1984 Was 30 Years Ago…..

It was more than just a novel.

It was more than just a novel.

Any intelligent person living in the year 2014 could be mistaken for thinking it was the 1984 George Orwell was talking about. All one has to do is watch some TV (Big Brother) news to see what I mean. You think I’m exaggerating? Well, I’ll explain it from the perspective of an independent thinker looking at how retarded some of the stuff people call news really is. This time I have some specific craziness to report from the land of the “fair go,” otherwise known as Australia.

Most mornings I usually turn on the TV to see what the Jews are telling everyone to parrot. This morning was no exception. The channel was ABC Jews 24, the more “intellectual news-type of channel,” where the presenters try their best to put a more “likeable” spin on whatever Jewish bullshit they are trying to make you accept. They do a really shitty job if you happen to be someone who’s tuned into “the Jew” and what he’s up to – trust me!

Anyway, this morning happened to be what I’d call the worst dose of ABC Jews 24 I’ve ever seen. Apart from just going on about all the usual gay marriage, feminism, racism, aboriginal suffering, underprivileged this, underprivileged that, and whatever other assorted whinging they felt like dreaming up, they also went on about the three topics of “Homegrown Terrorism“, the “Section 18C – Racial Discrimination Act“, and how the government needs to “survey and keep tabs on all your internet, phone, email, social-media activity etc,” just to keep you safe of course.

thought police

Stop for a minute and think about how all of a sudden, here in Australia, they are using the Jew-controlled governments own channel to try to blur these three topics together. It sounds exactly like the sort of shit they always bang on about in the US, only they don’t officially have the “Section 18C – Racial Discrimination Act” style of “Free Speech” limitation yet. “Free Speech,” or some remnant thereof, is about the only concept stopping the US going 100% into “hate-crime mode” against whitey.

Anyway, we (Australia) have had the “Section 18C – Racial Discrimination Act” for a while now. It’s only been used against Fredrick Toben, Brendon O’Connell, and a partial truth-speaker in the mainstream, Andrew Bolt, as far as I know. Where this stuff gets crazy is when they start going on about the endless surveillance necessary to keep us safe from apparent “homegrown terrorists”. The only “homegrown terrorists,” as the Jew news likes to label them, are potentially the Muslims which the Jew government has thrown the doors wide open to. The logical solution, which we are not allowed to follow due to Jewish Marxism, would be to shut the doors and deport the Muslims who are already here. They don’t belong no matter how hard the do-gooders pretend they do and everyone secretly knows it (don’t fucking lie to me)! It would seem that what the Jew government plans on doing is extending the definition of a “homegrown terrorist” to anyone who dares disagree with the politically-correct dogma of the Jewish system. We all know that they will do this eventually, but now it seems it’s the right time for them to announce and then gradually infuse their idea of the “terrorist next door” among the population.

An obvious, but often overlooked point regarding the “homegrown terrorist” scenario, is that while our wingnut Prime Minister Tony Abbott pretends to be concerned about Muslim terrorism, he and all his fellow criminals in parliament simultaneously invite them into our country because we are apparently all the same (the Jews told him so). Tony “Umm Arrr” Abbott knows damn well that it isn’t Muslims who are capable of, or responsible for any of the significant acts of “terrorism”. Whenever it’s “big TV mass-media style Muslim Terrorism“, we know it’s always really the Mossad in conjunction with the international Jewish criminal network pulling a false flag blaming them. But what the hell? No-one seems to notice, so I guess when everyone’s as thick as a fucking brick, why not impose Orwellian laws on them? Most probably deserve it anyway, I won’t deny that!

Just in case anyone is unclear on where I stand:

I am a righteous political dissident and I believe I have a right to be one. If not, I’ll fucking fight for it regardless.

I do not, nor will I ever condone any acts of “terrorism”.

If people still capable of independent thought are labelled as “terrorists”, then we are truly fucked without divine intervention. This is exactly the sort of “totalitarian nightmare system” Orwell described in his eerily prophetic book, 1984.

Good ol' fashioned "Double-Think" is still in fashion amongst the unthinking  herd....

Good ol’ fashioned “Double-Think” is still in fashion among the unthinking herd….

The modern world (controlled by Judaic thought) is an exact 180 degrees from the truth, and therefore people quite literally believe the sort of blatant “double-think” foisted upon them by the Jews and their fucked system.

