Candle-Lit Vigils and “Emotional Care Bears”

The fucking pathetic Emotional Care Bear Vigil in Melbourne

The fucking pathetic “Emotional Care Bear” Vigil in Melbourne

Could society get any more pathetic? I often ask myself this question because it is truly amazing how everyone seems to get swept up in whatever the latest wave of emotion is on the TV. These days it is nothing but victims everywhere. Everyone is always a fucking victim of everything. The Jews and their Marxist hordes are constantly throwing at any person with the ability to think logically, a whole plethora of ‘ists’, ‘isms’ and ‘phobias’; basically words meant to create an emotional response in the tiny brained Marxist idiot, which can then be used as the excuse to close down any politically incorrect discussion they don’t like. We are all familiar with the usual terms people throw our way: racist, anti-Semite, xenophobia, homophobia, sexist etc. What we must always bear in mind is that they have no argument for their pathetic emotionally-based views given to them by the Jews, so fuck ’em – I don’t care what names I’m called because I can use logic to support my views!

Now, to the topic that I’m going to address – namely the so-called ‘migrant’ crisis in Europe. A lot of the so-called ‘migrants’ are not even from the war-torn parts of the middle-east, but besides the point – what business do they have invading any European country they choose? Just because the Jews are more than happy to use their control of our western countries to start a war with any Arab country, does not mean we should accept the so-called refugees or ‘migrants’. The crux of the matter is that what we have here is a bunch of savage mixed-race bastards being given a free ticket to come to Europe and then proceed to get everything for free, forever. This is the reality of the situation. That stinking Arab bastard whose kid drowned and all the ‘Emotional Care Bears’ are crying about, was living in Turkey for 3 years before his heroic dash to try to reach greener European pastures. In his heroic dash for better welfare benefits he was quite willing to risk his child’s life, even though he was safe and living fine in Turkey. Now, whose fucking fault is that? It’s the selfish father’s fault of course! He behaved like a typical gimme-gimme greedy ‘migrant’, and they always think they are entitled to everything white society can give them. Is it our fault the kid died? Hell no! But the do-gooders will go “Oh, were the European authorities doing enough to prevent the terrible tragedy”? What a crock of shit. Will the ‘Emotional Care Bears’ ever check out any of the facts before believing the shit presented on the TV? Not a chance – for them it’s just the picture of the child lying there dead, the accompanying false/misrepresented news story, then the crocodile tears…. Fucking pathetic!

The world the TV viewing public think they live in

Emotional Care Bears – no offence to the Care Bears by the way. I’m sure the show is more intellectually advanced and honest than most TV news programs….

What it comes down to is the survival and prosperity of our race versus the Jews and the dark hordes. In fact, that has always been the case, only now we have the majority of our own race living in the ‘Emotional Care Bear Zone’. I can’t stress how angry this situation makes me because here we are (fellow like-minded people) stuck in the middle of a scenario where we have to stand up for our race or be doomed, yet how can we not hate all of the fucking candle-lit-vigil-going, scarf-wearing, limp-wristed idiots!

To finish with, here is what these Turd World disgusting mixed-race invaders have to offer Europe, and it ain’t fucking pretty. It’s also what the candle-lit-vigil-cry-baby-care-bears are campaigning on behalf of – people that will destroy Europe. To think that the German people would allow these scum into their beautiful country truly is frightening:



Oh dear....

Oh dear….

Those pictures are from when the savages were having a picnic on the Austrian-Hungarian border. Now, let us think – do these people really belong in Germany, Austria, or Hungary? Or the Turd World? They will leave behind a filthy sewer wherever they go, therefore it’s fair to say that the Turd World is the place for them!

Rise up White Europe! Let’s kick the useless parasite bastards out!

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “Candle-Lit Vigils and “Emotional Care Bears”

  1. Cazza

    I hear’s ya bro! Fellow Auzzie shouting out in anger! Throwing up in my mouth whenever I see these leftwingloonylibtardlezolazylamebrains kneeling around their Virgin Mary candles….wtf? This is my plan….gather a band of highly motivated and skilled hunters from a Caucasian bloodline. Swear allegiance to the existence of the race under a code of Christian morals, and then swear to secrecy and assassinate ( like The Iceman), every traitor like Merkel, Cameron, Satanyahoo, OBONGO…….the list is endless, but start with orthodox communities……

