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Here’s a few bits and pieces showing what a murderous bastard Nelson Mandela was:

The old murderous bastard!

Nelson Mandela was the leader of the Umkontho We Sizwe (MK) – the terror wing of the ANC even whilst in prison.

By his own admission he had to okay every single terror attack MK launched. From his prison cell a sophisticated communication system he and his wife and other terrorist visitors developed allowed him to okay every terror attack in South Africa. He devloped the “soft target” strategy which said terror attacks should be aimed at the white civilian population in places where they would think themselves safe.

One of his most awful attacks occurred on 23 December 1985 at Amanzimtoti’s Wimpy Bar. To sketch the background. The Southern Hemisphere summer is when you folks in the Northern Hemisphere have your winter so our summer holidays coincide with Christmas and traditionally this is the very busiest holiday season. The little town of Amanzimtoti is on the Natal south coast which has verdant forests, a balmy climate, and pristinbe beaches dotted with several small holiday towns that exist solely for the influx of holidayers. The Wimpy Bar is a franchise restaurant group which owns several diners all over the country so on holiday it is ultra popular.

Anyway on 23 December 1985, in the middle of summer holidays at a popular diner in a holiday town the ANCs terrorists under instructions of Mandela set off a limpet mine inside the restaurant. Five people were killed (three children aged 2,8 and 5) and over 200 injured. Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada but they are not for the faint hearted and they will break your heart. The actual perpetrators were hunted down. Two refused to surrender and were killed in a police shootout… the other, Andrew Zondo, was captured and after a fair trial where overwhelming evidence was presented against him sentenced to death and in 1987 he hanged at Pretoria’s Central Prison.

Mandela never apologized for okaying the brutal murder of civilians including three children.

In 2010 the ANC renamed one of the holiday streets in Amanzimtoti Andrew Zondo Avenue

Mandela is scum and his death will be welcomed by Boers.

The joke here is that he is clinging so desperately to life because he knows where he is going and he doesn’t want to go…

Order Ambien Online Usa

african national congress
The flag of the communist criminal organisation known as the African National Congress

A report sent by South African historical expert living in the United States:

1) Concerning Mandela’s jail sentence. The crimes he committed were shamelessly criminal, and included no heroic acts. In fact, it is still a mystery why Percy Yutar (the then state attorney) did not file for murder, but manslaughter instead. Based on the facts it is commonly agreed by legal scholars that Mandela would have been hanged if Yutar filed for murder. You can easily get access to the case and you will find facts that the media, for whatever reason, prefer to ignore.

2) They often show Mandela’s cell on Robben Island. That is not where he spent most of his time. He later lived in a house under so-called “arrest”. It was comfortable if not luxurious, and most people work every day of their lives for the privilege to live in something not nearly as good as that. Why do they never show photographs of that?

3) What is really mind-boggling is the fact that while he was in the “house jail” he had free access, on account of the S.A. tax-payers, to telephone, fax and other communicating facilities to organize the ANC. That is why he was still the leader when he was “released”.

4) You already know of the terrible deeds he ordered for his own people who disappointed him. He has many murders of his own on his hands.

5) He was supposedly in “jail” for 20 or more years. One would expect that he had a negligible income in that time. Yet when he and his wife were divorced about 4 years after his “release” he had to pay her millions in settlement. Where did these millions come from? Who else could earn millions in 4 years from a salaried job after taxes? Obviously something is seriously wrong. You find out where all that money came from and you will discover a lot about Mandela that the press never report.

6) Once he left “jail” (the house the government provided) he moved into a very luxurious home in one of the richest suburbs of Johannesburg. However, he kept a little four-room house in Soweto and pretended to live there. That is where he would interview reporters and where photographs were taken. What a liar and bigot. I cannot believe that the press did not know this. It simply played along to sell this falsehood of a hero and martyr. These are six leads that anyone from S.A. should be able to confirm easily with documentary proof. Mandela is a murderer and a liar. He only lived in “poverty” when it suited him. Just ask where he is presently living. There are very few Whites or other people that can, after a lifetime of working, afford the house he is living in now. Nonetheless, for some reason, I have no reason why, the media are ignoring all of this and misrepresent the actual situation.

Buy Diazepam By Paypal

Buy Brand Name Adipex

Nelson Mandela’s bombs: Amanzimtoti 23 Dec 1985

Eye-witness account *

On the 23rd December 1985, I was with my Father, photo journalist Jo Toerien, in his studio in Amanzimtoti.  It was a hot summer’s  day, I was an 18 years old enjoying the coolness of the air-conditioned studio, casually chatting to him about an upcoming assignment.  I often accompanied my dad on some of his photo shoots. Our laughing and bantering was suddenly interrupted by a profound and heavy thud that made the windows shudder. Everything stood still, we both looked at each other bewildered and immediately his desk phone rang. It was brief conversation; he went white in the face,  slammed the phone down, grabbed his camera bag and bolted over to the Sanlam Shopping Centre.

