The AFL, Racism, and the Horror of the Federal Budget!

I’ve been tuning in to the good ol’ Televits (TV) over the last few days to see what all the pundits are crapping on about………

Well, it seems this country and it’s inhabitants are still concerning themselves with pointless trivial discussion over things that don’t really matter. For example, racism in the football – potentially “hurt feelings” of Aboriginal players must be placed above everything else football-related; then on the so-called political side of things everyone is whinging and whining about how horrible the Federal Budget just announced by the Abbott government is.

Let’s delve into these issues, just for fun!


An “Indigenous-themed” football to celebrate the contributions of ONLY the AFL players with a drop or more of Aboriginal blood in them, at the EXCLUSION of all others. A racially based, or racist round, if ever there was one!

To set the scene for the “racism in football” stuff that everyone’s concerned about, it’s best to look at what sparked this whole “Adam Goodes racism” saga:

THE hurt is still there in Adam Goodes’ eyes, the trauma of being “cut deep” by a schoolgirl’s racist slur in an environment where he says he has always felt “safe.”

Now, five months on from the infamous moment when Goodes had a 13-year-old girl ejected from the MCG for calling him an “ape,” the Sydney Swans legend has revealed the true extent of his pain over the incident – and why it still haunts him.

In an emotionally raw interview with Karla Grant’s Living Black In Conversation program, Goodes admits he was feeling “vulnerable” in the moments before taking a stand against the racist taunt yelled at him from the crowd.

That’s enough to get the picture, but you can read the rest of the article if you want.

OK. So Adam Goodes has hurt feelings over a schoolgirl calling him an ape, then on Australia Day he was given the title of Australian of the Year, mainly as a result of the “trauma” he suffered during this incident, and his subsequent “battle against racism”.

Now this happens:

ESSENDON has revoked the membership of a supporter accused of making racist comments towards Australian of the Year Adam Goodes during Friday night’s loss to Sydney at Etihad Stadium.

Goodes was not aware of the comments until after the game and the fan was ejected from the ground by police after Essendon supporters reported the incident to stadium management.

Goodes expressed his disappointment, but thanked the Essendon football club for its swift handling of the issue.

“While it is disappointing that these incidents still arise, there is a positive to come out of this, and that is the willingness of people in the crowd, regardless of the colours of their scarf and jumper, to draw a line in the sand and say that this is not acceptable,” Goodes said.

“While there still work to be done, to have Essendon members alert stadium security to the incident is a great indication that people in the football community will not tolerate racial vilification.

“I look forward to the upcoming Indigenous Round, where we can once again celebrate the contribution of Indigenous players in our game.”

The incident became public when an Essendon supporter submitted an anonymous post on the club’s fan site, Bomberblitz, two hours after the Bombers’ loss to the Swans.

“I could not believe what I heard from an Essendon member,” the supporter wrote.

“Late in the first quarter, Adam Goodes got his first touch when he received an easy mark just inside 50.

“At that stage, we (were) more than six goals down and no one was too happy that Goodes held the ball within kicking distance. There was … the banter you would expect to hear from a footy crowd.”

Then the supporter claimed he heard someone say: “F*** off, Magilla the gorilla.”

“I turned around and asked loudly, “Who said that?” An adult male replied in a cocky manner, “I did.”

“I shook my head in disbelief. After all our club has done to combat racism on and off the field, this individual thought it was OK to refer to an indigenous player in such a manner. He changed his tune when I pointed him out to security.

“He (the abuser) ruined my family’s night at the footy.”

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“Fuck off, Magilla the Gorilla” – That’s what someone in the crowd said. Big deal. I used to go to football matches religiously when I was a lemming and I can assure you that there are lots more “offensive” things than that yelled out! Just because it can be construed as a “racial slur” the newspapers and the AFL decide to make a mountain out of a molehill. Typical whenever race comes into it.


This is Adam Goodes. Now, how is it this fans fault if he does look more like a gorilla than other players? To talk about “vilifying” anyone, the media should look at how they are vilifying this fan over trivial remarks.

