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23 thoughts on “My Melbourne Multicultural Experience”

  1. Sounds like we need to send a couple panzer divisions over there. Where’s the damn Bismarck when u need her?

    Hahaha that jew box pic looks like a sewer treatment plant! Street art? Why can’t those jews and jigs buy some damned cardboard or a canvas if that graffiti (shit) is so wonderful? I don’t want to look at it. We the working white Guys paid for most public structures. I don’t want that shit sprayed all over. African and Jewish culture? CRAP!

    Happy new year friend. Steven

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Haha oh man!

    I was watching a show on ABC last night, about a compulsive hoarder in a small rural village in England, Westcott. Essentially, the whole community pitched in to help the poor weirdo out. Guess what? 100% white. Where else would you see such community spirit than in a homogenous one?

    Happy New Year to ye sir!

    1. Very true.. That’s the thing about a place like Melbourne. There is no real community spirit and everything is weird and disjointed….. Yeah, whites helping the weirdo, sounds about right….
      Happy New Year to you to mate!

  3. I apologize on behalf of all our Victorian brethren, Ironic that the Europeans that built the country now don’t go out because they have to endure the brutal yiddish occupation, hence all you saw was the faggots pictured above and “multicultural”gypsies. Sadly comrade, this reaches all the way out to the burbs,once “Aussie” suburbs are now open air gypsy camps!!
    Oz succumbed fully to the hooknose vermin when the eternal enemy successfully removed the “White Australia” policy, a time when every immigrant to the country was invited and loved this country MORE than their European homeland and pledged their allegiance to it. it’s been a slippery downhill slope since then. Next time ur in town I’ll take you out for a beer! SIEG HEIL- 1488!……… P.S The city center truly is a degenerate herpes infested cesspit.

      1. Done :}….. I can’t drink that stout though… VB only! haha 1488!
        ” It’s extremely difficult to even have a serious conversation about ANYTHING with ANYONE anymore.”….never a truer word said!

  4. Thanks for the review of your trip man – I hope you enjoyed yourself! Sounds like you did, at least when you were at the Irish pub! LOL!

    The type of guys you ran into in Melbourne are the same type of guys you’d find in any major American city, and I’d imagine any European city as well. In San Diego (and most big cities now days I think), the big trend with Whites is the Emo, skinny jeans, TONS of tattoos and piercings look. Some call it “Hipster” – I call it effeminate and weird! If a guy isn’t an Emo type wearing skinny jeans and covered in tattoos, he’s a typical sports loving, beer guzzling, over sexualized Bro who only cares about money, sex, and sports.

    The Jews have really fucked our people up man. It’s extremely difficult to even have a serious conversation about ANYTHING with ANYONE anymore.

    Happy New Year man, keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty much the case man… When I’m out and about some place like that I have to remind myself to tune out of reality & dumb myself down just to do the small talk thing with “normal” people…. But I’ll tell ya what, it wears ya down after a few days with no real conversation. I was frothing at the mouth to talk some sense to SOMEONE!!! Haha…. Catch ya round on skypey one of these days man 14/88

  5. And here’s a perfect example of the “hidden in plain site” yid propaganda brainwashing routine..
    Buy Roche Valium Uk
    Guess what? “Whitey” Rhonda chose fish faced darky ketut over “Whitey” Trent.!
    Subliminal message to brain dead goyim == it’s normal to be with an ugly darky rat instead of a good looking white man. FUCK KETUT AND THE KIKES! 1488!

    1. Oh man, I fucking hate Ketut…. He really shits me, even more than others of his type! But yeah, I noticed the racial subliminal message instantly when I first saw that bloody ad! Jews are responsible for all the race-mixing shit, therefore I don’t like them very much (to put it mildly)! Haha

  6. Happy New Year mate, Melbourne sounds fucked! Is Adelaide that far gone as well?? 20/20 isn’t that bad, the KFC advertising is put on thick though, on the tele every screenshot has a KFC logo, brainwashing fat useless cunts to devour that horrible shit that is hardly fit for a nigger..fattening up the goyim one match at a time.

    1. Melbourne is fucked really.. Good Irish pubs, that’s about it… No normal whites around, judging from what I saw! The 20/20 is just far too over-commercialised for my liking… If they got rid of all that bullshit, it might be alright….. I’ve always loved the Test Cricket since I was a wee little kid. Still do think it’s a great sport!

  7. Hi Brett, sorry your trip to Melbourne was so bad. There are still some decent white people living in the suburbs!! Happy New Year!!

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Before I went to Melbourne I was in Eastern Victoria seeing a girl I met….. That didn’t go so well…. Maybe I should have met up with you instead!!! The only reason I do this site is to hopefully get the right message through to decent White people such as yourself! 14/88

  8. Buy Diazepam By Paypal

    Beware the spectral creature behind the Uilleann piper seated at 00:27.

    Ditto below.
    Scottish / Irish brother!!! May you have warm words on a cold evening, A full moon on a dark night, And the road downhill all the way to your door.

  9. Buy Ambien Prescription Online
    Listen carefully to the lyrics, and note the triangles and metatronian cube.

    This is a favourite allegory that succinctly describes the nature of jewhiss treachery in relation to its host people. The jew is a malevolent manipulator behind the active mirror known as the television. Judasism is a genociidal religion that demands the elimination of non-jews and their memory. This planet is for jews only…………..
    The image seen in a passive mirror by its subject and viewer displays a universally truthful ,physical reflection of what a people or person is at that particular time.

    An active jew mirror displays the genocidal and memocidal will of the jew. When the target of the jews will views the TV it cannot discern the difference between and active jew mirror and a passive inert and impartial mirror.

    The mirrors of the jews are a media designed to deceive it viewers……. and the jew is first and foremost a liar……… and liars seek to benefit at the expense of the other.

  10. I live and work here in Melbourne (work in CBD, live in the previously-white burbs), and I’m fucking miserable and lonely as hell. All the white guys I work with are self-entitled aggrandizing leftards who wouldn’t know the difference between a Punjabi Sikh and a fucking Muzrat Afghani.
    All my old mates have pissed off to the UK or USA, and there are no INTELLIGENT nationalists left in this city anymore. Sure, there’s peons for the cause, the idiot masses that champion the white race, but holy crap on a stick, they’re fucking daft as shit! “Whites are the best, yeah!” is all you can get out of them…. no reasoning as to WHY we are the best (Never mind the thousands of years of cultural and technological advances, the agriculture, the colonization and removal of poverty for most of the world at our hands, etc.).
    I’m going utterly batshit in this place, we need a Prestor John!

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