If you think I’m joking then watch this SBS ad and take note. They say at the end that “without all our differences, we wouldn’t all be the same.” It is truly scary that anyone could watch that and not see it for the total contradiction in logic that it is, but there you go!

Jewish logic:

Without all our differences” – this acknowledges that we are all DIFFERENT.
We wouldn’t all be the same” – this says that we are all the SAME!
It doesn’t take a genius to see that if we are all different, then we can’t all be the same. The Jew tells you one thing, then says the exact opposite is also true – textbook “DOUBLE-THINK!”

past present future

The only bit we can change is the “future” bit. It is up to us.

SOME PEOPLE ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS – You’re all equal, but only as a brain-dead proletariat! So, don’t worry all you Jew-loving multicultural idiots out there; just remember that Big Brother (the Jew) loves you, and you must love him, and you will, provided you never THINK or inquire as to how he become MORE EQUAL THAN YOU!

I bet Mr Big Brother Jew-boy would like to make us "unpersons"!

I bet Mr Big Brother Jew would like to make us “unpersons”, then he could talk about his bravery……. The brave hook nosed weasel – that’s a laugh and a half!

Here’s an appropriate concluding song by Jethro Tull – “Thick as a Brick”, it says it all:


– BDL1983(4)

10 thoughts on “1984 Was 30 Years Ago…..

  1. Steven King

    Excellent post.

    Very good read sir!

    Come over here to the USA and run for president . I’d be pretty sure you’d win.

    Keep up the good work! Can you resend the one that talks about Jesus, where he was from and how he is NOT jewish? Also the parts of the bible that say the Jews were shit, and where the white man came from? I know a bible hating jew that needs to be set straight. I just can’t remember all the details you turned me onto in that post, was a couple months ago I think…


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  2. Emblematic

    Despite the Jews pretending to be horrified by Muslim terrorism in Australia in reality they actually WANT it.
    Which is why they promote more Muslim immigration.

    Of course they want ANY kind of non-White immigration regardless, because they believe it will weaken collective White existence and see that as being to their advantage.

    But they also want Muslim terrorism specifically. They want it in Australia and in all Western countries because they think it will make us more pro-Israel.

    In Australia the Left is starting to hate Israel and already hates the neo-cons, but supports hate-speech laws.
    The Right wants hate-speech laws repealed but is mostly dumb about the Jewish problem, or even worse, is actually sucked in to being pro-Jew by the Murdoch press.

    I wanted to see 18c repealed and Abbott’s cave-in is pathetic, but waking up ordinary Whites on the Right to the truth about Jews and 20th century history is actually more important.

    Of course if non-White immigration keeps up like it has been White Australia is gone anyway.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Yeah, if they can play one group off against another they are always going to do it! Oldest Jew tactic in the book!
      “they want ANY kind of non-White immigration regardless, because they believe it will weaken collective White existence and see that as being to their advantage.”
      Well said. I often emphasise this point when talking to people, usually to no avail…..

  3. GDSoldier

    It’s been a big week for the hook nosed demons in Oz hasn’t it!! Abbott truly is a grovelling dog determined to crush the country ASAP. On top of all the chicanery described in the above article, the yids also did this…. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-06/smh-columnist-mike-carlton-resigns-following-gaza-column-furore/5651470. The goyim responded with this….
    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-07/teenagers-arrested-for-bondi-school-bus-abuse/5654108. For such a peaceful, tolerant minority of victims these jews seem to have their snout in every trough. Wake up Australia!! We are now under attack!! 1488 Brother.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      That fuckin bus!!! Yeah right eh! How convenient for the Jews to have this “ideal” sympathy type of incident magically occur!
      Jews are always persecuted for no reason, didn’t ya know?!

  4. Steve

    Firstly we need a politician with fucking balls, (fill this space), then set him up as a benign Dictator, Nationalise the press and all media outlets temporarily then inform the people of Aus exactly what is happening in the real world not the Jew world. Next would be to remove these parasitical vermin from all public and banking sector positions and once thats done start printing real Australian dollars off the back of our own smarts and Labour and get this once great country moving again.

  5. Trent

    Damn that was a good read brett, pat on the back brother!

    Check out aidhans blog, and by the way, my fellow white countrymen
    of this great anglo-saxon nation of Australia. I Am an 8th gen aussie, and proud!

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