I think it’s long overdue that I explained my own personal “awakening” to the Jewish and Racial problems.


So here goes:

Up until probably late 2008 I had no idea what a Jew even was. Absolutely no real conception of them and the enormous problem they truly are. If you had asked me about Jews I would probably have said that they were Hitler’s unfortunate victims in the Holocaust…… That would have been it. Regarding “Race” I’d say that I have always been “a bit” racially conscious but I never gave it any serious thought…. I’d probably have been turned off by “racism” as I understood it (through the Jew medias portrayal of it)….’


Anyway, my first ever “real” political thinking began in 2007 while I was working a shitty office job. There was fuck all to do except play computer mini-golf or waste the company’s internet time… I chose to waste their internet time! The first thing I was interested in was studying the differences between “Capitalism” and “Communism”. I kept on this topic until I was sick of it…. My conclusion was that communism offered more to the working man and capitalism was a more deregulated system of financial corruption…. I managed to use 18x the internet allowance at work and got myself in a bit of shit for that! All good fun, trust me….


In the first half of 2008 I was listening to The Clash and the Sex Pistols endlessly and this fuelled my “Left-leaning” tendencies to the point of being sympathetic to communism! I admit it. The Sex Pistols made me think more along the lines of Anarchism. For most of 2008 I went between commie left-wing ideas and anarchism…. I never really believed in these “lefty” ideologies. I just felt that they were more in touch with common people than anything “right-wingers” or capitalists did or said…. I was naive and wrong

johnny_rottenAbove: Johnny Rotten

I didn’t get anywhere near the right track until I was lent a copy of Jim Marrs’ book “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” and an Alex Jones DVD called Endgame. I know now that they are ridiculous lying propaganda pieces designed to make you blame “Nazis” and feel sympathy for “the Jews”. Anyway, these two items got me studying this “New World Order” thing. I knew what they were saying was kind-of correct…. It was in the “ball-park” of what I could see going on through the TV, newspapers etc…. After studying the New World Order with a fine tooth comb (albeit only from inside the Alex Jones Infowars sort of mindset) I decided that it was definitely a REAL AGENDA. There was this “NEW WORLD ORDER” AND SOME “HIDDEN FORCE WAS BEHIND IT!


I kept on with ol’ Jonestein for a couple months after I’d finished Marrs’ book and Endgame. After listening to Jones and Marrs bash Hitler constantly I got wondering about how evil this man must have been….. It seemed incredible that he could have been soooo EVIL, so I decided to go and get myself a copy of Mein Kampf to see what a MONSTER he was….. I gifted it to myself as an extra Christmas present for 2008…. I fully expected an orgy of violence and irrational hatred and I was quite disappointed when I first started reading and found no such thing!


So, I kept reading….. I began to like Mein Kampf early on and I thought there must be something wrong with me! I didn’t really say what I was truly thinking about Mein Kampf to anyone while I read it… It took from the start of 2009 until May 2009 to finish it… I went through everything in the book with a fine tooth comb, this time looking at websites outside of Jonesteins circle of disinfo….

As I went through what he said about “Jewry” I simultaneously investigated the Jews and their role in historical events… My jaw dropped when I found out that The Holocaust” was a propaganda LIE! That shattered all my previous belief in anything I’d been told through the mainstream media. I just couldn’t believe it was a hoax….. But there it was. I knew it was a hoax but I doubted and wavered thinking there must be another explanation for this…. That was until I reached the bit in Mein Kampf where Hitler talks about the BIG LIE! Alex Jones told me that Hitler promoted it…. Then I discovered Hitler WARNED US ABOUT “THE BIG LIE” AS A JEWISH LYING TECHNIQUE… He didn’t promote it at all…. He warned that the Jews use it… Case in point: The HOLOCAUST! Hitler was right back then and he’s still being lied about, JUST AS HE PREDICTED….. This was and still is the most amazing prophetic vision I’ve ever heard! My eyes were open. Truly open. I could see and understand what Hitler was on about… He was right... And more amazingly, his worldview from the 1920’s was still correct!


It was May 2009. I knew the deal finally. It was THE JEWS who were the driving force of this NEW WORLD ORDER and I had no doubt about it…..

I’ve continued my study of the Jews and their Jew World Order ever since… So that makes me officially wise to the situation for 4 years and 2 months (July 2013)!

