Vlad’s Russia – The Last Hope for the White Race

The Flag of Vlad's Russia
The Flag of Vlad’s Russia

I am now pretty much convinced that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is the last hope for the White race. If Russia is defeated (or officially kosherised) by the Jewish forces known as the “international community“, then it is all over for the White race. We need someone to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Without some sort of catalyst we will just continue to degenerate as a race until we are no longer. There was seemingly nothing happening whatsoever to get the ball rolling until this ‘Ukrainian crisis’ popped up. It still seems a little surreal, but we shouldn’t underestimate the true scope of possibilities provided for us with the actions of Vlad’s Russia. Russia seems to be providing real opposition to the kosher EU powers even though they may not be explicitly anti-Jewish. Whether they are explicitly anti-Jewish or not doesn’t matter at the moment – what matters is that the Jews really hate this situation where they are being forced to tangle with a country of 145 million people. They cannot complete their ‘Jew World Order’ plan to rule the world if rogue nations the size of Russia exist.

Map of Ukraine – Crimea’s the little bit there at the bottom (in case it’s hard to see)

These are a few of my thoughts regarding the Ukrainian situation and how it relates to the worldwide struggle of the White race for existence and a future:

For a start, I must say that I am very upbeat about what we see happening in the Ukraine. Although the Jews through their EU have implemented a new ‘government’ headed by a Jew called Arseniy Yatsenyuk, this is nothing like one of those middle east ‘revolutions’ where the kosher overlords can simply remove the existing regime through bombing and terrorising, then continue along their merry way. No, this time it is different. Russia has a lot of popular support in the Ukraine due to the fact that there are heaps of Russian speaking people living there and these people don’t have any desire to be ‘westernised’ by the Jews controlling the EU. What the Russians have done by seizing and occupying Crimea is essentially what the popular will of the people is – I.e. fulfilling their right of self-determination. The Russians are a welcome, liberating force for these Ukrainians, in the true sense of the word, not like how the Jews talk of liberation!

What makes this situation good reason for hope is that Russia is not some dishevelled, uncoordinated Arab Nationalist group engaged in guerrilla warfare against Jewish-controlled and funded ‘revolutionary’ terrorists. Russia is a huge country with a large army and a president who doesn’t seem very keen on playing kosher (even though he has done this in the past, I believe it was simply Vlad playing politics)! Those who say that Vladimir Putin is completely kosher must be able to answer this simple question: why are the Jews bothering to organise against him (installing a Jew EU government in the Ukraine) if he is one of their ‘boys’ anyway? It doesn’t make a lot of sense – it’s a bit like the argument that Hitler was a Jew puppet; if that were true there would have been no need for World War Two in the first place!! I get the feeling that Vladimir Putin’s general sentiments are on our side of the political fence, but he’s not explicit with an official-type stance on the issues we talk about. This is because in politics sometimes you have to keep your cards close to your chest if you hope to play the game right. It’s a tactical game – a bit like how you don’t go telling the common lemmings about the Holocaust hoax as soon as you meet them. You use tactics like planting the seeds of thought in their minds otherwise they’ll think you’re a nut; even though you’re not! Regarding Vlad wearing a yarmulke and affirming the Holocaust – well, this is what he chose to do in order to play ‘Jew politics’. He wouldn’t have gotten far if he came out with the ultimate truth in front of the “international community”, now would he? None of what is now happening in the Ukraine would be happening if Vlad chose not to play at the very least – “a bit kosher“! Think what you like about his ‘kosher’ actions, but at least he’s doing something to upset the international Jews!

Now, before anyone assumes that I’m completely full of praise and love for our new ‘saviour’ ol’ Vlad – let me tell you that I think he’s more of a ‘mixed bag’ type of character. I can’t say with any degree of certainly what his exact political motivations are, but he seems to be doing a certain amount of good for Russia, and the Jews would much prefer to be rid of him. How do we know the Jews aren’t happy with him? Simple: the Jews would not be bothering with their constant mass-media propaganda to demonise him if they were!