  2. GDSoldier

    This CAN’T be real can it ?? ….holding candle lit prayers for cockroaches whilst your own people suffer an apocalypse ! The end is surely near. GOTT MIT UNS

  3. tony

    Tell this dead brained zombies, who ignited war in syria, who lead america to iraq, who send theM to afganistan who s ?:

    Are this the war of eastern Europe?
    ionist policy makers in Iraq AfghanistanRichard Perle,Paul Wolfowitz,Douglas Feith,
    Michael Ledeen,Scooter Libby,Charles Krauthammer,Stephen Bryen,Stephen Bryen,Robert Kagan,David Wurmser,
    Dov Zakheim,Norman Podhoretz,John Podhoretz,Elliot Abrams,Frederick Kagan,Donald Kagan,Daniel Pipes,Eliot Cohen,Bill Kristol,
    Irving Kristol,Max Boot,James Schlesinger and Syria, and now is shifting blame to Europe while th rest of Zionist are calling for opening the borders.
    On libya they interfered as ghaddafi was planing to get a better share from the usual who dictated the market and the exploitation of country resources

    The reason Syria is in war not only America, Israel and Qatar and Saudis financed all this but also America neocons in obama crew send weapons for them to get the means :

    Inpure coincidence also members of AIPAC lobby prior to iraq war yet they are denying it
    And in pure coincidence Israel was finically founding Syrian rebels along with neocn zionist in america policy makers andits and in pure coincidence isreal was collaborating with america petro dollar puppets Saudi/ qatar
    and turkeys lost friend [gaza flotilla] of Israel .
    In pure coincidence Israel was bombing syria also also

    n pure coincidence those that are putting the blame blaming Europe are zionist neocons journalist and few media giants with ceos ala CNN liberal- zios as jef zucker and other folks at NYT and few others are calling for opening the borders to Europe and giving only a picture of dead baby rather than the rest of the mob which is clashing with greek property owners and greeks on itself . Because of course Greece had anything to do with England and France imperialistic times or the Zionist wars America and Israeli is leading the world. All while Israel and their zio propaganda spitting parrots have accepted zero emigrants from this countries. In facts izreal has the times low of emigrants and
    And is kicking out in mass all emigrants
    The irony never ends.

    EL AVIV (JTA) — With hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across the borders of the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a landmark change in policy last month: Germany would begin to accept Syrian refugees, no matter how they got there.
    Four days later, Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom made a statement on the same topic, but with a different tone: Israel would do everything possible, he said, to remove migrants from its borders.
    “I continue to fight, with all my effort, against the phenomenon of illegal infiltration, in light of the hundreds of thousands of infiltrators to Europe in these days and hours,” Shalom wrote Aug. 28 on Facebook, using the government’s term for migrants. “I will not relent until we reach a framework that will allow the removal of the infiltrators from Israel.”
    As Europe struggles to handle the influx of migrants on its shores, the issue of illegal migrants again has risen in Israel, which has been grappling with the issue for nearly a decade. While EU policy is now being directed toward finding a way to absorb the migrants, the Israeli government is still focused on getting them out.
    Zionists leftist and rights in America and media Slate NYT CNN and many others have no shame while propagandizing to open border in Europe and picturing the mob of emigrants in plain lie painting the scenario as only the refugees as mostly women and children , basically selectively choosing pictures in order to emotionally condition Europeans to believe that all are the same emigrants as the photo of child who drowned in Turkey while leaving out the mob violently clashing in greece with many Greek citizen and property owners and in other countries and shifting blame to Europe while involving themselves in all this countries wars for the security of Israel. The irony and double standard never end for Israel their zionist liberal, zionist neconservatives pals who would never subject them-self to all this despite being the main people responsible .

    Spread the truth like fire. Send them in Jewish necons, obama houses with his jewish crew policy makers bush and Israel.

  4. Noachideous

    Where is the Pagan Druid and Keltic Magus on the engineered destruction of Europe ? Why will you not speak Druids ? Or is this ostensible “Druidism”, like everything else known to be of value, a hollowed, eaten out infested shell over run with termitic jews and thus another barking mad menagerie of deluded KosherKlown pretenders.

  5. Flanders

    You are merely going through a trauma induced by your irrational fears of those who are somewhat different from you. If you don’t believe that, listen to this caring reporter from RT. You will certainly be dissuaded from your views and become a care bear yourself. Otherwise your new neighbor may be either another White family … or even a new Nazi (same thing in the eye of the jew).


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