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Oh deary deary me! What next?……… Sigh………………

Monty Panesar has been fined for urinating on two bouncers at a nightclub in Brighton
Monty Panesar has been fined for urinating on two bouncers at a nightclub in Brighton

At his finest, he has been feted as a national treasure.

But cricketer Monty Panesar was in disgrace yesterday after a drunken rampage which ended with him urinating over a group of bouncers.

The spin bowler had already been thrown out of a nightclub after a group of young women complained that he was bothering them.

Panesar, 31, had been in the 14-man England squad for the Test that ended with England retaining the Ashes on Monday, but did not play.

He has not been included for the next one, which starts tomorrow.

The trouble began in the early hours of Monday when he was ejected from Shooshh on Brighton seafront, which was hosting a Gay Pride event.

He is believed to have gone on to the promenade above the club and relieved himself over the doormen below.

Witnesses said the bouncers gave chase and cornered the cricketer in a pizza restaurant before putting him in an arm lock and dragging him back to the venue in tears.

A source added: ‘The bouncers noticed water falling on them – then realised what was happening.

‘They chased Monty into a pizza shop and he was shouting, “Help! Help!”.

‘He struggled a bit and didn’t want to go. But once they had him locked in, he gave up and walked back with them.’

The married cricketer, who lives in nearby Hove, was detained for 45 minutes before the police arrived and issued him with a £90 spot fine for being drunk and disorderly.

The incident happened at Shooshh nightclub on Brighton beach on Monday night when Panesar was kicked out of the clubThe incident happened at Shooshh nightclub on Brighton beach on Monday night when Panesar was kicked out of the club
Shamed: Monty Panesar is a firm favourite with cricket fans, but his off-field exploits have landed him in troubleShamed: Monty Panesar is a firm favourite with cricket fans, but his off-field exploits have landed him in trouble
He had been to a vodka bar before moving on to the club. Panesar’s spokesman said he did not dispute being fined for his drunken antics and added that he wanted to express his ‘unreserved apologies for any offence caused by his behaviour’.The bowler, whose full name is Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, is a Sikh who has said he ‘channels the discipline’ of his beliefs into his cricket. But alcohol is prohibited by his religion.Two years ago he was arrested by police after reports of an argument with his wife in a pub car park.He was interviewed before being released without charge.

Victorious: Matt Prior, Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad and Joe Root exit the Manchester barVictorious: Matt Prior, Jonny Bairstow, Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad and Joe Root exit the bar 
Aptly named: England chose the 'Australasia' bar in Spinningfields to celebrate the winAptly named: England chose the ‘Australasia’ bar in Spinningfields to celebrate the win

Panesar, who has 164 Test wickets, plays for Sussex. County chief executive Zac Toumazi said it had begun a ‘full investigation’.

This is not the first time England’s star players have got themselves into trouble with their drunken antics.

Following the Ashes series win in 2005, Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen went on a marathon drinking session before a reception in Downing Street. Flintoff later denied reports that he had urinated in the flowerbeds at No10.

Flintoff also infamously had to be rescued from a pedalo in St Lucia after a drinking session during the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

Cheap Adipex For Sale Online

In a further embarrassment to the England team, players were photographed smoking after their Ashes triumph.

Read More:

Further Link:

“………….when he was ejected from Shooshh on Brighton seafront, which was hosting a Gay Pride event.

 What was naughty little Indian “Monty” doing in a bar hosting a Fag Pride Event?

“Witnesses said the bouncers gave chase and cornered the cricketer in a pizza restaurant before putting him in an arm lock and dragging him back to the venue in tears.”

Sounds a bit gay if he was in tears!!!

“He is believed to have gone on to the promenade above the club and relieved himself over the doormen below.”

– Charming…..

It’s pretty pathetic that they had to put in the bit about smoking at the end….. It is still legal apparently! You wouldn’t know it given how much the media whines about it…… Fucking “Do-gooders”……….

– BDL1983

Buy Diazepam Legally

Australia is a sporting country. There is absolutely no doubt about that! Not that there’s anything wrong with that up to a point. The fact is that our sporting culture is so dominant that people neglect caring about anything important. For example, our real political structure, our economic future, the racial problems etc.

The sports obsession is akin to playing cards on the Titanic. The average people who turn on the TV either believe the crap on it or they throw up their hands in hopelessness at how stupid and corrupt our politicians are. This is where sport enters the equation. It is an easy escape from having to think about how shitty our culture has become. It fills the void and most average people are satisfied with that. I know how this works because up until mid 2009 I was one of these sports fanatics!

Buy Valium Hua Hin

Playing Cards from a certain famous ship….

