We Are Fucked….

Sad, but true.

Click and listen to this. Keith and Mike Sledge tell it like it is….

Click and listen to this. Keith and Mike Sledge tell it like it is….

Time for a reality check folks! 

“We” are not winning any “fight”, there is no “movement” to speak of, and “internet-land” in no way represents reality. 

I hate reading on the internet about how we are making “progress” and all that shit. Yeah right, clearly none of the people speaking of this mythical “progress” have ever looked at reality and the people we are supposedly trying to awaken. They are fucked! Plain and simple.

“Yeah, we’re gonna take it back from the Jews with this bunch of fat fucking retarded brain-dead zombies, otherwise known as the modern-day White race”….. Good luck if you believe that!!!! I don’t suffer from those delusions at all anymore.

There are absolutely no political solutions to the problems we face either. The time for political solutions officially ended in 1945 after our idiot race destroyed the Third Reich instead of supporting it. The fight we face now is so steep, it’s fucking vertical. And do the White people of today look anything like the Germans from ’33 to ’45? Nope, they are completely useless sacks of crap and they deserve everything the Jews are gonna throw at them! They are more interested in watching the next episode of “Modern Faggot Family” or “Dancing with the Stars” for fucks sake, than caring for the future of their race….

That’s reality. This is not just me on a negative rant either. No, it is the objective truth of the situation we are in and it needs to be said.

I don’t honestly know whether I’ll be doing anything much on the internet in the future because it’s all just such a LOLocaust. If the internet based “anti-Semite” “movement” is the best we can do as a race, then we are a joke. None of this internet activity does anything to affect the real world, and more often than not it’s just an excuse to do nothing else.

Here’s a suggestion: try talking to people (if you can find any who have brains), stick up some flyers around the place or something. Not that flyers will achieve anything, but at least you can say you’re one step above the standard “keyboard warrior”! Besides, we all know it’s the Jews fucking everything up, so what are we going to do about it? Anything, ever? I don’t know….

All that ever happens on the internet is a bunch of generally anonymous people who know the deal, and a bunch of trolls discuss “the Jews” and “race”, and that’s it. It’s so fucking repetitive it makes me sick. How many more times do we all have to tell each other the same bloody thing?

I suggest we brace ourselves for the future. It ain’t gonna be pretty.


By the way, this is the opening track on the Sledge Radio Show:

Love the guitar in that song!

– BDL1983

24 thoughts on “We Are Fucked….

  1. GDSoldier

    Sadly brother, you are spot on again! The world burns and the plebs cheer for XFactor dweebs and buy “Nutribullets”……. Painful to watch it all crumble, thanks again kikes! Death to Zion!!!
    1488 brother.

  2. vernon1488

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    BDL kind of has a point here. If internet is your only racial activity you are doing it wrong. I’ll keep doing it though, at least for now, because it does help release the frustrations we all fee and who knows, maybe it will help wake somebody up or convince them to take some action or maybe to reach out to someone else who will. But I do stuff offline too. I don’t want to get into too many specifics because some of it may not conform to ZOG laws but then again resistance to tyranny is obedience to Perun. Let’s just take a hypothetical scenario that may have happened, let’s say Saturday night for the sake of discussion. I may have dressed up as an old ass man and went walking with a cane through the nigger part of town where there has been a rash of muggings, and then when a nigger took the bait and though he had some easy prey I may have beat the shit out of that nigger with my cane and left that piece of shit to stink up an alley which has turned into a garbage dump because for whatever reason no one has been picking up the trash there. I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened, but it could have. Let’s just say that if it did it had a very aphrodisiac effect on me and my wife both when I came home afterwards.

    Anyway, shit is about to get real very, very soon. Ebola will be killing millions of people in our country and every country in the next few months possibly spread by CIA, Mossad and perhaps their front group ISIS also known as the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. There will be roundups and quarantines everywhere and people getting mass buried in plastic coffins in FEMA camps. There will be martial law and gun confiscation and resistance and fighting in the streets. Niggers will riot in every city like they are doing in St. Louis and the Jew World Order will release hordes of Mestizo savages to brutally rape, torrture, rob and kill Whites into compliance. The dollar will collapse as Russia, China, India, Iran and other nations abandon the US currency in energy trading and World War III will expand from Syria, Iraq and Ukraine to many more countries. The kikes will probably nuke Tehran and maybe get nuked by the Russians in retaliation.

