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16 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Want to be a Victim?”

  1. Though aZOG Defilers of Innocence, Bullies, Rapine Userers and a nation of liars and murderers consistent with the textual urgings of their ‘religion’ where those words be ontologically and exceptionally good….. Fear Not, for the jew is RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!

  2. ABC, SBS and the rest lay heavily on the niggers and lesser cultures 24/7, so as when the average white man walks his streets, the filth an cruel beasts do not seem out of place, he is fed this garbage so much the displacement of his folk and his culture is un recognizable… Good article sir.

    1. That’s right! Cheers man… I’m so fucking sick of ‘victims’! If I hear one more tale of victimhood from the TV I’m gonna ‘brick’ the fuckin thing!!!! Looks like tomorrow the TV has a date with Mr. Brick! Hahaha!!

  3. Great article man – your writings skills are improving with every post. Keep up the good work!

    The simply fact of the matter is that non-Whites blame their “oppression” on the “White establishment” when in reality they should be looking at their genetics and behavior to understand their problems and lack of success, generally speaking. This idea that everyone is a “victim” totally removes all responsibility from individuals and their actions. Instead of saying, “Oh man, I didn’t get that job because I am not qualified and I’m a low life loser,” they say, “Oh man, that evil White establishment is holding me back.”

    I’m so sick and tired of this BS man.

    1. Cheers man! Fucking Victims!!!! Arrrggghhh!!! I’ve just decided to streamline the amount of posting I do here so I can write more of my own stuff…Things will be better this way… 102!

  4. France was unscathed by the German ‘occupation’ of WW2…. a soft “occupation’….. ?

    Now occupied by the vicious Kike it is all but done for……….
    The jew demands the destruction of all racial nations and people so that by default, power falls into the frenzied hands of the ritually self abusive jew.

    As a tribute to what it means to be racially French, I offer this….

    Adipex To Buy Online

    Cousteau was decalared to be an ‘anti-semite’…….an accolade to be l accepted and worn with pride. It signifies character and personal integirty with no price the jew can in any way comprehend.

  5. Great article brother….We need to monitor the TV to see what destructive propaganda the Electric Jew is pushing out everyday. This is especially true if you have children. Even if you dont allow your kids to watch Tv, when they go to school all their friends will be discussing what pro gay, pro negro, pro diversity programs were on the previous night. If you dont know what the programs are being pushed at the moment, you cant counteract it.


  6. Aboriginals have certainly been thoroughly brainwashed into victimhood by the monster kikes behind the Australian government. Fed booze and any other poison available, they too have no idea of their ancient culture (as primitive as it is).And of course after doing this, the disgusting vile yid (ABC in particular) bombarded us on Australia Day with endless protests by “indigenous victims” and endless shit to denigrate the occasion!!! Your time is short kikes, if you’re not scared yet then you most certainly will be soon! 1488-Sieg Heil brothers and sisters,

    1. Yeah, I’ve always said that the best way we could have dealt with the Abos would have been to simply give them a bit of land somewhere and send ’em all there…. Whites and Abs would both be far better off separate, obviously…..

  7. Bretto,

    I Can’t wait for the day when us noble precious white men
    have the power over the rotten filth and scum presented by
    jews and the sick deprived nigger-loving culture they promote.

    White power!

    1. Agreed Trent! It’s all a matter of time though. We can’t force our race to wake up to this shit, unfortunately. Our time will come, spread the word and be patient, that’s what I’ve learned mate!

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