“You  could already see the grey smoke enveloping the shopping mall and billowing into the streets.  He dashed off in between the crowds and the chaos, the local police were trying to cordon off the road and do crowd control; they knew him well and ushered him through. He recalls the odd smells, a mixture of wet cement and iron and almost like that smell you encounter on Guy Fawkes day. There was screaming, crying, the wailing of the engines of fire trucks, the voices that shouted and echoed off the walls.

“The blast had created a zig-zag effect on the internal structure. Then the reality of it all hit ….Bomb? what bomb, why?…. there were sheets of glass, bits of metal, his Nikon camera flashing into the darkness of the passages.

People were sliding in the blood…

“The blood lay everywhere, people were sliding in it. The smell of it was nauseating.  People were galvanized into action as they started to help others. 

“This was the day the name African National Congress became a name synonymous with cowardice, hatred and terrorism.   The people of this small coastal town’s reverie was knocked senseless that day. Blacks, whites, Indians and coloureds alike were affected by the senseless brutality.  This sickening act of the ANC did not encourage people to listen to their plight, instead it turned people against them, turned them into nothing but common criminals who felt nothing to murder innocent women and children.

  • Recently, the current ANC government, incited further hatred in the people of this once glittering jewel of the south coast by renaming a main road — Kingsway Road in Amanzimtoti — after the bomber to “Andrew Zondo Road”.  This 19 year old ANC militant member, was thankfully hung on the 9th September 1986.

The photos taken by my Father will always remind us of our bloody history and of the calibre of the men who now run this country.” (*Name withheld).

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Soma 350 Mg For Sale
Savage “Jew-communist-led” ANC mob….

BNP leader Nick Griffin has sparked outrage with a series of tweets branding Nelson Mandela a “murdering old terrorist”.

The far-right politician also mocked the 94-year-old former South African president’s lung condition.

He wrote: “Saint #nelsonmandela on last legs it seems. Make sure to avoid BBC when the murdering old terrorist croaks. It’ll be nauseating.

“‘Statesmen’ must be judged on results not rhetoric. Before Mandela, South Africa was safe economic powerhouse. Now crime ridden basket case.

“No surprise #Mandela’s lungs are shot – all those burning tyres. Smoking necklaces very bad for the health.”

Buy Ambien Cr 12.5 after he was taken to hospital with a serious lung infection.

He is suffering from a recurrence of the condition which has Buy Ambien Prescription Online .

Mandela served 27 years of a life sentence in prisons including the infamous Robben Island for sabotage and conspiracy against the oppressive South African Apartheid regime.

He was released in 1990 and was elected president of South Africa four years later in the country’s first free and fair elections.

What a complete bastard this Mandela character was! The whole world is fucking crazy isn’t it? Adolf Hitler is the greatest man to ever walk the planet and he is lied about and hated by the mainstream, whereas an ACTUAL murderous arsehole like Mandela is put up on a pedestal as a ‘great’ and ‘moral’ figurehead…… Just flip everything 180 degrees and you get the truth!

Also go and read Buy Diazepam Legallyabout the ol’ commie “Saint Nelson Mandela”!

– BDL1983

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Teva

Buy Phentermine Capsules Online

An all-white community less than an hour from South Africa’s capital is fighting to hold on to a segregated life.

Buy Xanax Aus

(My commentary in bold – BDL1983)

KLEINFONTEIN, South Africa – An all-white enclave less than an hour from South Africa’s capital is fighting to hold on to a segregated life reminiscent of the country before Nelson Mandela toppled the apartheid regime.

“We feel that our culture is being threatened and we want to protect it and we want to nurture it,” said Marisa Haasbroek, a writer and mother who serves as voluntary spokeswoman for a gated community called Kleinfontein.

Buy Diazepam Online Eu

Marc Shoul / Panos for NBC News

Above: A bust of Henrik Verwoerd, who is credited as the father of apartheid, sits near the entrance to Kleinfontein.

Kleinfontein does not hide its ties to South Africa’s divided past, nor its mistrust of the country’s present: At its entrance stands a bust of Hendrik Verwoerd, who is seen as the father of apartheid.

