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20 thoughts on “Thoughts on the 9-11 No Plane Theory & “Everything’s Completely Fake” Idea.”

  1. The No Planes Theory is completely insane! It is obviously intended to muddy the waters with garbage information.

    If it were true, then explain to me how they would insert visible planes into countless amateur videos like these?

    Order Xanax Europe
    Buy Alprazolam Cheap
    Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery
    Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk

    There are also photos of a fuselage floating around.

    Buy Valium Australia

    and engines…

    Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk

    This does suggest that the planes were not the cause of the holes in the buildings however and it’s pretty unlikely that light aluminum would penetrate solid steel even at high speeds, so something else was probably used to cause the damage.

    I’m pretty sure it would not be too difficult to find genuine eye witness accounts from countless survivors who were working in the buildings at the time if you looked hard enough.

  2. You need to get out of the virtual reality they created for us that day with fake news reports and fake videos, and fake or staged actors as witnesses and fake jumpers and fake or hired family members, etc. You know who control the media and they are definitely capable of creating as many fake reports as they need, and air them as many times it takes to convince the public.
    I cannot respond to all the points you make here, but I can suggest you compare your own view with this excellent recap by James Sloan:

    No planes at the World Trade Center and why the movement will always hide this fact at all costs. Soma 350 Mg Side Effects

    This one is also very excellent:

    Jeffrey Grupp: Why the PLANES vs. NO PLANES on 911 distinction is SO IMPORTANT! Antimatter Radio Buy Zolpidem Reddit

    Possibly no (serious) crimes were committed 911. Maybe they even had a demolition permit from Gulliani? Just in case? I don’t know. All potential crimes have now expired anyway. Assume they evacuated the buildings before they blew them up so that no one got killed and no one got involved in a conspiracy to murder with no statute of limitations. Fake news reports is perfectly legal. The people who control the media also control the puppet in the White House and most of Capitol Hill. They cooperated in this operation extensively.

    This legal cover on the operation is the clever thing to do. They have infected the law so that these operations are kept legal. Shouldn’t be so hard to see this. It was basically legal media deception.

    Here is their short tactic and how thy apply their Weapons of Mass Deception: tell a lie to everybody, all at ones, and keep telling them that lie over and over again, until they actually perpetuate the lie themselves. And have in mind: The power of “everybody knows” is HUGE.

    The problem is that this wasn’t their first operation, nor the last. People got to understand that they are fooled all the time by the controlled jewish media, and planted actors and a million other deception tricks. We can learn a lot on this by Hollywood. REPORTS is a most useful tool.

    Their really big project these in these times is that they are working on abolishing the nation states. That is their really big project as I see it.

    Sorry, I become tired now. More later maybe.

  3. Belief is one thing, but is there a shred of real evidence that the entire event was faked?
    Far less, I would think than there is that Simon Shack is a disingenuous disinfo agent.

    That said, I have just seen a compelling theory that suggests that planes were not flown into buildings, but that plane like images were visible in the sky. Maybe using and advanced military holographic technology?

    It also seems credible that a commercial airliner cannot fly at such high speeds so close to the ground due to a higher air density at low altitudes, so I’ll admit that there being “no planes” is not as far fetched as I initially thought, but not that the entire event was faked.

    This video analyses 9/11 and the work of Simon Shack, they conclude that his work does not prove video fakery and then discuss Shack’s possible role in the truth movement.

    It is my belief is that these guys are genuine truthers who actually believed in Shack’s theory, but then later changed their views.

    Buy Diazepam 10Mg

  4. RE: but is there a shred of real evidence that the entire event was faked?

    We cannot even tell what the color on the sky was that day, watching the videos from these broadcast cameras in the media capitol of the world.

    Here is an amateur video pre 911. Check out the fantastic details in this video, and what WTC7 looked like. Can also spot a lot of moving objects on the ground. Hard to see something as well as this in the “live” news reports.

    Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg

    Please don’t promote holograms – lets keep it real.

