False Hope is a Waste of Time


A shining example of a genuine approach!

False hope is a dangerous thing. It leads people into a false sense of security thinking that some group is speaking for them. This is precisely why in the US we see Donald Trump speaking on a few “controversial” issues, and why here in Australia we have these pathetic “Reclaim Australia” rallies. It is all to lead White folks down another path of false hope and no solution.

I know the argument against what I just said above, which is, “oh well, at least it brings a few issues to the table that are otherwise ignored.” I get that fact, and it’s all very well if a handful of people wake up to what’s going on as a result of some shill person/organisation saying something, but the bigger problem is that it misleads many more people than it awakens. The time for people sitting back and being complacent because they believe their new hero might do the job, is over. Fake opposition groups only exist to mislead, nothing else. Trump is probably a phony billionaire bullshit artist, and we can add to the list of bullshit artists: the English Defense League, UKIP, BNP, and here in Australia the “Reclaim Australia” group and One Nation, Tea Party and Ron Paul types in the US, you get the picture. Now, this is not to say there aren’t good people associated with these groups, there are, and that’s precisely the problem! If these shitty fake groups weren’t around, then all the good people involved in them could put their efforts toward formulating a genuine approach to our problems!

I believe it is an objective fact that people are wasting their efforts on controlled opposition groups. Not that I have some “all-knowing” brilliant way around it by creating something genuine myself, but I do know where well-intentioned people are going wrong, and that’s by placing false hopes in these compromised groups.

Anyway, my main point is that any organisation must be either 100% truth-telling and genuine in their approach, or forget about it. I’m not supporting half measures. Sure, we can use them for what they are worth – go to the rallies, spread some info, talk to a few people, try and get the message out there, but we shouldn’t waste our time attaching ourselves to these Jew compromised organisations when we know they are not really any good to start with.


I do like the Australia First Party though. They are honest in their approach, acknowledging racial reality, and their intent to implement measures which counter the Jewish problem.

Anyway, I did a Radio Stormer Presentation with Sven on the Reclaim Australia rally in Adelaide the other day. We covered a few good points.

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Either we tell it like it is, exactly how it is, or forget it.

Death or Glory.

– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “False Hope is a Waste of Time

  1. Noachideous

    Reading between the lines of the UPF… I think they know……. Europeans are on the ropes the world over…. The maggott is like a jewplicitous Rumpelstiltskin attacking with guile the gullible European who has shed oceans of blood for the benefit of the kike.

    White is learning to Fight. He has some noble friends at his side.

    On ODIN…. and a possible origin of 1488…
    The initial gematria of ODIN is 15 4 9 14… amounting to 28 14…, 42, or for those into the numbers 1488……… 28 may be interpretted as 88……. The Nordic Red Ice Radio ThreeFourteen 314 Pi or 42… The Eye of Odin……….

  2. James brown

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Opposition groups no more gain traction (especially in America) and they’re infiltrated by Jews or otherwise Zionist people who dilute the movement and turn it into a goddamn ridiculous circus to be ridiculed by the Jew media. Well done.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Thanks James. Good to know the article made sense! The solutions are not to be found within the jew controlled politcal system. It will take a total spiritual overhaul of our race to solve any of our problems. In the meantime, these controlled opposition groups act merely as steam-valves for the insane jewish system… in other words, an excuse for people to not do anything

  3. A-MacTire

    Well put. I also see this with the likes of Pegida here. Islam in Europe is a problem which needs to be addressed, and I do not doubt the sincerity of those involved, infact, I have met a few of them and they are good people, but their focus and ambition is far too narrow, and distracts otherwise good, energetic, useful white European people from becoming involved in a real solution. I do support the Celtic Peoples Party in terms of their aims, and again, some great people involved, but I wonder how far they can really take it, or if they have the patience to build something that will last and addresses more than the migrant issue.


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