Strong Foundation = Strong Worldview

Iron Cross Swastika

Do People Even Have Worldviews?

The other day I was busy thinking about the worldviews people have, and whether what most people consider their own opinions even constitute worldviews? After careful consideration I decided that even the weak minded TV brainwashed types do have worldviews, it’s just that they don’t have any solid foundations for them. The Jew has worked his poison of moral relativism and the idea that because things in the world are ‘ever changing’, then your worldview should always be adjusting itself according to the changes. If something was deemed morally wrong in the past, the Jew says that this was just the fashion at the time and that it isn’t necessarily wrong now (sodomites are a great example). In using that sort of technique the Jews and their Marxist minions have continually chipped away at the now ‘thin wall’ of basic morality and solid principles which once upheld western civilization.

The Two Contrasting Types Of Worldview:

1.) The Rock Solid Worldview – The person with strong convictions is always going to lay down strong principles which will be the foundation of their worldview. Being one of these sorts of people, I know that my principles, which govern exactly how I think, cannot be bent. They do not change. And when your principles are correct it makes it impossible for anyone with a decent amount of common sense to argue with you.

2.) The Moral Relativist Worldview – Like I mentioned above, people with this sort of worldview shift and morph their views according to what suits the current moment in time. The vast majority of people fit into this category today because we are almost completely void of the solid Christian worldview (National Socialism is the best expression of it, by the way) which protected us against any variety of Jewish poison. I’ve also heard the moral relativist worldview referred to as the ‘fluid worldview‘, which sounds to me like a way of someone admitting they don’t really know why they think what they do, but nonetheless they do. Then down the track they’ll change their minds in direct correlation with pop culture anyway.

This man laid down a solid worldview in his book!

This man laid down a strong worldview in his book!

Strong Men Have Strong Worldviews

It’s really no coincidence, but you wont find many weak-looking faggy males who are attracted to a strong message and strong principles. They are always repelled by strength of any sort and seek to hide behind the pathetic protection of the Jew and his moral relativist creed. Try having a conversation with one of these sorts if you want to learn first-hand how pathetic and shitty their ‘arguments’ truly are!

My Conversation With The Lefty Faggot At The Pub

After the last Reclaim Australia rally I ended up talking to this flabby weak looking male and a bunch of other lefties at a pub in town, just for the hell of it really. He knew what I was about and I knew what he was about, so I talked to this effeminate fag for about an hour.  We discussed why I thought what I did and vice versa, and every time I showed him why his opinions were at best very naive and mostly completely stupid. I told him that Hitler was right and that the Jews were the cause of our problems and explained my case logically, but to no avail of course! He ended up getting offended by my swastika ring and despite a relatively peaceful discussion (the “agree to disagree” type because the idiot wouldn’t change his mind), he refused to even shake my hand because of the ring! What pathetic cowardly conduct! I was prepared to shake his hand even though he’d just been preaching communism to me for an hour, mainly because at least he agreed to have a conversation. Our enemies are all pathetic cowards anyway; that’s my point.

Strong men should have no problem putting their worldview out there for others to examine. That’s what I’ve always done and always will!

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “Strong Foundation = Strong Worldview

  1. delendaestziobot

    “This marvelous Mystery is the culmination of Esoteric Hitlerism, of the Order of Wotan. The Hero has given his earthly life in combat against the enemy and for his Fuhrer. He is Einherier, who is immortalized in Valhalla, confiding in the Leftwards Swastika, that of return, amplifying the GIBUR Rune. Loving it, venerating it, following it to the end, giving his life if necessary when the time comes. So he will have been saved, retrieved his Valkyrie, reaching Immortality. Because the “Blood of the Heroes comes closer to Wotan than the prayers of Saints”. The warrior Hero especially needs honour and loyalty, the power of faith.” – Miguel Serrano, Adolf Hitler, The Ultimate Avatar.

    Heil Hitler!

  2. Kevin masters

    Excellent post. I’ve have similar discussions with the sport brain ignoramus type . Very seldom is anyone receptive to uncomfortable historical revision. I have gotten through to a few who were surprisingly, not totally brainwashed. Thanks also for the past music recommendations. I’ll pass one along it’s Skidrow’s 1991 masterpiece SLAVE to the Grind.

  3. Noachideous

    Termitic organisations like the very jewhiss of the BnaiBrith and the ECAJ have white-anted racial Europe and its governments to the extent that Europe has become vulnerable to the shallow opportunistic will of others. The wurds of the OHPI suggest that they actively support the destruction of a racial European military in ‘australia’ along with majority racial European Australia, just as their kind do in Indigenous Europe….. No homeland for racial Europeans in Europe either, only for diasporised, fully tolerant and diverse racial ‘minorities’, from……….. wherever……
    The individual constituents of a fully sick and fully jewed australian ‘noahide’ Government (from the Latin ‘control mind’) will actively work against and attempt to ‘punish’ any individual who supports a conservative stance to racial Europe, while at the same time actively favouring members of 1. the proxy individuated muliticultural hordes who care only for their money and the fact that they are better off and more relevant by talking point celebrity in racial Europe than in their own predominately overpopulated homogenous, racial nations……. and 2. their jew handlers.


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