Hippies & Marijuana Legalisation

I have been meaning to address the topic of medical marijuana / marijuana legalisation for a while now…..


Medical Marijuana

We’ve all heard the talk about how great medicinal marijuana is. Like a lot of other substances it can relieve the pain of certain medical conditions. On that basis alone, I see no reason why people with medical conditions shouldn’t be able to have it if they need it. Given the sheer number of hard chemical drugs, prescription or illegal, a bit of medicinal weed is no cause for concern.


Now, moving past the issue of ‘medicinal marijuana’ and onto the question of whether it should be legalised entirely…..

The People Pushing Marijuana Legalisation

As expected, whenever you see a bunch of people pushing legalisation, it usually consists of some ageing hippies (see below) and some younger new age ‘peaceniks’. They just wanna get stoned peacefully without the fear of the ‘pigs’ coming round and confiscating their stash! That’s basically the only reason they have for wanting it legalised, because I’ll guarantee you the hippies have no problem scoring a few buds when they need to. The hippy peaceniks should really just shut up and groove away on their current situation to avoid shitting in their own nests. It can’t be that difficult or worrisome to smoke a few joints in your own backyard, can it? It’s not like the hippies are running the same sort of risks as drug lords like El Chappo!

I reckon this man and the bearded woman might be for legalisation! Haha

I reckon this man and the bearded woman might be FOR legalisation! Haha

Government Involvement & Taxation

The stupidest thing about the whole ‘legalise it‘ lobby is that they seem completely oblivious to the fact that if it was legal, then the other ‘pigs’ in the government and the tax office would be taking their slice of the pie:

“Do you really want the astronomical price hikes, maaaaaaan?”

Their brains must be too slow and dopey from years of smoking “da ‘erb” to realise this! They should be seriously looking at what has happened over the years with alcohol and cigarette prices. The government regulation and taxation on these two avenues of pleasure has officially reached ridiculous proportions (in Australia anyway). This is something for the ‘legalise it‘ crew to mull over anyway….

You sure about that maaaaan?

You sure about that maaaaan?

Marijuana’s Effect As A Drug

As anyone who’s even vaguely honest will admit – we have all tried the stuff and therefore should have a basic idea of what it’s like. As far as a positive side goes – it makes you quite content to be bored and you’ll laugh hysterically at some really stupid things that aren’t actually funny. That’s about it. On the negative side – it’s an absolute motivation and discipline killer. It turns people into lazy bastards who, while they profess to be all for ‘ending war’, ‘peace’, ‘fixing all the worlds problems by not fighting’ etc, simply cannot be bothered doing anything about it! To fix problems we require energy. Marijuana, by definition, kills your energy. Not only that, but you’ll probably wind up sitting around listening to John Lennon, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix, thinking their pacifistic ideas might somehow work. Yeah right, you’d have to be smokin’ some serious shit to believe that:

The brains trust!

The brains trust!

Enforcing Strict “Anti-Marijuana” Laws Doesn’t Work Anyway

I’ve always taken the stance that the answer to any ‘drug problem’ lies not in the ruthless application of strict laws against use and possession, but in society as a whole rejecting it as a negative influence, thereby seriously limiting the magnitude of the problem to the fringes of society. All substances which people enjoy taking must be relegated to their appropriate level in the scheme of things. For example – there is a vast difference between the person who has the occasional joint on the weekend or whatever, and the person who does nothing but sit around smoking spliffs all day and is a drain on society. The same basic principle applies for all ‘substances’ in my opinion, barring heroin, because by all accounts that shit is so addictive and dangerous, it should be outright condemned.

Having marijuana designated as ‘illegal’ clearly does nothing to stop people using it. Anyone should be able to see that. What it does do though, is keep the prices down, and ensures that the dealers can keep their lucrative careers! If I was a stoner I’d definitely want it to remain illegal, otherwise the new dealer is the government approved outlet!


The Jews would love to have more deadbeat hippies they can tax the shit out of!

All In All

Marijuana is a negative cultural force and something we don’t need. Having said that, it shouldn’t be illegal either, just marginalised. The person smoking the odd joint here and there isn’t the problem. It’s when people let it rule their lives and they become nothing but lazy ‘bums’ that they should be condemned.

– BDL1983

26 thoughts on “Hippies & Marijuana Legalisation

  1. paleodrone

    This is true, taxation taxation taxation ~ and the marijuana board with more people getting jobs and $$$$. In Washington State the board decided it needed an atty, just happened to be the spouse of a board member ~ real activists have been shut out … people who are in medical need. They are taxing the disabled, often, which is as criminal as they are.