Another angle presented by those who insist Vladimir Putin is a Jew puppet is that the Jews never really lost any control of Russia after the fall of communism. We know that the big Jewish oligarchs never left Russia, so therefore it is hard to imagine that they aren’t still pulling the strings behind the scenes. This line of thought is hard to argue with, I admit, but it doesn’t explain why the Jews wouldn’t have installed a more ‘Jew-friendly’ leader in the first place. So, is the whole Vladimir Putin thing just a phoney display of controlled opposition? Possibly, but I think the best explanation is that he has been playing the global Jew politics game as well as he can so as to implement a kind of “generic Russian Nationalism”. By “generic Russian Nationalism”, I don’t mean we can say his views are the same as ours, but some of his actions suggest that his views are compatible with ours. Basically, Vlad seems to be a bit ‘hit and miss’, although he does have the potential to be a thorn in the Jews side which is what our race definitely needs regardless of whether the guy is 100% with us!

I titled this article “Vlad’s Russia – The Last Hope for the White Race”, because that’s what Russia represents in the grand scheme of things. If a country the size of Russia doesn’t act as a catalyst to wake up the other nations of Europe, and hopefully the entire White world, then we may as well forget about it right now. I’m certainly not saying Vlad or Russia are perfect or anything – they certainly aren’t, but without some organisation against the Jew World Order forces, we’re screwed.

Finally – no, Vladimir Putin is not another Hitler! If he is, then he’s doing a very good job hiding it so far! I hope he is, but I strongly doubt it!

Here's to hoping for the best!!! I sure hope Uncle Vlad is sincere and plans to continue fucking with the Jews, in the very least!
I sure hope Uncle Vlad is sincere and plans to continue fucking with the Jew EU!

Please leave comments on this topic if you agree, disagree, or whatever. I’m not claiming to be an expert with special know-it-all powers about Vladimir Putin by the way! I can see the subject of Vlad and Russia from both sides – I.e. those who say he’s completely kosher and the opposite opinion. Neither side is 100% correct as far as I can tell. There are conflicting messages floating around in internet-land and I think it shows that people don’t really know the full deal with Russia – it’s a bit of a ‘mixed bag’ like I said before, but none-the-less everyone likes to pick one side and run with it, never considering that the truth probably sits somewhere in the middle!

If Russia doesn’t make any stand against the Jew, I don’t know who will.

– BDL1983

21 thoughts on “Vlad’s Russia – The Last Hope for the White Race”

    1. Maybe Putin is just the jew stooge to lead more white warriors to the slaughter.The internet has alerted us to what these parasites wish for us whites.This whole senario in Crimea sounds like more white genocide to come.If we should be made to die, let’s do it fighting for our survival against the jew and not for his cause , exterminating us for profit.

      1. Agreed, we must do what is best for our race. Putin might be just a Jew stooge neo-con, but he is more of a hardcore conservative than the morons in the west, and there is certainly a lot of support from respected nationalist figures, Assad, GD, Dugin, but yes we must do what is good for whites full stop.

        2014 is going to be a VERY interesting year!

  1. Here’s my take on Vlad,he does appear to be steering his country in the right direction and providing some formidable resistance to the eternal enemy, thus giving us hope. Those who keep rambling about the “skull cap pic” probably don’t realize that you can’t shake off the yid virus all in one hit and he is a master chess player after all. Russia has huge support in various European countries even though this may not be apparent yet (keeping your cards close to your chest) , I can personally assure you the Orthodox brotherhood is something that CANNOT be broken by any jew trickery whatsoever, add China to that mix and you’ve got a fair chunk of the world : )……BUT (you knew there had to be one) the one thing that sticks in my mind is this,and to some this may sound completely insane however it must be said…. the antichrist prophesied by a number of people throughout history is remarkably similar to Vlad, by that I mean that there will be a figure that appears to be a literal saviour, deceiving many into believing him and hailing him as such, only to be the ultimate destroyer of all that is good in this world until the final conflict (the old too good to be true scenario). There are other similarities too and I recommend people research this for themselves. Deep down I and many others are praying that this is not the case and he is the real deal and if so, we shall sacrifice everything in support of him and the cause. 1488-SIEG HEIL Brother!

