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Considering how it’s all the rage at the moment- where you can just identify as any one of 6 million different genders- I’ve decided it’s time for a new approach. Just because I have a beard and a penis does not disqualify me from becoming a woman, according to none other than The Wicked Witch Hillary’s daughter:

Face of new-age wisdom…

Buy Soma 500Mg Online

Zolpidem Buy Now

In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons if someone with a beard and a penis can ever be a woman, to which Chelsea replied emphatically, ‘Yes.’

However, as Aitkenhead describes it, Hillary looked ‘uneasy’, and blamed generational gaps for being less accepting.

‘Errr. I’m just learning about this,’ Hillary responded. ‘It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw. It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently.’

So, the answer is YES folks. If you have a beard and penis like me, you are just as entitled as anyone else to identify as a woman! Why not? We should use these sorts of opportunities to cash in on a few of those feminist perks while we can! Haha.

Any wonder Hillary lost in 2016. She just wasn’t ready for this type of nuttiness!

FYI- Go to the Buy Ambien Sleeping Tablets for news summaries and a few laughs. Good value and tells things like they are!

-ETP Admin

Buy Alprazolam Cheap

Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery
Emma (the nose) Rosenblum

Take a look at Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk I know what you’re all thinking – that I only linked up this video so I had an excuse to post a picture of Emma Rosenblum’s lovely Jewish nose. But no, that’s not the real story!

The real reason for this post is to illustrate, once again, how whenever you find the feminist agenda being promoted to detach women from any idea of motherhood, Buy Valium Australia. There are hardly ever any exceptions.

Here’s what Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk (how much more ‘Jewy’ do things have to get – Rosenblum in Bloomberg, for Christ’s sake) has to say:

There comes a point in every childless woman’s life, usually around 35, when the larger world becomes very interested in her womb. Friends and family inquire about its health, asking why it’s not being utilized, when it will be, and then: Will it even work? For those who do want children, the pressure can be crushing and counterproductive. “I found myself going on dates thinking, is this marriage material? Is this? Is he? It was exhausting,” says Dr. Suzanne LaJoie, an ob-gyn in Manhattan. “When I was in med school and residency, all my friends were having babies.” She went through a breakup in her mid-30s and started to worry she wouldn’t be able to have a child of her own. So in 2007, at age 37, she paid $10,000 for a round of oocyte cryopreservation, more commonly known as egg freezing. “I just wanted to take the pressure off,” LaJoie says. “Men don’t have a biological clock, and I felt like it leveled the playing field a bit.”

LaJoie fits the typical profile of an egg freezer: They’re great at their jobs, they make a ton of money, and they’ve followed all of Sheryl Sandberg’s advice. But the husband and baby haven’t materialized, and they can recite the stats about their rapidly decreasing fertility as a depressing party trick. For LaJoie, now 45, it was demoralizing to see friend after friend get married and have kids, while she was stuck at the hospital without romantic prospects.

“You feel bad about yourself, like you’re the odd man out, and somehow you’ve messed up on your path,” says Sarah Elizabeth Richards, who spent $50,000 freezing several rounds of eggs in 2006 to 2008 and wrote a book about the experience, Motherhood, Rescheduled: The New Frontier of Egg Freezing and the Women Who Tried It. “By freezing, you’ve done something about it. You’re walking taller; your head is held higher. And that can pay off in both your work and romantic lives.” Richards, now 43, is dating someone promising and says she’d like to thaw her eggs in the next year or so. She’s also at work on a new book and plans on finishing it before she tries to get pregnant. “Egg freezing gives you the gift of time to start a family, but it’s also, like, here’s how many years I actually have left for my other goals—what can I do with them?”

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

Sheryl Sandberg’s advice? Hmmmm. Generic Ambien Looks Like

Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate
Sheryl Sandberg

She’s one of Jew-boy Soma 350 Mg Side Effects associates at their international data collection agency, otherwise known as Facebook.