Since May 2009 I’ve uncovered a million and one “agendas” that the Jews are behind. In fact, they are behind pretty much EVERYTHING! “Oh I’m exaggerating, blah blah blah…. No I’m not”! If you look up any number of “unsavoury” agendas being promoted (or promoted in the past), you’ll find Jews behind them all….

For example: Faggot agenda, Egalitarianism (equalitarianism I prefer to call it), Marxism (Bolshevism), Phoney White Guilt, Zionism, Capitalism, 9-11 attacks, 7-7 London Bombings, Pornography, control of governments, foreign policy, MASS-MEDIA, alternative gate-keepers like Alex Jones etc, financial systems and all the banks within, Hollywood, publishing companies, THE LAW, insurance companies, Wall St scams (entirely Jew run), multi-RACIALISM (erroneously called multi-culturalism), extreme taxation, pharmaceutical industry, medicine, vaccines, GM Foods, Global Warming Lies…. and on and on and on…. you get the picture….


As for the question of “Race”? I made my mind up in late 2009 (officially). After careful and logical consideration the options are this: 1.) go with the “Jew World Order” agenda and promote mixing of all races together, except the Jews of course, until we are a “coffee coloured negroid consuming mass of idiots” like the Jews want to turn us all into, or 2.) promote “RACIAL NATIONALISM” or “RACIAL LOYALTY” since these are the ONLY natural defensive ideologies we can use, long term, against the evil Jews…. I chose OPTION 2….


The 9-11 attacks which were perpetrated by the Jews (see Missing Links or Masters of Deception) confirmed the “Jew World Order” agenda, 100%, beyond all doubt, for me personally. I learnt about 9-11 in mid 2010 (or there abouts)….. It’s the “clincher” for a lot of people, myself included obviously!


This is the honest truth of how I woke up to all the SHIT going on around the planet!!! All I can say is that after 4 or so years of knowing “the stuff” you certainly don’t become any less sure of yourself…. I can say with 100% confidence that I am right about the “Jew World Order” being the dominant force for globalisation and destruction of everything natural and good on this planet… I have absolutely no doubt that they are GUILTY OF WHAT I ACCUSE THEM OF! Posterity will be the judge of everyone…. That doesn’t worry me because I’m right!


Above: An unlikely Academy Award winner!

Anyone who honestly studies these questions, like I have, will have to agree… Or just LIE to themselves in a stupid display of self-deception!

I’m honest and true to myself.


– BDL1983

18 thoughts on “MY AWAKENING PROCESS……(to the Jews)”

  1. Once landed on Goyishce shores, Judaism and its practitioners appear to be driven to discover the things that define the host society and the values upon which it is founded.
    Once identified, the jew sets about rendering as Filth each and every one of those ideals.
    The host begins to scratch like the beast the jews feel the Goy to be in an attempt to dislodge the jew….. The jew has lobotomised its European host with ‘guilt’ via the hollercost. Each time it scratches, the jew whispers…HollerCost.. like wormtongue in its ear…… , and the Goy are subdued……. for at least a little while.

    The Holler Cost is an attempt to include others in the ‘religion of the jews…..The jew has monopoly access to the mind of Goyische children via the public school system. No counter views are permitted. It is done with malice aforethought, with government approval and may well constitute a contravention of the racial and religious discrimination act as it facilitates jewish access to goyische innocents without parental consent. If parental consent is granted, it is uninformed, as the jew has a monopoly on government issued broadcast licences.
    Ignorance prevails.

    It can be demonstrated that the 6 million number is derived of the Cabala. It is a religiously derived number. The probability is that the jews are telling lies, again, a behaviour consistent with the licences and entitlements granted by the religion to ‘jews’.

    We are mired in jewish Filth…………… A Filth Column of Faecal matter and rejectamenta spewed from the orifices of the anointed ones.

    In the context of “Communism”……Most did indeed ‘live’ under ……..6 Feet Under……..such is the macabre beauty of this ‘judaisim”……Communism demands that its subjects venerate narcissistic jews as god’s existential manifestation……. Hence ‘anti-semitism’ laws .

  2. Great story.
    Yeah, discovering that Communism was a jew scam was key to my finally getting the whole picture. Of course I didn’t learn this in school or through the MSM, I heard it in a David Duke video on 2009 or 2010.
    Anyway, great blog!

