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A Buy Diazepam Ebay from a couple of days ago:

Order Xanax Eu
“Oy Vey, What did I ever do?”

SYDNEY, Australia – Anti-Semitic incidents in Australia rose 21 percent in the last year and are the second highest on record, according to an annual report.

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s annual “Report on Anti-Semitism in Australia” – tabled at Sunday’s annual general meeting in Melbourne – revealed 657 reports of racist violence against Jewish Australians and Jewish community buildings between Oct. 1, 2012 and Sept. 30, 2013.

Serious physical attacks were at the lowest since 2005, however, with fewer than 20.

“In general, it can be said that Australians neither particularly like nor dislike Jews,” wrote the authors, Julie Nathan, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s research officer, and Jeremy Jones, director of international and community affairs at the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.

“Although stereotypes of Jews remain part of the culture in Australia, these are not as deeply ingrained or hateful as in European and Middle Eastern cultures,” according to the authors. “Anti-Semitism remains at the fringes of Australian politics and society, and though there are exceptions, anti-Semitism is not generally part of the mainstream discourse.”

The 202-page report does not include the recent brutal assault of five religious Jews walking home from Shabbat dinner in Bondi last month, described as the worst anti-Semitic incident of its kind since records began in 1989.

Cheap Xanax Pill Press

Well done Australia! A big ‘pat-on-the-back’ and cheers!!

Buy Phentermine For Cheap
Mmmm… Delicious German beers to celebrate with!

 – BDL1983

Cheap Valium For Sale

Buy Alprazolam Australia
Bandidos Brisbane Centro president George Bejat.

GOLD Coast bikie gangs are actively targeting hot-blooded young Muslim and Eastern European men as they seek to beef up their ranks with aggressive ethnic recruits.

Sources say gangs such as the Bandidos are embracing multiculturalism, signing up Lebanese, Turkish and Balkan members, many from Sydney and Melbourne.

The trend mirrors the early stages of the rise of crime gangs in southern states who recruited from ethnic groups, sources say.

Pacific Islanders such as violent Bandido and Muslim convert Leonard Toalei are also being targeted.

Toalei – who is behind bars on remand over a wild rampage on the Gold Coast two months ago in which police claim a taxi was shot up, a milk truck hijacked and a cabbie and bus driver assaulted – has been embraced by a new Logan-based Muslim ‘brotherhood’ called Ummah United.

Ummah, whose Buy Valium 10 Mg Online, describes itself as a community group set up to help keep Muslim youth on the straight and narrow.

Toalei is pictured on the Ummah United Facebook site being welcomed back into the fold after being released from jail over a violent siege in Surfers Paradise in which he shot up a woman’s unit, bashed her and bit her on the face.

Within weeks of being released from jail, Toalei allegedly went on another rampage through Southport.

Toalei was arrested during what police claim was a violent struggle in the Southport CBD in which he was bitten by a police dog and tasered. He is back behind bars awaiting his next court appearance on multiple serious charges including serious assault, robbery and weapons offences.

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India

Well, isn’t this another heart-warming multicultural success story?! It’s good to see the multicultural way being embraced by criminal elements……

At least the bikies give our Jew news programs something to ‘whine-on’ endlessly about!

– BDL1983

Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online Uk

Buy Name Brand Ambien Online
Golden Dawn Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos

The idea of the Golden Dawn expanding and opening up chapters all over the world is something that will surely make Jewry tremble, worldwide. I sure hope so. All western nations are in desperate need of new, life-breathing political forces, such as the Golden Dawn. Natures’ law dictates that when any biological entity or race has been pulled too far away from its natural instincts, there inevitably will be a backlash against the trouble-maker! The rise of the Golden Dawn and other organisations with the same sort of political and spiritual platform are a historical necessity; just like how a rubber-band can only be stretched so much, until it snaps, and flicks back at you! The Jews have pushed, not just the White race, but everyone too far, and the rubber-band is not far from breaking. With a bit of luck, the recent Soma Grand Buy will only help strengthen our righteous movement in the long term.

From Buy Zolpidem China, describing the Golden Dawn ‘Down Under’:

Melbourne has long been known as one of the biggest cities for Greek diaspora in the world, and the “world’s most liveable city” is fast becoming the latest battleground for the swelling fascist movement sweeping Greece.

Golden Dawn, the nascent political party capitalising on deep resentment to the European Union’s austerity measures, Buy Zolpidem Online Legally 18 seats in the national parliament. In further concerning developments, it is now looking beyond Greece to countries with a large Greek populations like Australia, England and Canada to broaden its political reach.

Typically described as fascist or a neo-Nazi movement, Golden Dawn is currently led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a Holocaust denier who has spent time in prison for attacking journalists and carrying illegal guns and explosives. Golden Dawn has been accused of sparking xenophobic violence by promoting anti-immigration policies, and its political symbol bears a striking resemblance to the swastika.

The group now plans to “Zolpidem 10Mg Buy”, and as part of this plan has established a group in Australia to “Buy Diazepam Uk Paypal“.

Reports suggest the group has more than 200 members and 3000 followers in Melbourne, and plans for Golden Dawn MPs to visit later this year have sparked a firestorm of protest from Greek communities and civil activists. Many prominent Greeks are attempting to prevent them from entering the country, but early indications suggest the government won’t deny them visas.

The rise of Golden Dawn is alarming. There is widespread anger in Greece at the austerity measures imposed by the government and the EU, and by tapping into this fury, movements such as Golden Dawn can draw a level of support previously unattainable.

Expanding the base beyond Greece is the obvious next step when you consider the Greek diaspora is estimated at over seven million, compared to the 11 million people living in Greece. Of the diaspora, Cheap Valium From India, making it the world’s third largest Greek city. Many of these expats would now be relatively wealthy compared to those still living in Greece, and their support would go a long way to prop up the organisation financially and give it a sense of international legitimacy.

A telling paragraph toward the end of this article shows how the mainstream media likes to portray anyone who detects the Jewish machinery behind world politics. Speaking of ‘far-right’ extremists in Europe:

Like Golden Dawn, these groups typically espouse extreme right-wing positions of blaming migrants, detecting Jewish conspiracies in any successful business and communist sedition in anyone wearing a red t-shirt, it has no other discernable features.

Order Xanax To Canada

Also posted at the Buy Diazepam Glasgow:

– BDL1983

Buy Soma Drugs Online

Tony Abbott speaking at 2011 UIA Gala Dinner. Photo: Peter Haskin

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott addressed a packed room at Palladium at Crown in Melbourne as part of an Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) event on Monday.

With an election (elections being something Jews run – BDL1983) showdown looming, Abbott spoke about the challenges facing the country, including the national debt, infrastructure and government spending. He also spoke about the “extraordinary contribution” made by Jews to Australian society. (Sickening – BDL1983)

“Australia is the only country in the world, outside of Israel, where Jewish people have been chief justice, commander in chief of the army, and head of state,” Abbott said. (Yeah right arsehole….. Ever heard of the Jewnited Snakes of Amerikwa? Wingnut idiot! – BDL1983)

Read More:

What an inspiration Tony “Wingnut” Abbott is!!!

– Brett

Order Ambien Overnight