Here’s some of Buy Zolpidem Reddit:

In 2003 two professors at Columbia Business School and New York University gave their students a case study to test attitudes about gender in the workplace. Half the students got the real-life story of Heidi Roizen, who became a successful venture capitalist by using “her outgoing personality and … vast personal and professional network.” The other half received exactly the same study, but with one vital difference: The name Heidi was changed to Howard.

Both groups of students decided that Heidi and Howard were equally competent, but it turned out they liked Howard a whole lot better. Even though Heidi and Howard were the same person acting in the same way and getting the same results, Heidi was perceived as selfish and “not the type of person you would want to hire or work for.”

Poor Heidi. Smart, superdiligent, and go-getting, the gal’s got just one problem she can’t overcome: She has ovaries. If a man is successful, both genders tend to like him. High-achieving women, not so much.

What is it about females and power? To be specific, why are our highflying girls still falling like Icarus when they get too close to the sun? This is the fiendish dilemma that Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook (Buy Diazepam 10Mg), addresses in her book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. A forthright, if often confused, meditation on sexism, the book has attracted more than its share of prepublication hostility from people resentful that a Silicon Valley überfemale worth $500 million would dare to address the problems of Everywoman. I don’t think anyone actually used the words “back to your palace, bitch,” but that’s been the tenor of the criticism, which has often come from women who had not done Sandberg the elementary courtesy of reading the book they claimed to hate.

That’s a pity because, frankly, women are desperately lacking savvy guides to the higher echelons of corporate life. Most of us have more of an idea about social grooming habits among primates than what goes on in the boardroom of a multibillion-dollar company, although some would claim those two male-bonding sessions are not so very different. Sandberg isn’t the first writer to observe that brainy girls believe that, if they work insanely hard, virtue will have its own reward and promotion is guaranteed. (It won’t, and it isn’t.) What’s new is her insistence that women are up against gender stereotypes so powerfully ingrained that we should work with and not against them.

Here’s the catch: To be successful, a woman has to act like a man; but if she acts like a man instead of a nurturing people-pleaser, she’ll be disliked and won’t succeed. “We sense this punishment for success,” says Sandberg, who believes it causes women to “put ourselves down before others can.”

Buy Xanax Nz

“To be successful, a woman has to act like a man”.

Can everyone see the problem here? It simply is not natural for women to act like men! Why any woman would want a so-called “career” slaving away, even in “CEO” type positions, for some stupid company (probably Jew-run) , when they could raise a healthy 4 or 5 child family is beyond me! Nurturing and raising healthy children is what women were created for. Isn’t that what any normal man wants his female counterpart to care about most? I certainly don’t want some stroppy, pissed-off, suit-wearing, pain-in-the-arse for a future wife, that’s for sure!

Jewish Feminism is pushed for one main reason – to destroy the healthy functioning family unit.

Women are not liberated by detaching themselves from motherhood, and men are not relevant or needed in the lives of these suit-wearing “careerist” women.

Men NEED TO BE WANTED as bread-winners and protectors of their family. That’s the mans job, not the woman’s.

If women can now live independently of men, then what the hell do us men do? Sit around and find pointless, childish ways of amusing ourselves? Actually, we’re pretty much there regarding the mentality of modern ‘men’, sadly. I’ve got a mental image of an adult man playing endless computer games, and when he’s not doing that, he’s a professional sports fan who spends every other spare moment glued to the T.V. watching all the games like a child.

Men’s problems aside, if things just continue down this feminist path, then those men with healthy instincts will struggle to find any decent women to raise a family with! (Trust me, finding decent women is not an easy task these days). Basically, both genders lose and families die out, like I said before.

I’ll be writing a proper article on this topic in the future, when I get time….

– BDL1983

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online


What a brilliant video!

Muhammad Ali just said it like it is and he made Michael Parkinson look stupid! It’s hard to sound convincing when someone is steamrolling you with the truth!

The bottom-line is that there is nothing tricky or difficult to understand about our philosophy. It’s just kind-after-kind and a respect for the natural instincts we are all born with, which tell us to preserve and reproduce our own kind!

Michael Parkinson had no answer for this clear and obvious logic, so he did what all Jew-controlled liberals do – blame the natural tendency to reject race-mixing on society. Yes, it’s society’s fault that black and white mixing together just isn’t right. We need more communist Jewish education so we can override our instincts of self-preservation and mix ourselves out of existence! What a great idea! Thanks Jews!