    1. The thing is we are all just ordinary people who know the truth and it’s up to us to spread it….. Everyone should start up a blog even if it’s just reposting some articles… That way there’s more chance of receptive minds discovering the truth! Glad you like it man!

  3. Excellent!! There is NO New World Order only a Jew World Order & they control the US Government, our banks, our media, our courts & educations system.

  4. Great blog and great story. My awakening story began a few years before 9-11. I was going through a divorce in the mid-90’s. I was a young man in my twenties and was being broken, brainwashed, humiliated and degraded by everyone and every system. White males weren’t even there to have my back like I thought they would. At that time I was officially INSIGNIFICANT in everyone’s eyes. The court system crushed my soul and in the end the only thing I could do to save myself (psychologically) was to give up rights to my son, cut all of my losses and start fresh.

    This is when I turned to men’s rights websites for some answers. I know now these sites are a con and mostly run by jews, but I actually learned a lot about men, women and most importantly feminism. This is what helped me snap out of my personal depression and delve into the real depressing stuff. It was a long road that went from feminism (jews), to Alex Jones (jew), to the New Jew Order and 9-11 (jews), to multiculturalism (jews), many other small wake-ups and then BAM – I was fully awake!

    I knew it was jews causing all the garbage in life and destroying everything I love about life. This was a ten year journey with a lot of red herrings along the way like Alex Jones and David Icke You mention it’s not that hard to work it out and you are right… sort-of, I mean now it’s obvious, but it took me 10 years as a white male. There were many distractions in my research and in daily life that slowed the process down. That being the case I wonder if say a black or female could EVER work this out. Not only because they are less evolved, but the jews are using them as soldiers (in the U.S.) because the reality is white males (and asian males) are really the only threat. Blacks (browns and oranges) and females are no real threat to the jew and also these “minorities” (jfc remember that con) have something to GAIN from jew philosophies (cons) like feminism and MCism. It actually “makes” them equal to white males. Why would they give that up even if it is just a con? I love my white women but the truth is right now they are all brainwashed jew-soldiers and I don’t see them snapping out of it like white males are. Blacks and females are imitators, they don’t think for themselves. Unfortunately they don’t imitate white men anymore, only jew TV. How do white men get our women to imitate their men, while competing with jew TV? My view is we won’t until we win. IMO if a white male is in a relationship with a female today, then he is not awake. If he is friendly with a black, then he is not awake. Are we supposed to live without the love of a female and the friendship of blacks? Honestly at this point the answer is yes. I just think white males need to be prepared to do this alone. HA! I digressed a bit from my story, but that happens when I speak of all this mess. Anyway, life from day one is a series of jew cons and if you can wake-up from it all…then you have mastered psychology and that is no small feat. Imagine doing it without help from the internet (I’m not sure I would have). Only white males (& asian males) have the ability and incentive to wake up. Most people are very happy living the jew-con-life at the moment if you see what I mean. Anyway here’s to the awakening of all white men – Cheers!

    U.S…of israhell

    1. Great comment man! It does take a fair bit to properly “wake up” to the Jew World Order, but with the advantage of hindsight it all seems so obvious! but, yeah, I was a lemming once too…
      Regarding “relationships” etc. I’m single myself, and it aint easy finding a decent woman…. They are materialistic as hell and pretty annoying for the most part; but there are decent ones around….. Just gotta strike it lucky I suppose!
      As a person living in REALITY, as we do, we evolve to be on a completely different wavelength to “average Joes and Sallys”! Sometimes it’s seriously difficult to even pretend to relate to average unthinking people.. My mind just switches off their conversations and reverts right back to deciphering whatever thing I’m trying to work out…..
      Blacks probably don’t ever understand these things on the levels we do, and most women probably don’t either…. I’m not slandering women here; I’m just saying they are different to men…. Typically more emotionally wired and nurturing, whereas we’re more logical and “hunter-gatherer” ish! It’s just nature……
      The other races dont pose any threat to the jews and thats obviously why they want us gone as their #1 priority… Personally I don’t wish anything bad upon other races; just for them to leave us alone in our own countries! but they won’t, so interesting times ahead eh!!
      Glad you like the blog man!!
      All the best… P.S. I’m havin a beer as i type this!

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