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Because We All Know What’s Going On Anyway….

May as well put a few good tunes on here. We live in an insane world but we needn’t not enjoy our music!

The Baby Animals have a great new song out called “Tonight”. Been a fan of that one since I first heard it:

And this one here is the oldie from the 90’s, but a classic too:

More to come. Why not? We’ll all go nuts if we can’t enjoy ourselves.

– BDL1983

E.T.P. On Hiatus…

If you like this site, well, never mind – it’s not dead! I’m just busy with some other stuff in real life at the moment. I’ll be quite a while before I get back to anything here. In the mean time listen to Snake Bite Love! Rock ya fucking bones to the core!

The title track is so addictive and this is a great film clip someone put together!

– BDL1983

Yep, Dead Bird Now… Killed By Death Apparently!



Well, my Twitter account is dead.

Poor bird (see above). Oh well, plenty more birds flying around the place.

Still waiting on the coroners report, but according to recent speculation it was “Killed By Death“:

Possible culprit:


Suspect awoken, stretching, and pushing his apartment door open – all strong indicators that he was the one who killed the bird!

He will be watched by detectives, no doubt!

– BDL1983

“Expel The Parasite” Not Dead….

Just a short note to tell people who actually like this site, that it isn’t dead or anything. I’ve just not had much quality time to write stuff. I’ll be back on here properly in the near future! In the meantime, listen to some tunes…..

Actually, come to think of it, the main point of this post is to push that damn stupid Flat Earth shit off the top of the site. It’s all true what I said in that article, but I just can’t stand looking at it anymore! (It appears every time I log on the bloody computer and I don’t feel like recycling some old article at the top.)

Back soon….

– BDL1983