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17 thoughts on “Legally Brown Australia?”

  1. If That shitskin rape bus nigger has the courage to, whilst living in our great continent, carved out of the blood of white pioneers and cobbers, to shit on us, whilst the lemmings laugh there asses off, we must to have the courage to stand in the street with the message that undesirable races shall not be let into Australia! There is know way I will stand idle and let what’s happend to paris, scandanavia, London, Rome and the states, happend to Australia! Action needs to happend damn soon to stop it mate ! Inactivity is death.

  2. You are so fixated on Jews that the true threat to secular Australia, Militant Islam, is not getting its due attention. It is not a Jewish conspiracy to swamp Australia with Muslims: it is Islamic Imperialism pure and simple. Whilst I applaud your criticism of ‘Legally Brown’, you muddy the water with your outdated anti-Semitic propaganda. The Jew is no great threat to Australians: know who your real enemies are.

        1. Good idea, this quote by Evil Mariam Faine sums up the agenda pretty nicely!

          β€œThe strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would be more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.”

  3. Just more racist bile from muslim immigrants, nothing new here…however this is paid for out of MY FUCKiNG TAX DOLLARS!! So sick of ABC and SBS with their racist class warfare against the very people that created this country, down with them and all treacherous leftist elites and their mentally deficient supporters! I might mention Im a proud Aboriginal man before some some drugged fucked 1st year uni arts dropout tries to lecture me in racism, no doubt while applauding this vile bit of racist “humour”…

  4. This show should not be allowed on TV they talk about racism and I hate using that PC fucked up term but this is racism in reverse.Have we now got to the stage in this country where its not enough to allow all the third world trash in here but now they have there own TV shows that make fun of the hardworking white people who made this country what it is.Put the lot of them on a plane and send them back to there own shitholes.I find this crap on SBS highly offensive and would love to meet the morons who put this on air to discuss LOL or maybe knock some sense into there heads.Get this shit off of the airwaves its a disgrace that more people don’t rally together to stop this garbage and offensive anti-white message.It really makes you wonder whos country is this.

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