  2. One thing you can say about Putin over Hitler is that he has (so far) avoided being dragged into a major confrontation. He is far less directly confrontational (to Organised Jewery) than Hitler was, and so is more difficult to pigeonhole as Hitler was. Putin is not an “antisemite”, yet is a master chess player and a direct thorn in the side of the factions of Jewry that have ambitions of global hegemony. I think Putin merely seeks peace and stability in Russia, which will naturally manifest itself globally (as Russia once again is a super power) which will naturally be a good thing for the white race as it will be for other races.

  3. I dont really know much about Putin, so thanks for writing this article Brett, I understand a little more now.
    I dont really know whats going to happen, Lets hope it wont be the start of WW3, unless it somehow benefits white people.
    I want to believe that Putin is a good guy, and not just controlled opposition.

    1. No worries Mel! I want to believe he’s a good guy too, but the more I’m learning, the more nagging doubts I’m feeling….. I don’t think it’ll develop into WW3 although it is possible. The worlds completely jew-run financial system is fucked, and when economies are fucked, the Jews usually start wars to reshuffle the deck… Really though, no-one knows how its all gonna pan out. We can only speculate until something concrete happens. That’s why I wrote this article knowing it would be kinda open-ended – good for discussion eh! 14/88

  4. It certainly is good for discussion, its whats everybodys talking about, well this and that bloody plane, Have they found it yet?

  5. As a Ukrainian Nationalist.. I feel, that Putin is surrounded by so many Jews in Moscow that its not funny. I am not sure if he really wants to expel the Jews from Russia. You are right, Bro.. Russia must get rid of the Jews in order to save the white race.

    1. Russia was kosherized in 1918, courtesy of the N.Y. heebs. You really think these blood suckers leave there hosts especially since they are so entrenched in her? There’s still plenty of goys left in Russia to exterminate,what do you think this whole Crimea BS is all about?

      1. @Kerryo – Since writing this article my views have changed to something more along the lines of what you just said unfortunately. 14/88

  6. Let’s not forget, even Stalin purged his government departments of Jews by murdering them,only to replace them with more jews .There has always been fighting factions between Jews in Russia going back to Trotsky & Lenin.Jews can never thrive as a homogenous society.They would self destruct ,they need goyim to serve them.Can you imagine a totally Jewish society? Jews serving Jews,the lower Jew would be plotting to separate the upper from his fortune,and they know that. A homogenous Israeli state that Jews are insisting on ,would create a surreal scenario for them they’re not accustomed too. Internal bickering would be the theme of that Israel. I believe they would nuke eachother to extinction ( I just had a happy feeling). They need us to serve them,in industry,leisure as domestic servants and in our own self destruction through wars they manufacture for us,that benefits them financially also,however I believe they would forfeit any financial gains for the sheer delight of killing more of us. That being said,i don’t hold out too much hope for Russia shedding the ticks that have fed on her for near a century.I honestly believe,outside of N.Korea ,that the Jews have a stooge in place to submit to whatever scenario they wish to heap upon the gentile nations,whether wars,economic collapses or social upheaval. If Putin were the real deal ,he’d have been exiled already or JFK’d.

  7. SO the way to “save the White race” is to get behind another brothers war?

    “Nothing going” (the truth was sure spreading) until the Ukraine crisis “popped up”? “Out of nowhere”, right, without the Jews having anything at all to do with it?

    The “true scope” of possibilities include WWIII, where Russian Whites will fight and die while killing their fellow Whites, all over Jew-told lies, and all leading up to the final blow to our race (which will be delivered by the Chinese military and the non-White parasites who are already within our castle walls). The White Russians will be sent to die at the front line, while the mongrolized reserves will follow closely behind to rape and murder our women and children.

    “Real opposition” that he admits is not anti-Jewish? HOW is that even possible? Idiot

    “Doesn’t matter at the moment”? SO are they just going to become suddenly antisemitic at some later point in this fantasy of yours?

    The “Jews hate this situation”? Says you. How does one even come to this conclusion? Is it because the Jew-run media on the other “side” condemns Putin and Russia? Is that it? Of course it is, but we all know that’s part of the game. Part of the build-up. All in the script. War-mongering, to convince you that there are two sides here, where at least one of them is free from Jewish control (Putin gets to play that role in this instance).

