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Well, they openly talk about it, therefore it’s no longer a conspiracy theory. Nonetheless, you’ll still be branded a nutter if you believe the global elite are planning to implement Buy Soma Online ReviewBuy Soma 500Mg Online

It goes something like “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”:

If you own nothing, they own everything. And judging by a quick look at the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio on the Zolpidem Buy Now, it seems people are intent on not being happy about it. Perhaps the vaccines will help create an even more mindless army of the undead- people capable of being happy with total slavery and zero freedom- like something out of Brave New World.

Buy Ambien Sleeping Tablets are promoting it:

Buy Adipex Usa

In the article the writer states that the system has reached the end of its usefulness. It sure has. The debt (funny money from thin air) and interest system has siphoned most of the worlds wealth into jewish hands. Since people can no longer pay back their debts, let alone the interest, there is nothing more that that system can offer other than what it’s doing right now- infinite QE. Cheap money to keep it afloat.

We have officially passed the tipping point. The commercial banking sector can’t seriously expect current debts and interest to ever be repaid. So, then, what is the point of them continuing that system? This is exactly why this Great Reset stuff is being suggested- they want a new system involving Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s). You will have to get the the strange anti-coronavirus potion injected into you (vaccine passport), then they’ll allow you to have a digital wallet with the central bank and you’ll get credit to spend in a certain specified time before it expires. How much CBDC you’ll be granted will depend on how much of a good boy or girl you’ve been and plan on being- akin to social credit scores. Put simply, The Great Reset is going to be The Great Nightmare.

And of course, the fake pandemic came along oh so conveniently to fit in with The Great Nightmare agenda. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and if there is no crisis, Buy Soma Online Us To Us

-ETP Admin.

Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate

Flush it all away…. and replace it with something much worse – that’s the plan.

Back To Normal?

There is a certain pervasive feeling among most ‘normies’ that things will soon be ‘back to normal’ – it’s just a matter of getting over the coronavirus thing. If we get all the case numbers down to zero, then the authorities will be really happy with us and let us go back to doing what we were doing. Everything will be just like it was before.

The problem is that it doesn’t work like that, especially in the economic sense, but I’ll save the rant about that aspect for another day.

This Is Not About Some Virus

None of the stuff going on regarding this virus nonsense has anything to do with stopping a virus. That much is obvious since the measures put in place to supposedly stop it are all insane. Seriously, since when do we do ‘rolling lockdowns’ and shutdowns of the economy over cases of the sniffles? “What the fuck?” – this is the question I don’t hear uttered enough among people. Most normies seem to take it for granted that this corona response is a perfectly normal reaction to a flu nowadays. When did everything change? March this year, apparently. The TV told them that this completely unremarkable virus was super scary for some reason and they all bought it hook, line and sinker. It is truly amazing to me how people cannot see through this obvious nonsense. The virus is a mild flu at worst, so it’s not hard to figure there must be some other agenda being pushed. And that agenda is the jewish one world government agenda, a.k.a the New World Order.

If only there was a way to get through to normies… Now, despite the high amount of complicity and indifference to the ‘new way of life’ among the population, a fair number of them still seem to think the reaction to the coronavirus is a bit ‘over the top’ (putting it mildly lol), but they always try to reconcile the weird restrictions on everything with ‘tackling the virus’. They just can’t understand that other agendas could be at play. The whole lockdown, the weird restrictions and the social distancing crap – it only makes sense once you stop looking at it as though it’s there to stop a virus. It isn’t. It’s there so the jewish elite can trial and implement police state measures and have them at their ready for whenever civil unrest inevitably breaks out. That’s what it’s for – to crack down on YOU – should you happen to not like the economic collapse and your shit new standard of living. It is to stop people expressing their discontent with the ‘new normal’. The whole planet is basically a big testing ground at the moment. They are testing us to see what they can get away with.

How Naive Are People?

Just stop and think for a second. People are very gullible creatures. Most of them actually believe that their governments care about their health – the same people who just locked down the place and threw tons of people out of their jobs. How does destroying the economy and with it people’s livelihoods not negatively effect people’s health? Also, bear in mind these loving government people are in bed with the Bill Gates billionaire cabal of pharmaceutical companies and would just love to coerce or outright force you to be injected with one of his poisons (not to even mention the amount of money they stand to make via the vaccination program). Yes, Bill Gates and these giant fuck-arse billionaire pharma companies care about your health. How fucking gullible and naive is it possible to be? We have set all new records in this department in 2020, that’s for sure!