    Re your YT link. What do you think the 911 operation management is up to these days? They didn’t retire that day. Among other things, they are controlling the opposition. Promoting wild ideas like in this video, and OBF have explained quite well why it is Bravo Sierra. They are also into creating doubt on the sensitive and real issues. Most important is to protect the notion that planes (with foreign hijackers) crashed that day, and make sure people swallow the REPORTED victims part of the story. Also really important to protect medias involvement (the Weapons of Mass Deception). Like Fatzer said: make everything believable, and nothing knowable.

    If you control the media, you can air the lie as many times you like. You also will have access to all the tools Hollywood has. When you tell a lie to everybody, all at ones, people will after a shot while believe whatever it is – including an Marsian invasion. When everyone believe something, it is very hard to get them all to have a second look at the story.

    If you want to learn something on 911, you need to study the “live” news reports from that day. Never mind all these later REPORTS. You really need to get out of the virtual reality they create for us that day.

  5. I don’t personally know the colour of the sky on 9/11/2001 as I was not in New York on that date, but I find it hard to imagine that all of the 50-60 known amateur videos were ALL fake videos.

    How would they stop genuine home-made videos with no planes in them from showing up on YouTube? So you think they went around New York confiscating video cameras and adding CGI special effects at different angles?

    Yes I know they control YouTube to an extent, but there are always videos that slip through the cracks.

    Why rule out advanced technology this is not known to the public like holograms when the towers collapsed in a way that has never been seen before in controlled demolition in history?


    – planes colliding with modern buildings or extensive fires in buildings have never caused buildings to collapse
    – they twin towers and WTC7 all came down at near free-fall speeds
    – the twin towers (and possibly also WTC7) did not collapse, but were pulverised into dust and there was hardly any debris
    – scores of cars were burned, some half-burned and some even flipped upside down

    According to that video, recorded military data detected an object that followed the same flight path of the supposed second plane that supposedly hit the tower, but it came in at an angle much wider and to the right of the supposed plane.

    Given that commercial jets probably cannot travel at speeds of 500+ mph so close to the ground and if buildings can be destroyed in weird ways never seen before, then why not holograms? Is Black Technology out of the question?

    > Re your YT link. What do you think the 911 operation management is up to these days? They didn’t retire that day. Among other things, they are controlling the opposition.

    I agree with you 100%, but are these guys shills or are the other “truthers” shills trying to discredit them?

    1. Thank you for your mostly excellent questions.

      Color on the sky 911? That shouldn’t be so hard to tell. Most cameras, even then, could handle that just fine. If you study the claimed videos by the high end broadcast cameras, it is certainly not easy to tell, and that is ridiculous and not credible. Never happed any other day. At least 5 different colors within the first 15 minutes:

      Adipex To Buy Online

      I certainly understand that it can be hard to see or believe that 50-60 claimed amateur videos were ALL fake. But all of them have been checked. Here is the list: Buy Ambien For Cheap

      One typical example: Buy Zolpidem Usa

      Lots and lots of other examples here: Buy Diazepam Ebay

      Not sure why there are no real and useful amateur videos of the critical moments 911. It is a trick I don’t fully understand. Most people were watching TV? The aria was well evacuated? Manhattan is a concrete canyon? All you see is into another tall building. They blew up lots of smoke?

      Ohh, holograms again. Even today the hologram technology is junk. Another problem is that that would have added risk to the operation. What if the hologram malfunctioned? Besides, it wasn’t necessary at all. Create some fake plane crash videos and air them. Have lots of hired witnesses ready that can tell they saw planes, etc. Add more fake witnesses and even more fake reports – in every channel, and repeat them a million times. Everyone believed it anyway. Holograms is something that is undemonstrated in the relevant quality.

      The cartoonish tower collapses. Here, “live” CNN collapse that lasted 18 seconds. About 11 seconds on the other networks – A&E will not tell you about this:

      Order Xanax Eu

      You really have to read what Anders Bjorkman has written on those silly WTC collapses. Google anders bjorkman wtc

      Re: WTC were pulverised into dust. Well, if you believe you are watching real videos, I understand you will believe that. Again, you got to get out of the virtual reality they created for us that day. “scores of cars were burned” – just some more staged stuff or some Photoshop jobs to create the impression of a war zone I guess. Sounds good in a headline too. It is just another distraction and false lead.