    1. Mark Lehmann

      Im Studying Terrorism counter terrorism at uni,..End degree gives me the qualifications to get in AFP , ASIO , Governor Generals office,.. most of it is an indoctrination process..Im sick to bloody death of the shit and these bloody clown fighting halal when kosher has been around for 20 years longer are pissing me off..Just done up and article for uni and I can prove the death of 1.2 billion whites that have been killed in the last 200 years in jew financed wars..they pit whites against whites for fuck sake, and we are stupid enough to do it…every war in history since 1650 is a jew backed war…

      1. BDL1983 Post author

        Interesting comment Mark….
        “Just done up and article for uni and I can prove the death of 1.2 billion whites that have been killed in the last 200 years in jew financed wars” – That’d be a rather depressing read, although showing how stupid we are fighting each other on behalf of the Jews needs constant reinforcing (if any of the idiots are ever going to “get it”)…. What you say provides ample reason for all Whites to hate the Jews, but what can ya do if the fuckin X-factors on?

        1. Mark Lehmann

          I don’t know what the hell we can do about it..The only thing I can think of is finish my studies and try and expose the whole corrupt system and educate fellow class mates which are hundreds to not take in the bullshit, and influence their finding in the opposite direction to the indoctrination.

          1. BDL1983 Post author

            @ Mark – That would be a useful thing to do….. Imagine the whole class going “Oy Vey Mr. Professor, it’s Jews, not Muzzies at the core of the problem!” The Jews would shit ’emselves!

      2. Noachideous

        Made comment here to one the the secret squirrel crowd that the interests of Europeans today extend principally to Eating Shitting and F***ing…. Somewhat indignant with the insinuation of rampant peurile idiocy and with continued employment an obvious function of her compliant world view, agent 99 who was visually something other than jew added “career” to the list ….. Despite consistent requests to speak to higher ups stonewalling and bitch wails of ‘allegience’ remain the consistent theme.

        This pen name is known to them, and the content designed to test whether these upwardly mobile Klowns have any sense of shame. They have none……. They are very busy, and they have ‘careers’…… that are a function of their collaboration such that their own kind are used to fight and die as proxies for the jew and its designs on ‘greater israel’ and the concomitant elimination of White racial nations amongst others.

        It’s government policy apparently.

    2. BDL1983 Post author

      @Vernon1488 We need a miracle so I’m hoping Ebola hits New York, Hollywood, and the Kike Edomite land falsely known as Israel!!! That’d be a start!

  3. 14/88

    I can understand your points, the people watching tv just aren’t racially aware of the true reality of what’s going on. I think the internet has done a great job of raising awareness for those who still have an open mind. I’m not dead yet, where there’s life there’s hope.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Yeah, I’m not saying that the internet is unnecessary in spreading the right message. My point is that all these blogs have fuck all positive effect on real world outcomes, and what positive effects they do have are neutered because everyone then neglects doing anything in the real world.

  4. commandergoyim

    True, and the jew knows it. In ’41 the nerve center of Communism and Jewish Bolsheviks was inches from being destroyed.

    Over the last 70 years (most of my lifetime) I have watched international Jewry play a very clever game with the white man. Banks hammering governments with war debt; — The creation of Israel. and the moral decay of White European values.

    If you have children trust no man, woman or Grandmother… the monsters are truly sick with the jew disease running deeper and deeper everyday.


    1. Tina

      Make one more white baby. It will be very difficult, but they are our future, and when YOU raise them, they will be raised to love our race.

  5. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I have reblogged pieces from Nordic AntiSemite and this blog seems to resonate with that blogger’s stance.
    The sad truth is that many Whites are so morally decayed that they really are not worth saving. If these people do not feel worthy to save themselves by just pulling their fat arces off their recliners away from the Jew Tube, then there is not a damn thing we can do. You can’t sell people what they don’t want to buy.
    I live in America aka Amurkistan and it has gotten downright scary the last decade. Blacks sucked before but at least with the older ones you could have a conversation with them, but the young ones coming up today are just downright scary. Same with Mexicans. Now we have an influx of other Turd Worlders coming in from Crapistan, Poopistan, wherever.

    We may be fucked, but maybe not. It is always darkest before dawn and it is really dark. We are in a time not unlike the Middle Ages. We are the monks on the Internet in place of the Irish castles who are making sure the light of learning never goes out. We are not wasting time. I have been communicating with aware Whites from Aus and today I reached out to a Canadian who is being gangstalked. Information can bring happiness and I have not felt so free in years since I have uncovered the source of the malaise that was hanging over my life, that being the Hand of Jew attempting to strangle me .
    We will lose people, but those that remain, the ‘remnants’ are what we steady our focus upon. These blogs are not meaningless. Each blog generates more cracks and chips out of the NWO.