A fence surrounds its almost 2,000 acres and guards in fatigues police at the entrance of the community condemned as “racist” by some critics. (And just what exactly is wrong with protecting YOUR OWN RACE? If that makes them “racist” then so be it! Who cares what the liberal Jew commie fuckheads think! – BDL1983) Among the reasons that Haasbroek and others in the cooperative town cite for walling themselves off are the country’s high crime rates and institutionalized affirmative action, which they say results in white people being frozen out of jobs and university places. (Fair enough! Why wouldn’t they wall themselves out of that crap? – BDL1983)

Before moving to the town of some 1,000 residents, applicants must embrace the community’s “core values,” which are about being a Protestant Christian, an Afrikaner – the group descended from Dutch settlers – and speaking Dutch-based Afrikaans. No non-whites or Jews live or work within its boundaries. (Screw the fucking Jews. It sounds like a Holycau$t in the making… Poor little innocent loving Jews! – BDL1983)

Less than 25 years after the end of the apartheid regime run by white Afrikaners, Haasbroek said their specific identity was under threat.

“My son is the tenth generation with the Haasbroek name in South Africa,” she said. “We are not colonists. We have been here for generations and generations building up the roads, making the infrastructure.” (Yep, the Whites built everything of value in the place – BDL1983)

“And suddenly we don’t feel welcome anymore,” she added.

Buy Diazepam Prescription Free

Marc Shoul / Panos for NBC News

Above: If Afrikaners’ rights aren’t protected, the children of a community that South African President Jacob Zuma calls Africa’s “only white tribe” will disappear, according to Marisa Haasbroek. (That’s real racism if you ask me – forcing a racial group to integrate and disappear, lose its culture – BDL1983)

So the residents of Kleinfontein have dug in and built a community that they say reflects their heritage. Residents have to be approved by a committee. And all the work is done by Afrikaners. Signs declaring “We are here to stay” in Afrikaans dot the property.

But the issue of who is allowed to live in Kleinfontein — and who is excluded — offends many. (FUCK ‘EM, if they don’t like it why would they want to move there anyway!!!?! – BDL1983) Its residents are from the same white minority that ruled the country for decades, imposing strict racial segregation and oppressing the majority non-white population. (Oppression, fuck off! They really mean the blacks can’t take care of themselves; that’s whitey “oppressing” them apparently -BDL1983)

While the community has been in existence in the outskirts of Pretoria since 1992 – two years after anti-apartheid icon Mandela was released from prison and two years before blacks were allowed to vote – criticism of it has grown recently.

In late May, a black man was blocked from buying a house there. Demonstrators protested outside its gates and local officials launched an investigation of the community, saying discrimination on the basis of language, race and color is illegal. (It may be illegal, I don’t know. But if you’re white and it saves your life then it’s a good idea! – BDL1983)

But along with the criticism, there has been sympathy.

Subscriptions to its “Friends of Kleinfontein” newsletter jumped by around 20 percent in the last three weeks, Haasbroek said.  At least 10 people called the community saying they wanted to move there immediately.

“The impression we got from many Afrikaners is that many of them support our right to live the way we do, even if they themselves don’t want to come in live in our quiet little town,” Haasbroek said.

But it isn’t just any quiet little town.

While residents say they simply want to preserve their culture and language, critics argue that the mere existence of the community is a rejection of Mandela and his vision of a non-racial nation. (Fuck the old terrorist bastard! – BDL1983)

“The fact that there are children growing up there and being indoctrinated with hateful ideology that paints all black people as criminals, that really concerns me,” said Czerina Patel, a South African journalist who is the executive director of Yenza, a charity that works with disadvantaged young people.

“The bottom line is [if a non-white] Afrikaans-speaking person wanted to live there they couldn’t,” she added. (Boo hooo hoooo, bad luck… – BDL1983)

Residents of Kleinfontein respond to criticism by saying it is they who were being squeezed out of Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation.”

Order Adipex

Marc Shoul / Panos for NBC News

Above: Johan Foley’s home includes the old South African flag (left) and the old Transvaal province flag (right).

Johan Foley, a former bank manager, did not mince his words about why he moved to Kleinfontein about 20 years ago.

“We are worrying about black people,” said Foley, 76.

“Every time they get their hands on something, it is going bankrupt, there are troubles,” he said. “White people gave them clothes, an education.” (Sounds familiar doesn’t it – BDL1983)

Foley said he moved to Kleinfontein after he built a “pretty house” in Nylstroom – renamed Modimolle by the post-apartheid government.

Read More:

And they hardly ever mention the GENOCIDE of Afrikaners in our Jew media. The count is 70,000 or more whites murdered by savage blacks. Don’t they count? Oh yeah, they are white, therefore evil oppressors……. Fuck the ANC, Jacob Zuma, and Mandela… Scumbags.

I’d welcome the Afrikaners to Australia. We’ll take them and send our blacks back! How’s that for a trade? Nope, can’t do that, it would make sense!

– BDL1983