      “recorded military data” How the hell can we know this is real. They have their drills there too. They simulated something? Or is it just another fake report?

      Black Technology? Don’t know what it is. Why make it so complicated? Just create some fake cartoonish Hollywood animations and air them on national news a million times. Put on some actors as witnesses and just keep going. This is really simple, predictable, efficient and already tested and proven stuff.

      Shills? AJ, A&E, Judy Wood, the nuke and hologram guys and many more are hired by the 911 operation management. The controlled opposition is HUGE.

      May I now again refer to this long piece but short recap of the 911 media operation, by James Sloan?

      Cheap Xanax Pill Press

      More later maybe.

  6. We could debate this for days I suppose, but I’ll sign off as I don’t have the time.

    If the entire thing was a media hoax, there would presumably be evidence that such a large scale event, involving thousands of paid actors was coordinated.

    As yet I have not seen any compelling evidence of this, so I choose to trust what I see in official footage and countless amateur videos on the internet.

    I have changed my mind on the “no planes” part, I will add that there if real planes were flown into steel buildings that they would most likely not penetrate the walls and would leave debris at the entry point.

    There does not seem to be any visible evidence that the planes caused any damage at all to the buildings. Nor did the wings and tail break snap off which is what you’d expect in a real collision.

    The planes did not decelerate as they struck and entered the building as would be expected.

    I’m not saying I believe it’s holograms, but I don’t rule out exotic tech and I see no reason to distrust the military records, so the discrepancy of an object off to the side of the plane must be accounted for.

    Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart

  7. Thank you for responding.

    Yes, this is very time consuming, and complicated stuff, but it looks like you are making some progress. You have to be motivated to look into this yourself, I cannot feed you every minute of course. I appreciate that you at least behave like an adult.

    Re you de-accelerating video: I don’t find this so convincing myself, but I know some other people do, and that is fine. I find this one much more convincing. Even the tip of the wings and the tail didn’t fall off, and the plane penetrated the wall without creating a hole(???):

    Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada

    Here is the no-planes for the children version:

    Order Ambien Online Usa

    Here is another of these de-acceleration videos:

    Buy Diazepam By Paypal

    This one is really funny. Can you see that WTC is spinning here? The background is moving, but still, same WTC wall is pointing at the camera:

    Buy Brand Name Adipex

    Here, this is the central and important concepts you got to understand:

    “One of the “super keys” is recognizing the technique of manufacturing false realities through media fakery, the other is discovering the reality of Jew-owned media and a Zionist-Occupied-Government funded by International-Jew-banking”

    More here – Herge Degrelle:

    Buy Yellow Diazepam

    1. Excellent. See if you also find time to watch the classic September Clues, including all the addendums. You should check if someone has been hiding something for you, I suggest. I had to watch it 3 times myself, before I understood how brilliant it was.

  8. Please consider this carefully:

    “Everything you saw – everything that was broadcast to you – you were INTENDED to see”.

    You would benefit by studying “Magic” and “Illusionism”. Study the principles. Study how various illusions are constructed.

    In addition to the Magicians principle of “Combining at least 2 tricks” to fool the mind – there is another important one.

    “Nothing is more convincing than the lie you tell yourself.”

    How does this work? The Magician or Illusionist wants you to rationalizing internally. This is an intentional pre-planned part of the Denial and Deception operation and “Magic Trick” that was 911.

    If you really wish to deconstruct 911, I suggest you listen carefully to John Friend on this topic. He clearly explains how Illusions are constructed and how you can detect them. He never said “everything is fake”. That is an outright mis-characterization of what he has said and what he explains.

    You saw what the perps intended for you to see. All of the video you saw – you were intended to see. Unfortunately, many people just are not very good at being able to un-hook their cognition from their vision. This is a fact that enables professional Magician to ply their trade – and to perpetrate major hoaxes such as 911.

    Difficult concept? Watch Penn & Teller for a while. Maybe that’ll help.

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