    “Tangle with 145 million Russians”? Does that include the non-White “Russians” as well? Does that include the 10’s of MILLIONS of White Russians they already “tangled with” (slaughtered) in order to gain the power they now (as in CURRENTLY) have? How are they a threat to Jews when their beloved leader is in bed with those very same Jews? Once again, MILLIONS of them are being led to yet another Kosher slaughter. Yet idiots like you are actually cheering Putin on. Would you have cheered on Stalin and Lenin as well, if let’s say one were to have kicked out the faggots and the other were to have…I don’t know, what else has Putin REALLY done to “hurt” the Jews?

    Correction, they cannot complete their New World Order IF the White race is still standing in their way. And what better way to weaken us than to orchestrate one final World War, where we kill (what’s left of) ourselves off.

    Ehh.. Some people simply see whatever the hell they WANT to see. There’s no convincing most of these Putin worshipers that their (Yamika wearing) “Messiah” is playing for the other team.

    1. Did you even read the rest of the article? I certainly don’t worship Putin. I can see both sides in this argument about Vlad. I’m just hoping for the best

    2. Scott, you may very well be right on this, as I said in my previous comment he does appear to be “too good to be true”. I gotta say that if this is the case (and as each day passes it does appear that way) then we are in for a real bumpy ride. Let’s face it, if this is the final death blow then nothing short of the second coming will save us, and I say that with a really heavy heart.
      Regardless of personal faith, this final conflict will indeed be BIBLICAL ! All this going on while the plebs still play with their smartphones and tweet and search for a missing fucking plane!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! 1488-SIEG HEIL

      1. That’s the thing I was getting at in the second half of this article if Scott had the decency to actually read it before commenting. It would seem he didn’t. I admit that I wrote this article pretty much as soon as the Ukrainian thing first started and I was full of hope that someone in the real world outside internet-land was resisting the Jews in some capacity (Putin). Since then, I hate to say it, but I’ve changed my mind in the light of more information about Putin and the Jews. It does seem like he’s fairly well Kosherised, unfortunately. Scott may well be right about Putin, but that doesn’t mean I appreciate his manner of saying it. For Example:
        “Out of nowhere”, right, without the Jews having anything at all to do with it? – I didn’t say Jews had nothing to do with it.
        “Real opposition” that he admits is not anti-Jewish? HOW is that even possible? Idiot – If Vlad happened to be standing somewhere in the middle of the Pro-Jew to Anti-Jew spectrum, like a third position for example, then he’d still be ruffling Jew feathers in a real sense. Definitely not as Anti-Jew as we would want, but at least it would be something. Which is more than we can say for internet-warriors. And then he proceeds to call me an idiot. Any difference you have to his thought process and Scott gets emotional.
        “Doesn’t matter at the moment”? SO are they just going to become suddenly antisemitic at some later point in this fantasy of yours? – There is such a thing as playing politics, although in this case it now looks like Putin isn’t as great as I first thought.
        Yet idiots like you are actually cheering Putin on. – I was not cheering him on. I was merely hoping that Putin was going to provide some real resistance to the Jews. I’m an idiot twice now!! Woohoo, I can see why Andre got sick of Scott’s conduct. I used to respect Scott, but as soon as you don’t agree with everything he thinks, you apparently are retarded…. Whatever, I don’t care. The internet based “white nationalist movement” is a joke anyway… Lots of characters with busy fingers who think they’re frightening the Jew by typing… I only do this blog as somewhere to put my opinions and whatever else, basically it’s where I can vent my anger, that’s it really, otherwise I’d shut it down tomorrow!!

        1. If everyone agreed with everyone on everything we’d be robots. Going off your dial (that’s you Scott) at anyone with a different opinion when we all agree on the CORE issue is pointless and counter productive. This just gives the eternal enemy ammunition, something we should never do under any circumstances. I know you’re passionate Scott but it appears that your frustration (something we ALL have in regard to the current state of affairs) is being channeled into attacking genuine people with a genuine concern for our people just for not agreeing with every little thing you say, needless to say that’s uncool and just creates unnecessary negativity.
          Surely you are better than that ? UNITE AND FIGHT ! 1488-SIEG HEIL Brett

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