As a further consequence of this “dreadful” racism saga, I stumbled across this suggestion – A “Say No To Racism” Round:

ANDREW McLeod wants the AFL to follow world soccer’s “Say No To Racism” concept to end racial abuse towards players from the terraces – and in society.

The Crows premiership hero has urged the AFL to end its “theme rounds” – such as “Indigenous Round” at the end of the month and “Multicultural Round” in mid-July – to replace them with a “No to Racism” campaign developed by the AFL players’ union.

“We should be celebrating the indigenous and multicultural themes of our game every week,” McLeod said.

“I understand why these theme rounds exist to promote the game.

“But there is now a need for a round where we promote the fight against racism.

“We’ve seen where the AFL is changing rules to make the game appealing to everyone. Here is a campaign that can change more than football.”

The AFL yesterday had its strong stand against racism tarnished by another two cases of racial abuse from fans towards the players.

Brownlow Medallist and Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, was subjected to a racial taunt from an Essendon fan while playing for Sydney at Etihad Stadium on Friday night.

This was the second case of abuse towards Goodes in 12 months after he was abused by a teenage Collingwood fan at the MCG last year.

Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon on Tuesday apologised to Melbourne player Neville Jetta and his family for racial abuse from a Bulldogs fan during a match on May 10.

McLeod wants AFL players to front a major campaign that replicates their intolerance to racism on the field.

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Andrew MacLeod wearing his "racial pride" jumper!

Andrew MacLeod wearing his “racial pride” jumper! That’s fine with me, but can we Whites show our “racial pride” too?

At least as some vague ploy to appear consistent, Andrew MacLeod says he thinks the AFL should get rid of the Indigenous and Multicultural Rounds, and just have a “Say No To Racism” Round. But, you know what? I bet they don’t get rid of either. Just imagine the uproar and the crap about racism if some White European AFL footballers or fans suggested a “White European Heritage Round”! If the Aboriginal players can have a Round in honour of THEIR contributions, then why shouldn’t White European players also have a Round? I rest my case.

Anyway, that’s enough with the anti-White communism being promoted in sport.

The other thing which has provided a few laughs on the TV is the horrible, doom and gloom, Federal Budget! Well, we all knew this was coming didn’t we? I had an inkling that it wasn’t going to be all champagne and roses and good news!! I must say though, I am absolutely thrilled to see that the Government is cutting spending and planning to make people in this country suffer a bit. Everyone who is not politically astute and would simply dismiss everything that us “big evil haters” say, well, you know what? You deserve to be screwed over by your miserable, shitty democratic regime! This is what happens when you believe in the mainstream Jewish controlled media and expect it to feed you the truth about politics! Sucked in!


This is the sort of thing all the University smart-arses attend.

I am saving the most satisfying thing about this Federal Budget debacle until last. Do you know what it is? I’ll tell you: it is seeing all these University Students on the TV complaining about cuts to education funding! No segment of society has a more irritating, know-it-all, Marxist, multicultural, Jew-loving attitude to it than those who comprise the University population! What are you going to do now, you bunch of little “never-worked-a-day-in-your-lives” know-it-all whingers? Going to get out on the streets and heckle the politicians, while waving “Greens” signs and Aboriginal Flags, and various other anti-Racist slogans?……


Uni students protesting. Note the “Socialist Alternative” banner, top left – a communist group always seen around these Uni protests!

Yeah, go on you arrogant shitheads, seeing as you know how the political system really works. See if your wonderful democratic politicians listen to your stupid little protest! After all, you all support and love democracy so much, and you hate Fascism and Nazis (what you call us), so don’t listen to us! Keep worshipping your Jewish University Professors and telling yourselves how much you’re fighting the system….. by attending University and being indoctrinated INTO THE SYSTEM! Hahaha, suckers! I hope Mr Abbott screws you over real good. That might teach you something about reality, but I doubt it. You can just carry on calling us “racist Jew-haters” or “bigots” or “homophobes” and diagnosing us with various “politically-incorrect diseases”, but you know what? Nothing we get called EVER changes the fact that we are right about these things!

End of rant.

