‘Worse is Better’ because the White Liberals need to be taught a Lesson!

White Liberals are all supporters of evil Jewish communism whether they know it or not

White Liberals are all supporters of evil Jewish communism whether they know it or not. Even if the Holocaust (hoax) were real, it would still be nothing compared to the REAL HORRORS JEWISH COMMUNISM has inflicted on the world!

Taking a step back from analysing the world’s enormous Jewish problem from time to time is one of the best things you can do, even if it is only a few days away from constantly thinking about it! It gives you a clearer perspective on the nature of our problems on a more basic fundamental level. Rather than just looking at all the rubbish the Jews foist upon us through their control of the mass-media and banking etc, I like to look at how the common person reacts to their surroundings. Admittedly, it would seem that the vast majority of people are still quite happy to live in blissful ignorance of the nightmare we are facing, but there is, just maybe, a very slow shift occurring where more and more common people are at least recognising that there is something very wrong with the direction the world is heading in.

Driving through town and the suburbs yesterday it was very easy to see the devastating effects of the Jewish multicultural agenda. You could literally count the number of Whites walking around the streets on one hand. Africans, Muslims, Arabs, Asians, Hindus (Indians); basically every mish-mash of every non-white race/religion wandering around either aimlessly or heading to public schools to further destroy the education system. It’s quite a disturbing sight I’m sure most people reading this would be familiar with. The more this Jewish non-white immigration agenda affects Whites, the better in my opinion! All of the White Liberals who have enthusiastically supported the multiracial agenda deserve to have all their crap thrown back in their faces. The best thing about the current situation is that it can’t take much longer before ‘average’ Whites start getting fed-up with it all, but that’s not to say the ‘White Liberals’ will ever ‘get it’. They won’t because their heads are so crammed full of Jewish Marxist crap. Then again, who cares about the fanatical White Liberal anyway? I sure don’t! I won’t lose any sleep if they get wiped out or gradually swallowed up by the non-white hoards!

The Multicultural dream.... yeah

The Multicultural dream……. yeah!

In general, I get the feeling that apolitical common White people are slowly noticing the problematic nature of what is occurring around them. For example, the multicultural problem mentioned above, the lack of manufacturing or agricultural jobs available to our people, the fact that this has led our economy up ‘shit creek’, how our traitorous politicians seem intent on opening up our borders regardless of how detrimental this is to our cohesiveness as a society, socially and economically, how the mass media never shuts up about gay marriage, gay rights, and how transgender freaks are just another acceptable group we should never criticise, ad nauseam.

The evil Edomite enforcer of 'Multiculturalism' and everything else we hate, here in Australia!

The evil Edomite enforcer of ‘Multiculturalism’ and everything else we hate, here in Australia!

What I like most about all the problems mentioned above is that they are things which average people who aren’t completely asleep are beginning to notice. I’m quite sure that if the Australian Executive Council of Jewry were to put a questionnaire to the ‘average’ White Australian (not the White Liberal Marxist) and they framed the questions so that anyone answering ‘yes’ acknowledging the above problems was deemed an ‘anti-Semite’, they would snare a large portion of ‘average’ White Australians in the ‘Jew-hater’ category! The ‘average’ White wouldn’t be aware of their ‘anti-Semitism’ of course. None-the-less, they are the only ones we should ever bother trying to reach with our message. The Uni Student types are Marxist Jew-loving multiculturalists beyond our reach, just like the White Liberal arseholes they eventually grow into, so we should forget all these people and concentrate on those who do have brains and will listen to reason!

Anyway, one thing I do know for sure is that we have to continue our righteous fight for our racial survival and future improvement. Things truly do seem hopeless at times, but we must carry on. I’ve gone back and forth from the attitude of “this blogging is a complete waste of time” to “well, without our bloodline we have nothing, so therefore we must do whatever we can to spread the right message“. I’m currently on the latter attitude because it doesn’t matter how bad our plight may seem at times, if we give up then we truly are worthless sacks of crap that deserve to be wiped out. That is the law of the jungle we currently live in.

We need this man's spirit more than ever today!! 14/88

We need this man’s spirit more than ever today!! 14/88

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

– Adolf Hitler

Hitler once again summed things up far more eloquently than I ever could!

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “‘Worse is Better’ because the White Liberals need to be taught a Lesson!

  1. Noachideous

    Extinction is the legacy of ignorance regards the jew.

    Joni Mitchell is reputed to be other than jew.

  2. Noachideous


    The faecal fetor and sanctimonious piety that pervades the text of this ‘enter noachidiocy’ website always raised suspicion that is was the evil work of the dewplicitous jew.

    The jew demands others participate in a religious idea where is exemplars are often found with their snouts buried in the crotch of its newborn as a matter of post mutilation ritual….. Such behaviour is best characterised as Filth.

    The jew is a snake oil peddlar…… If not selling poisonous placebos designed to elicit auto-genocidal behaviour in its buyers, it is administering its venom directly. Note the BnaiBrith links as suspected….

    On D Day, and considering that Whtey Goy fought Two World Wars for their ‘israel’, precisely what does one owe its parasite ? FUCK ALL……. That’s how much.


    So precisely in Gematria does June 6 ’44 indicate ?

    66 44, or 24 24 or 48……
    By route 66 we derive sum and product 12 and 36 or 48…., or by 44, 816 or 24

    Jewry, a nation of exterminationists, continue to piss on the graves of the others who died for this Israel monstrosity.
    And this generation of those whose memory is so defiled stand idly by.

    In fact….. except in extenuating circumstances, it is appropriate that all jews be banned from Goyische War memorials.

  3. He Knows

    There has been some mention of the Jews in Israel throwing out asylum seekers…..naturally they get away with it.If any western country tried this there would be a worldwide uproar.
    Just recent they have deported some Eritreans…..but the “interesting bit” is …guess where they are being deported to?.SWEDEN.The question is WHY?.After all Sweden is thousands of miles away from Israel a country it has nothing in common with.WHY?…..are they being sent to Sweden.Who authorised it?.OKAY this is where it gets interesting….for the Jews reason for deporting these refugees is that they will harm Israels culture and integrity>THEREFORE,logically they MUST know that by moving them to Sweden they will be harming Swedens culture and integrity.In other words they know exactly what they are doing.

    So how is it that Sweden is prepared to wreck its own identity.This is very straight forward….Sweden like all other western countries has a Jewish elite who pulls all the strings.They are co-operating with the fiends in Israel to destroy Swedens identity.It is quite deliberate and calculated.NOTE:It is the Jews in western countries who are respionsible for the millions of third world immigrants pouring into the countries.The Jews own the media in Sweden also all the billionaires are Jews.

    NOTE:The jewish elite who is co-operating with the Jews in Israel to destroy western civilisation are not worried about homocidal maniacs like Brevik…infact they probably facilitated his heinous crime.It enables the introduction of laws restricting freedom of expression.etc etc.

    Let me tell ya something these fiends WOULD be worried if “attention” was pointed directly at THEM.

  4. Trent

    Bretto, you really need to get into scientific racism, that’s what makes
    a real nazi, a belief in the supremacy of nordic man, nordics like me and you!


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