Desperate to control all and everything.

The Old Normal Is Gone And It Isn’t Ever Coming Back.

This is a tough nut for people to crack. ‘Normality is just around the corner once the corona is gone’- this is what most people believe and I can understand how they feel. A part of me sort of wants to believe that as well, but when you know what the jews have planned, it becomes easy to see where this is all headed. What the normies don’t understand is that for the past 75 years (and before of course) the jewish elite have been systematically undermining and destroying the foundation of our civilization. Since the 1960’s this culture of endless amusement and ‘life as one non-stop party‘ has been utilized to bring us to this point in history. It was all a plan to break us down and make us malleable to their New World Order. 2020, so it turns out, is the end point for the ‘never-ending party’ phase of history. It is no longer the direction the jewish elite wish to push us in, and for that reason alone it won’t be coming back.

We are now moving into a much more sinister, tyrannical phase of history, all under the auspices of a certain breed of ticks and leeches.

Blood suckin’ parasitic little ticks.

-ETP Admin.

Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart

This is one of the most disgraceful things I’ve ever seen.

Here we have Victoria police entering the home of a normal white couple and arresting the pregnant woman over a very mild anti-lockdown protest post she made on Facebook. This is really what it’s come to: disagree with anything the government says and the cops will come and arrest you, charge you and humiliate you in front of your own children. I can barely put into words how angry seeing this makes me feel.

This is the post she made:

Now, you tell me whether this woman is some sort of terrible criminal deserving of the treatment she got?? She went to all the trouble of stressing how she wanted the protest to be legal by Virus Standards, yet still the pigs come a knocking.

This is absolute tyranny and it is thoroughly sickening to see.

We, as Australians, must all throw our support 100% behind people like Zoe and her family. Because you know what, if we don’t they’ll be coming for us next. The time for pretending that this isn’t some kind of sick tyranny based around some vague hoax virus is over. We absolutely must support people like Zoe and her family. These people are our OWN KIN being treated like shit in our OWN COUNTRY.

The most aggravating part of this whole affair is that these are WHITE police officers doing the arresting. They would do well to bear in mind that hell is a very hot place; you’ll probably need more than just a mask when you get there!

Bottom Line: This thing is crashing and it’s going to burn. Pick your side. Either you’re with the good guys like Zoe and her family or you’re with the tyranny. The time for fence sitting has evaporated.

-ETP Admin.

Buy Phentermine Generic

Buy Diazepam Legally
Emma (the nose) Rosenblum

Take a look at Buy Valium Hua Hin I know what you’re all thinking – that I only linked up this video so I had an excuse to post a picture of Emma Rosenblum’s lovely Jewish nose. But no, that’s not the real story!

The real reason for this post is to illustrate, once again, how whenever you find the feminist agenda being promoted to detach women from any idea of motherhood, Buy Adipex In Canada. There are hardly ever any exceptions.

Here’s what Cheap Valium For Sale (how much more ‘Jewy’ do things have to get – Rosenblum in Bloomberg, for Christ’s sake) has to say:

There comes a point in every childless woman’s life, usually around 35, when the larger world becomes very interested in her womb. Friends and family inquire about its health, asking why it’s not being utilized, when it will be, and then: Will it even work? For those who do want children, the pressure can be crushing and counterproductive. “I found myself going on dates thinking, is this marriage material? Is this? Is he? It was exhausting,” says Dr. Suzanne LaJoie, an ob-gyn in Manhattan. “When I was in med school and residency, all my friends were having babies.” She went through a breakup in her mid-30s and started to worry she wouldn’t be able to have a child of her own. So in 2007, at age 37, she paid $10,000 for a round of oocyte cryopreservation, more commonly known as egg freezing. “I just wanted to take the pressure off,” LaJoie says. “Men don’t have a biological clock, and I felt like it leveled the playing field a bit.”

LaJoie fits the typical profile of an egg freezer: They’re great at their jobs, they make a ton of money, and they’ve followed all of Sheryl Sandberg’s advice. But the husband and baby haven’t materialized, and they can recite the stats about their rapidly decreasing fertility as a depressing party trick. For LaJoie, now 45, it was demoralizing to see friend after friend get married and have kids, while she was stuck at the hospital without romantic prospects.

