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I just recently got back from a New Years trip to Melbourne. I can tell you one thing for sure: Multiculturalism (or more correctly – Multiracialism) does not work. It’s completely ugly, totally unnatural, and strange when you can walk the streets of the town and judging from the people you see, you have absolutely no idea what country you are in. That, for starters, is a pretty good indication that Multiculturalism is a bad idea. As a White man walking the streets of a town in the country which my forefathers built, it is rather unsettling to see virtually no White people. It should make any White person with half a brain realise that something is seriously wrong here. It shouldn’t take a genius to work this out!

Buy Ambien Sleeping Tablets
This is pretty much the demographic make-up of Melbourne. Take note of the White poof in the background.

Anyway, here’s a few of my general observations, interactions, and thoughts on the whole experience:

I arrived in town by train from Eastern Victoria. The first thing I noticed was that there were hardly any normal looking White people at any of these train stops. There were mainly Asians, Middle-Easterners, and Black Africans getting on and off the train. Not what I expected considering I was still a fair distance out of Melbourne. The other thing I noticed was just how run-down and dilapidated all the buildings looked. Most were completely covered in graffiti, or what the Jew TV now tells us is ‘Street Art’. It’s all just so damn ugly, not to mention fifty million tons of rubbish beside the railway track. I thought sarcastically, “Oh well, this is a nice scenic trip to get to trendy Melbourne”.

Buy Adipex Usa
Welcome to Melbourne….. Ah, Jeez…. Really….

I checked into my hotel, did all the usual boring travelling essentials, and then set out to find something to eat. The first food place I walked past was a Subway. I took a look in there to see what types were making the sandwiches and found two Indians and an African serving people. That made me feel sick, so I kept going. I thought, “Well, screw it all, I’m going to find myself a spot where a White person is working”. By hell, was that a fateful move. I had to walk around for about an hour and a half until I found an American style Chilli Burger place with a White girl working there! There certainly were no other Whites serving food anywhere. This was a great relief since I was feeling like my stomach was going to collapse if I didn’t find edible food soon!

Buy Soma Online Us To Us
She wasn’t this good looking, but at least she was White!

Right, now that eating was out the way for a while, it was time for a few pints of Guinness! So I went and found a few maps with all the pubs, then set out to drink at the Irish ones. The first one I went into looked like a sound Irish pub, until who should walk out from behind the bar – an Indian. What the hell, I thought I was in an Irish pub! The Indian himself didn’t seem too unfriendly, so I had one pint and thought about how odd it was to see them working Irish pubs. It just isn’t right. You would expect an Irish man or Irish lass, at least someone White for Christ’s sake! So I scoffed the pint quickly and moved on. The next Irish pub was a keeper! Phew, about time! Irish serving the beers, Irish playing the Celtic tunes, and 99% Whites in the pub! Definitely a big highlight of Melbourne! I probably drank a whole keg of Guinness before I left the place! Good times eh!

2 Soma 350Mg
Oh yeah!

The next day, after nursing off the Guinness hangover, I set off for the Queen Victoria Markets. There’s a few good ‘odds and sods’ there, but once again, about five billion Asians, a few blacks, a few Jews, and a handful of Whites. That was the ethnic make-up. Anyone who’s been there knows! Whatever, I knew the markets were like that before I went. I was in a fairly good mood as I left, knowing full-well that I was going to grab a few take-out beers to drink at the hotel before I decided what to do for Saturday night. Even being served by Indians at the liquor store didn’t dampen my spirits! (See, how’s that for a display of tolerance? Take note any Jews who are reading this!)

Upon heading out that night, I was torn between two options:

1)      Go out to the Cricket game and try to enjoy that, or

2)      Just forget the Cricket and go to another Irish pub.

I walked out the hotel still undecided. That was until I saw some of the Cricket fans walking to the oval. Holy shit – that was an impressive sight. A bunch of big fat idiots waddling along wearing their stupid meaningless team colours. That helped me make my decision rather quickly. Either go find a good Irish pub, or pay to sit among a bunch of low IQ morons and drink overpriced beer while they wave their stupid flags and eat hamburgers all night! Easy decision really: another Irish pub!

