Hardwired To Self-Destruct

Honestly, at this point, what else can you say?

We, (insert western country’s name here), are officially a joke. The alleged leadership of this country is clinically insane. All they do nowadays is sit around trying to figure out novel ways of turning the entire population into pincushions – their only concern is injecting everyone with a poisonous concoction against a virus/disease that doesn’t exist and which everyone who get’s it doesn’t die from. They clearly have nothing better to do, and due to the fact that everything else in the country is fucked, the only thing left to do is turn a blind eye to any real concerns and focus on forcing the population into accepting a dystopian technocratic police state as the only possible future imaginable because a few people had the sniffles.

Get out of the system as much as is practical. Get out of the cities. Be useful and proactive – if you can look after yourself then you are on the right track. We are entering the “weathering the storm” phase of this Jew World Order agenda, and there will be no negotiating or bargaining with this ‘beast’.

Prepare accordingly or prepare to suffer.

-ETP Admin.

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