Anyone with Muhammad Ali’s attitude toward race is a friend of mine, no matter what colour they are! Raise a glass (or 2) for the truth:

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India
German beer is good

Oh and forget this “blogging holiday” thing I’ve been on. I’ll be posting stuff when and if I feel like it. We’ll see what happens, but I can’t guarantee anything because I have a very short fuse when it comes to our so-called “internet activism” these days…….

– BDL1983

Buy Diazepam Uk Paypal

NOTE: I’m not really posting this. I’m still on blogging holidays! Just think of this post like the Holocaust – it never happened……

Fun times: Julia and Bob enjoy selling our country up shit creek! (I can see right up your nose Julia hahaha)

Anyway, this critique of our Jewish lobby here in Australia just has to be mentioned because of who’s doing the critiquing. It’s our former Foreign Minister Bob Carr, for fucks sake! I think that when a person like this comes out and ‘spills the beans’ about the Jewish pressure groups surrounding our political parties, then it’s worth mentioning. He would know who’s boss, just like all of the other treacherous arseholes in parliament. They all know, but they won’t say anything. Bob Carr towed the Kosher political-line during his career as Foreign Minister and only now that he has retired as Foreign Minister does he have the balls to utter some words of truth!! Ah well, better late than never I suppose.

The most frustrating thing about the whole scenario is that when some prick like Bob Carr says something about Israel or the Jews, someone might listen and take note, but when the common man says the same thing no-one listens or cares. I can say “it’s those fucking rat-faced Jews” till I’m blue in the face; no-one listens. Well now that our former Foreign Minister is saying it too, are any of you fucking cowards who are too scared to criticize the Jews going to pay attention? If not, I sincerely hope the evil Jews give you everything you deserve – which is to live a life as a lowly, constantly fucked-over slave to the rat-faced master!!

Have a read through these articles to get the gist:

Cheap Valium From India

Former foreign minister Bob Carr has criticised what he has described as the “very unhealthy level” of influence the Israeli lobby had on Australia’s international policy.

Mr Carr has expressed concern in particular to the role of the conservative pro-Israel lobby from Melbourne, which he says affected then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office to – what he called – an unhealthy level.

Mr Carr says while he was in agreement with all other aspects of Ms Gillard’s agenda, this was one area he vehemently opposed.

“I found it very frustrating that we couldn’t issue, for example, a routine expression of concern about the spread of Israeli settlements on the West Bank. Great blocks of housing for Israeli citizens going up on land that everyone regards as part of a future Palestinian state, if there is to be a two-state solution resolving the standoff between Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East.”

But the National Chairman of the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, Mark Leibler, has dismissed Mr Carr’s accusations.

“I mean, give me a break. Would anyone sort of seriously accept that? As flattered as I am, this is really a figment of his imagination. I mean, Julia Gillard is an independent-thinking woman. She can come to her own conclusions without being influenced by the Jewish lobby.” (What the hell are you lobbying for, if not for influence? – BDL1983)

NewSouth Publishing describes the book – due to hit the shelves at the end of April – as the “best picture ever published of a politician on the world stage and Australia’s changing place in the world and in our region”.

But it is also expected to reveal Mr Carr’s multi-faceted personality – eccentric, obsessive, passionate and self-deprecating.

Order Xanax To Canada

Buy Diazepam Glasgow

Former foreign minister Bob Carr has published private text messages between himself and Julia Gillard to reveal the “extraordinary” level of influence the pro-Israel lobby had on the former prime minister’s office.

In a remarkable disclosure of private conversations, Mr Carr said he chose to publish the text messages in his book – Diary of a Foreign Minister – without getting Ms Gillard’s permission, because to do so was in the national interest.

He also describes Israel’s former ambassador as “cunning” (like a rat – BDL1983) and reveals his fights with the self-described pro-Israel “falafel faction” in Labor’s caucus that includes Jewish MPs Mark Dreyfus and Michael Danby.

Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss
Jew rat Michael Danby

Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy
Jew Rat Mark Dreyfus

“The book would not have been truthful with this disagreement between a prime minister and her foreign minister edited out,” Mr Carr told Fairfax Media, explaining his decision to publish Ms Gillard’s private text messages without consent, despite asking other officials for permission to publish correspondence.

“The public should know how foreign policy gets made, especially when it appears the prime minister is being heavily lobbied by one interest group with a stake in Middle East policy.”

Mr Danby has hit back at Mr Carr, accusing him of bigotry over his claims of the influence of a pro-Israel lobby. (Have a fucking cry you whining sack of shit – BDL1983)

“No lobby in Australia, I understand, has that kind of influence. It’s laughable,” he told ABC radio on Thursday.

“But I suppose, in the current climate, as [Attorney-General] George Brandis says, it’s OK to be a bigot.”

The Jewish MP, who is chairman of the Friends of Israel, also accused Mr Carr, a former premier of NSW, of showing ingratitude to the Labor Party.

Buy Soma From Canada

Order Xanax Online Usa

Bob Carr decries ‘unhealthy’ influence over Canberra’s foreign policy, which has been ‘subcontracted’ to Jewish donors

Australia’s former foreign minister has lashed out at the country’s “Israel lobby,” lamenting that during his time in office it reached “extraordinary” and “unhealthy” levels of influence over Canberra’s foreign policy — mainly because of campaign contributions by Jewish donors. (Take note – this is exactly how politics is controlled by Jews. The hand that takes is subservient to the hand that ‘gives’ – BDL1983)

In his new political memoir and in interviews he is giving to promote the book, Bob Carr (Labor) talks frankly about his term as Australia’s chief diplomat, which lasted from March 2012 until September 2013. In the book, he also recounts discussions and arguments over many foreign policy issues, and even details his dietary habits and complains about lack of comforts on the job. However, “the strongest criticism of all” in the 500-page book is reserved for Melbourne’s Israeli lobby, an Australian journalist said.

Australian foreign policy had been “subcontracted” to Jewish donors, Carr writes in the book, Buy Soma Mexican Pharmacy.

One of key passages in “Bob Carr: Diary of a Foreign Minister” details a disagreements he had with then-prime minister Julia Gillard over Canberra’s stance vis-à-vis the Palestinians’ admission to the United Nations General Assembly as a nonmember state.

“What I’ve done is to spell out how the extremely conservative instincts of the pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne was exercised through the then-Prime Minister’s Office,” Buy Real Valium Online Ukwith the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“I found it very frustrating that we couldn’t issue, for example, a routine expression of concern about the spread of Israeli settlements on the West Bank — great blocks of housing for Israeli citizens going up on land that everyone regards as part of the future Palestinian state if there is to be a two-state solution.”

Carr said that “party donations” and programs targeting journalists were the reason why the numerically small pro-Israel lobby wields so much political influence. These were legitimate measures, he continued, as other interest groups do the same. “But it needs to be highlighted, because I think it reached a very unhealthy level,” he said, regarding pro-Israel forces in Australia.

Zolpidem 5Mg Buy Online Uk

Here’s a link to Order Ambien Online Overnight, and here’s the links to the posts I made on this site last year highlighting the death-grip these filthy Jews have on our country:

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Teva

Buy Phentermine Capsules Online

Buy Xanax Aus

Buy Diazepam Online Eu

Buy Diazepam Prescription Free

Order Adipex

I could go on…….. and on…… but really, I can’t be fucked repeating myself anymore! Does it have to be any more obvious who is “top dog” of the Australian political structure? You can criticize any other group (within reason), but the slightest mention of Schlomo Bagelbaum and his cronies, and it’s “Oy Vey” OUTRAGE! That’s how we know that the Jews are running the show. It’s a simple test, then we find that all the hard facts bear out the obvious truth.

Buy Soma Drugs Online
The rat bastards in their preferred ‘mode of dress’…… Yuck

Like I said at the top – I’m still on hiatus from blogging, technically speaking. So this post never happened!

“Oy Vey, it’s another Holycau$t Maude!”

– BDL1983