  2. vikingbitch

    Interesting stance. I like an occasional joint every now again. I do not drink because I believe alcohol is waaaay worse than weed.

    I think some people can become psychologically dependent on the ganga; however, I do think that there is a place for it, such as the management of pain as it presents with no physical addictive effects such as Oxycontin, which is ravaging the USA, Canada, and Australia.

    Marijuana and/or hemp is not bad, the evil is within the USER. Pizza is good, but becomes evil and causes obesity when the USER decides to down oodles of it.

    Addiction is found within the PERSONALITY, not within the substance.

    We all pick our poison. Some use food to self-medicate. Some use Oxy. Some use booze. A few joints are not bad, but yes, there are cases where weed becomes a way of life. That being said, I think it would be a good thing for chronic pain sufferers in place of opiods.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Very good points. I agree that alcohol is less healthy than weed, but then again alcohol is my preferred poison!
      “Addiction is found within the PERSONALITY, not within the substance.” – mostly, but the substance involved definitely has some bearing on the situation….. And yeah, a fat person shouldn’t be eating 17 pizzas when they go out. The pizza is evil in that situation!

      1. vikingbitch

        I did some binge drinking in my previous life, that is how I describe my twenties. I think alcohol is really dangerous for some people and although people describe marijuana as the gateway drug, I would say that alcohol is or was, and now prescriptions are really the gateway to illicit drug use today.

        There are different types of addictions. There is the process addiction where the person gets a rush off of the actual obtainment of the illegal substance. Then there is the physical addiction to the actual substance.

        Interestingly, criminalization has caused MORE problems in the drug wars here in the States. Drug addicts become dealers by going to jail because ironically this is where they make their contacts. Drugs are abundant in jail.

        Criminalization of drugs and the application of The Rockefeller laws in the States ultimately just created a more angry and bitter underclass of people and our prison system has exploded since the early 90s. It is not unlike the gulags. Families were torn apart. Usually poor women with kids were busted just trying to sell a dime bag and as a result, spent years in prison while their kids were given away to abusive foster parents just in the system to make money and prey off poor kids.

        How does marijuana factor in here? Really there is a stigma to it as it is associated with the nogs et al. Consequently, the stigma fuels this sort of casting aside those who abuse it, especially “whites”, as honorary nogs.

        Really, the resistance to legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana is classism by people who ironically are the most maladapative. Weed just gives you the munchies and chills you out….but yeah, there are those that take it too far.

        1. BDL1983 Post author

          I forgot to mention the munchies in the article! Damn! Yeah, well because I’m NOT for it being illegal, then by default I am FOR legalisation on a basic moral level. The problem here is that the Jew gets to tax, regulate, and control it’s distribution if it’s legal & that would be even worse than if it remained illegal! People have to learn to regulate their own behaviour in order for it to be used responsibly and legal at the same time, but if it was legal no pot smoker would like the results….
          And you’re definitely right about criminilization making the problems worse. Laws against drugs simply don’t work.. That’s why I believe it’s the wrong approach entirely

          1. vikingbitch

            The legal system in the USA is a dog and pony show. I had a legal jam once and it really sucked. Someone pressed charges against me who I have NEVER seen. How is that possible? It is no secret that money talks and that if you are wealthy, you get away with a lot more.

            I am trying to do an paradigm shift in my mind with regards to government, the legal system, institutions et al. I just disregard them entirely. It is hard to do with kids, but really, these things only have as much power as you give them, so I just try to not give a damn and then these things are powerless.

            I have a friend who is an attorney in DC and he stated once how everyone has become “noncompliant” out here today. This person has some control issues and many people, including the Jews, enter law as a means to wield control, which is an offshoot of greed. But yes, I believe there is an undercurrent of noncompliance out here today and so, with regards to weed, people should just do what they want to do. I am sure the police have bigger things to worry about.

            I have listened to your old podcasts and I like your recent posts.

            Thanks for letting me post 🙂

  3. Mr happy pantß

    May as well legalise it then…

    Interesting observation: Whenever I’ve heard someone advocating the legalisation of medicinal marijuana, regardless of how strong or not their point may be, it’s always from a person who smokes pot recreationally & doesn’t suffer any medical condition.
    & i always mention that when I hear these people talking about it, then watch them go on the defensive… they squirm a bit.

    1. vikingbitch

      My attitude is it does not matter if weed is legal, decriminalize, or illegal. People do what they want to do. People should just do what they want and do not pay our traitorous governments any mind.

  4. Noachideous

    Things are far more sinister out there now with the peace, love, vegies and auto-genocide by immigration exemplars of compassionate caring…….. Even the Dogs are unsafe.