  6. Tina

    Let’s not give up. We can make it with just a remnant. But young white men and young white women MUST get together to make white children.

    That is our only hope.

  7. kill jews now

    Do you claim to be useful to our race in this war against the jews?

    Of what use is DEFEATISM? When you spout defeatism, you become part of the PROBLEM. Only Realism + Optimism inspires others to action.

    One final thing: You and your echo chorus are glued to NONviolence, which is PACIFISM. That is exactly where the jews want you. While the jews are killing us by every weapon they have, they know that they will win for sure if Whites remain NONviolent zombies.

    If you can’t be positive, and if you can’t step up and do to jews what they are physically doing to us, then you ought to close down your site. Better for you to do nothing than to speak and work against us.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Ok Mr. Keyboard tough guy. Your comment name is “kill Jews now” and you expect people to take you seriously??? This is what I mean by the LOLocaust….. What you are doing is called trolling by trying to inspire some screw-loose reading on this site to go and commit a retarded irrational violent act. Do you know what would happen if you went out today and killed a random Jew? You’d go to jail, fuckarse, and further destroy the image of this already pathetic cyber fight for white survival… Get a grip

      1. awakened soldier

        So, if I am a veteran of the Australian military who killed “the enemy” in Vietnam during the early 1970s, and now I know the real enemy is the jews who must be killed HERE AT HOME, you would viciously insult me as if I am a troll of some sort? There is nothing irrational about killing the enemy who is killing us. It’s the only way to win. By the way, the police have many unsolved homicides every year. We simply add to that list. Don’t leave evidence or witnesses. It’s quite simple, really. Men who can’t overcome the pacifism meme are the irrational losers.

        1. BDL1983 Post author

          Vicious insults? Yeah right, first I’ve heard! Just because I don’t promote violence does not mean I am a pacifist “Mr Kill Jews Now”. Use the same name when you comment in the future, don’t fuckin change it to “awakened soldier”.
          Well, if your so smart, give us all some tips about how to get the job done then!? Go on then smartarse, because you are so enlightened as to how you get a mass movement started! Do you even have a name?
          Do you expect the Australian public to back you up on your Jew killing rampage? You fuckhead troll (yes, that’s right because trolls always change their names whilst the same IP shows up) Hahahaha!!!
          I’m done with this shit. Welcome to reality mate.

  8. Noachideous

    While German and Roman soldiers are likened as slain pigs, it is not yet safe enough to liken British and Allied soldiers as pigs.
    Spoke to a McCrae of the McCrae Clan at a Highland Gathering on the weekend about this. He gets it, the treachery part and knows I’m sincere in the things said.

    Explained that the jew wanted to poppies for reasons other than the goyim and not for reasons of innocence. Explained about the two menorahs with 8 and 6 about the central candelabra, or 18 and 16, and that Corn Poppies or 3 16 amount to 48….. etc

    14’s a war year for them, and the Muslim the new German.


    The jew media will always try to divide the loyalties of a people…. Its fractal, Man against Woman, Children against parent, Individual against Individual, Race against Race. Its a game of confusion and genocide to them. Buyer Beware they say, and whine pouisemacushun when the buyers realise the sweetness of jew lollies masks the malevolent intent

    Jew arse wipe, The Australian was wailing only yesterday….. A probable member of the inner Kikel, Judas Goat Monash likely knew that those he ‘lead’, were ultimately fighting for the benefit of jews. It ran a modified “Guardian” (of lies) article, prominent with the quote that one Rawlinson likened Monash to a “a clever, slippery, creepy, crawly Jew”………. Clearly Rawlinsons scent for treachery was sound………

    Meanwhile…. jews liken Germans, Romans, and undiscerned others as slain pigs, and mock even today British, Australian, US, Canadian and others with their Red Poppies.
    They’re not mocked as the other…… yet….. because it is not yet safe to do so …….. That would be much to obvious…..

    What would Tony Abbott do if he knew….. ? Precisely……….NOTHING…… Cause he’s got a career to pursue too.. Necessarily ……. Jew approved

    If the RSL or AWM want to discuss this…… ASIO or ASIS will provide you with contact details.
    But they struggle with divided loyalties….. and its more fun and a spectacle indeed to spend one’s Time so as to watch in wonderment Ol’e Uncle Bully have his way with Saturn’s Daughter, than defend her honor and as a consequence, that of your racial kin…

    Am I Rite ?

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