Buy Adipex In Canada

Cheap Valium For Sale

I was raised in a family that followed the traditional Australian formula. Football (AFL) in the winter; Cricket in the summer. When I was a kid for some reason I decided I’d support the West Coast Eagles in the Footy. My fanatical support lasted until around 2007 when the game itself turned shitty and I lost interest. I owned (and still do) every fucking scarf, footy guernsey, beanies, hats, every fucking thing you could imagine! I would travel with friends of mine who supported the Crows over to Melbourne for games, and to Perth, spending like all fuck, getting drunk on overpriced beers, buying club merchandise, and paying for plane tickets and accommodation. I was living in blissful but costly ignorance of pretty much everything going on in the world! I look back and I really don’t “get” how I even behaved in such a way….. Summers were the same deal only the weather was fucking boiling and we spent days upon days watching cricket. I still like the game of “cricket” although most of it’s probably rigged beyond anything we’d imagine!

Buy Alprazolam Australia

Ashes 2009 Cricket crowd….

This brings me to another point: the rigging of sports!

One would have to be pretty naive to believe that modern professional sports aren’t rigged, at least in some ways! Just take a look at the Lance Armstrong saga late last year. I fucking hate the way the media handled the issue. They pretended that Lance was doing his drug taking from “inside a bubble”. It was as if his so-called cheating was soooooo unique when it wasn’t. The fact is that professional cycling is a big money sport (in the men’s racing circuit) and where there is big money there are people willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead! Lance was not alone. Pretty much every other rider was on the same shit or they’d be at the back of the field or given the arse from the team altogether! So anyone who says Lance Armstrong was a cheat had damn well better condemn all the other cyclists of that era too. Either he was a cheat and one of many or they all get a pass due to the rampant steroids and EPO of the era. Not that EPO and steroids aren’t rampant now though…..

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online

Seven? I say he’s still won them since everyone “cheated”……

Cricket has been through many international match rigging scandals. From Hansie Cronjes’ admitted taking of money from bookies to ‘throw’ games, to shifty looking Pakistanis getting caught for similar things. Even Australian cricketers have been implicated in bookie scandals…. Oh god, not our team too!! And now we’ve got the Essendon football drug scandal rearing its head again. This time captain Jobe Watson has admitted to taking (although innocently apparently) an “anti-obesity” drug. Fuck knows why. How much leaner do these modern footballers need to get? The drug must have some performance enhancing effect obviously! A few years ago we had the Ben Cousins taking “Ice” episode. He certainly wouldn’t have been alone and nothing would be any cleaner now!

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India

Ben Cousins: The man’s an absolute ball of muscle in this picture…

Anyway, it’s clear that professional sport equals “big money”, therefore players doing dodgy things to “get ahead”. It’s not surprising that players use drugs and put bets on to gain the upper hand. Anyone who doesn’t realise that the world of professional sports is highly rigged is kidding themselves. Hell, I never even thought about it years ago. I don’t know why, I must have been having too good a time!

Another absolutely sickening trend which has crept into sports is the Marxist shit. In the AFL we now have “Indigenous Round”, “Women’s Round”, “Multicultural Round”, and warnings at the games about how “racist” or “homophobic” comments will get you kicked out and/or possibly prosecuted! No sign of a “Whitey Round”, but I can see a “Come-out Round” on the horizon for the fags! The players will probably have to wear rainbow jumpers and socks! I’m looking forward to a good laugh! I’m sure it won’t be too long until the next overly precious “Indigenous” player has hurt feelings over a “racist” white saying something they don’t like. Every week or so there’s more of this bullshit all over the media to make whitey feel more guilty. Yawn…….

Buy Valium In Cambodia

Marxism in sport… FFFFuuuuccckkkiiiiinnnnggg HHHeeeelll….

Back to the initial point about sporting obsessions equating to playing cards on the Titanic. That really is a perfect metaphor for the situation. People will be rudely awakened at some point in the future when they finally realise that the country is fucked and maybe they should have done something about it rather than wasting all their time watching games!

Having said all that, I don’t have any problem with people watching sports if they enjoy it, but we must bear in mind that it isn’t the most important thing in life! REAL LIFE CONCERNS should rank higher on the list of “things to worry about” than whether our football team is going to make the finals!

Something most “sport fanatics” could do with, rather than just watching it, is to either play the game or sacrifice some of their “watching” time to go and do some real strenuous exercise themselves!! Strenuous exercise is great stress relief (believe it or not) and good for your mind and physical well-being. If people did this, the sport “watching” culture might take more of a backburner position and we’ll be fitter (less OBESITY) and of better mental health!

Imagine that eh!

Listen to this link of Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk!

– BDL1983