  5. vikingbitch

    I would love to talk to you sometime. Please do text me at (number removed in case of trolls – BDL)

  6. Flanders

    Good common-sense article, BDL. It has points which should make those who are normally talking in favor to see that legalization is a trap. Soro’s involvement as, an agent for the Rothschilds’ and jewish communism, in pushing for legalization, taxation – and trafficking, should be another point which gets through to some of them.





  7. Shaun

    I usually love this site, but this article is complete lies or just ignorant. I dont use weed hell I don’t even use tobacco, if it was legalized the price would drop. Black market forces prices way up, it’s a fact. Weed is currently the price of GOLD an ounce. Your righr they will tax it. But the price WONT be $300 an ounce!! Weed WITH TAX would be closer to $50 an ounce!!! Wow this article is way way off. The entire black market causes MOST crime, it’s how Governments and mafia make so much money off of having drugs illegal. Cmon Brett your better than this.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      “if it was legalized the price would drop” – can’t agree with that. It may drop initially as the new government bureaucracy tries to put all the “illegal” dealers out of business, then it’d be through the fucking roof with taxes, just like ciggies and alcohol.
      “Black market forces prices way up, it’s a fact.” – weed is a bit different to hard drugs like heroin. It’s not rocket science for someone to grow it themselves and sell it. It’s also not like some big evil marijuana barons control the wacky-weed market. It’s more like a whole heap of independent growers/dealers and buyers all over the place. It’s not exactly a centralized industry. And if the government took control and taxed it, just because they say it’s now “legal”, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to run it like a black market! The government getting involved would turn it into a very centralized industry, that’s for sure.
      “Weed is currently the price of GOLD an ounce.” – Approx $1500/Oz? Not in South Australia according to a net based search on the topic: http://www.priceofweed.com/prices/Australia/South-Australia.html according to the link it’s $298.10/Oz here.
      “Weed WITH TAX would be closer to $50 an ounce!!!” – How do you figure? Lost me there. See my first point….
      “The entire black market causes MOST crime, it’s how Governments and mafia make so much money off of having drugs illegal.” – Governments are mafias, so I don’t make any distinction there conceptually. Like I explained before, weed is not a centralized cartel. Sure, there are big-time dealers, I don’t deny that, but it’s not like there isn’t a million different unrelated dealers a person could go to. Gov = ultimate central mafia = stifling of the “good ol’ cash market”…… Once the government fucks with the current weed set-up people will be dependent on them for their ‘smoke’; “illegal dealers drop in number; access to weed becomes harder if avoiding gov outlets; therefore for ease of access people will cave in and buy off the gov. The entire set up would be ruined in my opinion….

  8. Flanders

    In my part of the country (Southern US), it’s possible (at rare times), to come across good moonshine. It’s a hell of a lot better, incomparably so, than the distributed rotgut which people pay tons in taxes on. Shaun has an opinion but it’s clearly off-base. The revenuers will make sure that people pay to the maximum extent, and probably for inferior product. We already know which clan will be using their normal networking and monopolistic tricks to corner the market for themselves (jews own already most liquor distributorships) – and likely will be adding substances which shouldn’t be there – as they rip the consuming public off. If have no idea who already owns the drug business, too, you may not have any idea about how they do.

  9. Come Back Hitler

    There is another reason jews want pot legal. For the fags…and they want it legal for two reasons-because they are all drug abusers and because they will use it to coax young teen boys to their house so they can rape them. Marijuana will be like the candy faggots use to get 6 year olds close to their car so they can grab them. I hope weed never becomes legal because if they do get arrested for child molestation like they deserve to, using an illegal drug will ad time to their sentence. Although personally I think all mo’s who touch children should get the death penalty. Faggot rhymes with maggot for good reason..

  10. 0jr

    yah no veed only beer from the jew co and u muzt verk for ze jew and pay ze taxes for ze jew
    und your hero vill be jew hitler dumkuf you must produce

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      “…. no weed, only beer….. work, pay tax to jew…. no way out of that….
      And my hero will be Jew Hitler “dumkuf”? I must produce…… hmmmmmmmm….”

      Care to make your point a little clearer Ojr??

  11. Was

    You had to be a drug pusher, you inbred hippy! If your karlegi plan was not a hoax, then how did you know about it if it’s top secret!?!

  12. Major Styles

    Good post. Pot addiction is something I battled years ago (I had my head in the bong smoke for a good decade). But alas, like so many other things…just another Jewish misdirection hustle. Willfully “checking out” of society – no bullet needed by the Jewish leaders, since the pothead volunteers for his own destruction.


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