“You feel bad about yourself, like you’re the odd man out, and somehow you’ve messed up on your path,” says Sarah Elizabeth Richards, who spent $50,000 freezing several rounds of eggs in 2006 to 2008 and wrote a book about the experience, Motherhood, Rescheduled: The New Frontier of Egg Freezing and the Women Who Tried It. “By freezing, you’ve done something about it. You’re walking taller; your head is held higher. And that can pay off in both your work and romantic lives.” Richards, now 43, is dating someone promising and says she’d like to thaw her eggs in the next year or so. She’s also at work on a new book and plans on finishing it before she tries to get pregnant. “Egg freezing gives you the gift of time to start a family, but it’s also, like, here’s how many years I actually have left for my other goals—what can I do with them?”

Buy Alprazolam Australia

Sheryl Sandberg’s advice? Hmmmm. Buy Valium 10 Mg Online

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India
Sheryl Sandberg

She’s one of Jew-boy Buy Valium In Cambodia associates at their international data collection agency, otherwise known as Facebook.

Here’s some of Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk:

In 2003 two professors at Columbia Business School and New York University gave their students a case study to test attitudes about gender in the workplace. Half the students got the real-life story of Heidi Roizen, who became a successful venture capitalist by using “her outgoing personality and … vast personal and professional network.” The other half received exactly the same study, but with one vital difference: The name Heidi was changed to Howard.

Both groups of students decided that Heidi and Howard were equally competent, but it turned out they liked Howard a whole lot better. Even though Heidi and Howard were the same person acting in the same way and getting the same results, Heidi was perceived as selfish and “not the type of person you would want to hire or work for.”

Poor Heidi. Smart, superdiligent, and go-getting, the gal’s got just one problem she can’t overcome: She has ovaries. If a man is successful, both genders tend to like him. High-achieving women, not so much.

What is it about females and power? To be specific, why are our highflying girls still falling like Icarus when they get too close to the sun? This is the fiendish dilemma that Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook (Cheap Generic Soma), addresses in her book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. A forthright, if often confused, meditation on sexism, the book has attracted more than its share of prepublication hostility from people resentful that a Silicon Valley überfemale worth $500 million would dare to address the problems of Everywoman. I don’t think anyone actually used the words “back to your palace, bitch,” but that’s been the tenor of the criticism, which has often come from women who had not done Sandberg the elementary courtesy of reading the book they claimed to hate.

That’s a pity because, frankly, women are desperately lacking savvy guides to the higher echelons of corporate life. Most of us have more of an idea about social grooming habits among primates than what goes on in the boardroom of a multibillion-dollar company, although some would claim those two male-bonding sessions are not so very different. Sandberg isn’t the first writer to observe that brainy girls believe that, if they work insanely hard, virtue will have its own reward and promotion is guaranteed. (It won’t, and it isn’t.) What’s new is her insistence that women are up against gender stereotypes so powerfully ingrained that we should work with and not against them.

Here’s the catch: To be successful, a woman has to act like a man; but if she acts like a man instead of a nurturing people-pleaser, she’ll be disliked and won’t succeed. “We sense this punishment for success,” says Sandberg, who believes it causes women to “put ourselves down before others can.”

Buy Xanax Saudi Arabia

“To be successful, a woman has to act like a man”.

Can everyone see the problem here? It simply is not natural for women to act like men! Why any woman would want a so-called “career” slaving away, even in “CEO” type positions, for some stupid company (probably Jew-run) , when they could raise a healthy 4 or 5 child family is beyond me! Nurturing and raising healthy children is what women were created for. Isn’t that what any normal man wants his female counterpart to care about most? I certainly don’t want some stroppy, pissed-off, suit-wearing, pain-in-the-arse for a future wife, that’s for sure!

Jewish Feminism is pushed for one main reason – to destroy the healthy functioning family unit.

Women are not liberated by detaching themselves from motherhood, and men are not relevant or needed in the lives of these suit-wearing “careerist” women.

Men NEED TO BE WANTED as bread-winners and protectors of their family. That’s the mans job, not the woman’s.

If women can now live independently of men, then what the hell do us men do? Sit around and find pointless, childish ways of amusing ourselves? Actually, we’re pretty much there regarding the mentality of modern ‘men’, sadly. I’ve got a mental image of an adult man playing endless computer games, and when he’s not doing that, he’s a professional sports fan who spends every other spare moment glued to the T.V. watching all the games like a child.

Men’s problems aside, if things just continue down this feminist path, then those men with healthy instincts will struggle to find any decent women to raise a family with! (Trust me, finding decent women is not an easy task these days). Basically, both genders lose and families die out, like I said before.

I’ll be writing a proper article on this topic in the future, when I get time….

– BDL1983