scheeming and sufferink jews by mechanism known as peristalsis.

    While an entire society is tearfully emoting and wailing together about one thing or another that the jew has initiated…….. the jew slips in a useful deception that serves it genocidal causes….. The jew has opened with emotion a gate to the goyische subconscious, and its lie is deeply embedded by that metaphysical parasite and hungry mind maggot known collectively as the ‘jew’….

  6. Noachideous

    Rumours that some UPF fellas have been arrested.

    Australian Government and the LickSpittles that populate it at the highest levels would have others believe that Ancestral Kin fought for jew “MultiCulturalism”….. and the forfeiture of self determination to others……

    There exists emprical evidence that the Australian Government will act punitively against European derived Australians and in favour of jew “Australians” , all by default jewel citizens of another country. The basis and motivation of this action by the Australian Government appears unlawful, religious at its source, and designed to give effect to the collective religious will of the jew, as clearly enunciated in the texts penned by jew ‘sages’ and its babbling narcissistic scribblers….

    Judasism, a religion whose religious exemplars phellate their own offspring as religious ritual, requires that all who refuse to participate in the religion of the jew be punished or killed. Glorious stuff indeed……The Australian Governments appears to agree…. Such persons who find jew ways repellent, are to have ‘no place in the world to come’. Only the knob gobbling ‘noahide’………. the kneeling, soulless manifestion of the shameless non-jew biped is to enjoy the privilege and entitlement to live, as a DickHead….. relatively unmolested by the jew.

    So depraved, so morally and ethically diseased are the consistituents, lawmakers and administrators that comprise the ‘Australian’ Government, that it allows the jew to engage in “Remembrance Cuckoldry”… and use the memory of AngloCeltic ancestors as a gloating jew ablutionary toilet.

    The jew is a Shade…made of Shadow……. It stands between EL……the Eternal Light and the rest of us….

  7. Trisha LaFountaine

    Epic rant! This site has made my day, hell my week! Knowing there are people like you, working your arses off for the truth has truly given me hope for the human race.

  8. Mr Happy Pantß

    I don’t even care about idiots who don’t even fuckin care, mate. I care about politics, but I never got more popular as a result…


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