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11 thoughts on ““GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA”………”

  1. That smiling grinning ponce on the abc is such a rampant effeminate faggot. Weak little lankey idiot. He is such a girl. That black haired woman on there looks like such a jew.

    On sunrise also they were encouraging women to divorce their husbands. They always talk about what the jews want to normalise, almost nothing else.

    When Sam Armytage is on she can have a habit of getting to clever, Kochie has to shut her up. Keep the conversation dumb. Sam is chosen by seven because she is good looking and the goyim will watch her. Mel was chosen for the same reason and also because she is a whore and a sad excuse for a mother.

  2. They also think they are so so intelligent on abc when actually they just dribble shit. It makes me so angry. And its the same format in America too and England, just with whichever accent to make the local goyim comfortable. It all started in America

  3. You neglected the adverts; a nauseating barrage of explicity anti-(White-)male propaganda. They love depicting White men as effeminiate bumbling cretins. Almost every other ad features some supplicating White manboob being put to shame by his dismissive, you-go-girl “life partner” with the assistance of whatever product/service they’re selling.

    This shit is just unwatchable fullstop. It’s insufferable.

    1. i’ll tell ya what man, I reckon the ads would be another entire essay! I got caught writing about the ‘fun’ we enjoy on the actual programs and forgot the rest…… 🙂
      I’m pretty sure I could write a fuckin book on all the life insurance/funeral insurance ad’s coupled up with danoz direct and the perfect fukin ab machines!!! hahahaha!
      We may as well forget the funeral insurance and just buy a shovel each, head out the back yard and do ONE shovel full until ya feel like kickin the bucket, then just “fall” in the ditch on the fateful day!!! HAha
      its sickening TV thats for sure….. try to avoid eh
      1488, I’ll catch ya on skype one of these days

      1. If you think of it, bro, shoot me an email next time you’re going to be on Skype. I can usually jump on there whenever suits.

  4. Your a fucking god man, your a seriously divine
    national-socialist, i love your blog, your the best
    australian i’ve ever met. Sieg Heil!

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