– BDL1983

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  1. Steven King

    I WANNA SHOW MY GERMAN AMERICAN PRIDE TO ALL THOSE ANTI WHITE FUCKERS IN THE WORLD. Here’s my GERMAN jihad FUCK YOU ANTI WHITE SUB HUMAN LOSERS! I’m with you brother! Didn’t mean to scream! HELL YES I DID! Not at you sir, brother, but, FUCK MAN WHERE DOES IT END!!?? We built the world! We should still rule it! Steven King North Carolina USA

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    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Strong language and screaming doesn’t bother me man! I understand your sentiments are correct, that’s what matters!

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  3. Trent

    Man how can you think the federal budget of
    2014 is a good thing, precious blue eyed white children
    Will go hungry and cry because this criminal monster and
    Mastermind tony abott and his liberal party crims are taking
    The hard earned white sweat money away from us in benefits
    So we have to work like slaves while Jews and niggers benefit
    Jew because they are rich and have tax cuts and niggers because
    They’ve always got benefits regardless of circumstances whereas
    The. Only circumstances you can get benefits if you have white skin
    Is if you are severely disenfranchised and these maggots are stopping it! Filth! Yuck.


    1. BDL1983 Post author

      The worse it is, the better it is, if you get what I mean! Our race needs a massive kick up the arse and it appears Abbott is going to us a “bit of a kick” at the very least…. If the current Jew system drags on forever, we will have no chance to snap our people out of their rut. A sudden turn for the worse and it helps wake people up! That’s what I was getting at. It’s also nature’s way of fucking over the White ‘liberals’, so I thought you’d like that to be honest!
      When Whitey can’t prop up the system any longer, the negro welfare money dries up… so I say fuck this status quo. Let ’em wreck it!

  4. Wilson Mount

    I gotta say I like seeing an end to the “entitlement” age. The whole thing is about lifters vs leaners, where you only hear the leaners complaining. It is a step closer to traditionalism in my book, though they (the guvment) don’t see it that way – you have to WORK, not rely on handouts.

      1. Wilson Mount

        I got rid of it.. I wasn’t contributing much to anything, plus I’m just too busy with my family and work. Too many other good sites out there as it is.

        1. Mel

          Hi Wilson Mount, sorry to see your blogs no longer, it was very enjoyable.
          Nice to still see your still around and still leaving comments
          Take care

          1. Wilson Mount

            Thanks Mel, I may be back – I am thinking of doing an Ahnenerbe style blog one day – something a little different. Nothing confirmed yet though. I will still be around commenting.

    1. Trent

      Why should white people have to work there guts
      out when we could be having a much better time with
      our families at home. Every white person deserves financial
      help from the governement that WE FUND, you think it’s right we
      pay millions in tax to the government and they just keep it all to
      them fucking selves and give it all away to niggers and asylum seekers?


      14/88 !

  5. GDSoldier

    Here’s my brief synopsis…
    AFL/Racism == commercialized cultural marxist revenue/propaganda tool and Adam Goodes is a fucking monkeyman sook!
    Budget == One step closer to the N.W.O (Oblivion/Hell/Hades/etc…), Thanks to Tony, Joe and the rest of the cunts!
    The answer is 1933!………1488-SIEG HEIL

  6. Aidhan

    Fucking faggot who said that hearing the man behind him saying ‘fuck off magilla the gorilla’, that it ‘ruined my family’s night at the footy’, and he ‘shook his head’ after everything the club has done.. Everyone who has got a voice seems to be a professionally trained Marxist these days.
    Why the fuck is Adam Goodes hurt? See it in his eyes can you? He is a fucking coon ape aboriginal faggot wtf is wrong with ‘racism’ in football? Do I have to pretend I don’t know what any of the players look like??
    He thinks pretty highly of himself when he says he looks forward to indigenous round.. It cuts both ways! You love being a coon but only when everyone has to lie about all the non-existent contributions that you all have to make up because you have replaced better white players.

    The budgets shit, they are scrapping some of the dole so that is good but scrap it all!! They are leaving it for the disabled bastards Ofcoarse, they love them, and they are breeding them! That’s what happens when nobody believes in heredity! Scum

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