Buy Zolpidem India
The alternative to Irish pubs…… 20/20 Cricket. KFC is the big sponsor, just to make the fans a bit fatter!

I eventually got to the pub I had in mind and had another good night with mostly Whites and more Irish tunes. One thing came up unexpectedly at the end of the night as I was just finishing my four millionth pint of Guinness – a political discussion. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself. I had to put in my two cents. I overheard the topic of ‘Global Warming’ and I said that it was all a load of bullshit and an utterly feeble hoax. Well, well, did this guy think I was an insane lunatic for doubting what the TV told him! I suppose it isn’t really worth bothering with these types, since they are totally unsusceptible to factual reasoning in the first place, but I couldn’t help myself. I argued back and forth squashing every stupid idea that he had in his head, while just ignoring his childish reactionary behaviour every time I said anything. One thing with the ‘Lefty-Liberal-Jew-Loving-Multiculti-Wanna-be-a-Commie-types’ is that they have no arguments which make any sense, so all it comes back to every time is the old-fashioned name-calling tactic. They all seem to think that they are expert psycho-analysts, and as long as they call you some sort of ‘ist’ or ‘ism’, then they are winning the argument! Eventually I got sick of talking to the guy, but before I went I told him that I was a National Socialist, and a racist anti-Semite. He didn’t particularly like that, of course, and kept rambling on about how the only reason I didn’t approve of Communism was because ‘Perfect Communism’ had never been allowed to flourish!!! I was thinking of bed while listening to this drivel from “Mr. Yawn Dot Com”! Ah well, we can’t win ‘em all, and certainly not by trying to argue with committed Communists! I only did it for fun anyway!

Cheap Adipex 37.5
We would have made a good team against Mr. “Perfect Communism”, but she wasn’t there…

Next day, and another Guinness hangover and a few hours to waste before I was scheduled to leave Melbourne; what to do? Since the Test Cricket (real cricket) was on, I went to Federation Square to watch a bit of it on the ‘Big Screen’! This place is the ‘absolute-ultimate-double-everything-you-are-already-thinking’ Multicultural hub of Melbourne. It wasn’t that there were absolutely no Whites there, I just don’t think there were too many who weren’t fags or that strange effeminate third gender, where the person is a pathetic skinny piece of shit, technically male I suppose, but with no-testosterone, the ‘emo’ hair, and the skinny-jeans! It’s pretty sickening to look at these types of ‘people’ wandering about the place aimlessly. I felt like bashing the piss out of the one who came and stood near me when I was watching the cricket! Skinny useless weakling!

Buy Xanax Pfizer Online
The strange effeminate one that stood next to me looked like this… Big muscles for fighting eh!!! We could make a soldier out of him yet…. Yeah right!
Buy Real Xanax Online Cheap
Jew architecture of “Fed Square”….. Looks like a weird wacked out lump of shit doesn’t it? Apparently it’s trendy and modern and I’m the one who just refuses to get with the times. You decide.

After leaving Fed Square and all the absolutely horrible Jew architecture which looks like shit – the funniest, but maybe not even the most disturbing creature walked past me. This ‘man’, if you could call him that, was about fifty years old, white, with a bit of stubble, red lipstick, hairy legs, and he was wearing a fucking dress!

Order Xanax Europe
He looked a bit like this and I’ll bet he felt just as “liberated”………… Sickening eh…

I literally burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it. None of the Asians around me got the joke! This wonderful cross-dressing specimen of our own White Race was walking around like that and no-one even seemed to notice. Any White person who doesn’t mock the hell out of these weirdos is a lost cause as far as I’m concerned!

That is about it as far as my ‘Melbourne Multicultural Experience’ goes. It certainly was a disgusting display of what happens when a race has completely forgotten who they are, and are blatantly being overrun by a sick, degenerate, Jewish-enforced ‘culture’.

Buy Alprazolam Cheap
This is another great example of a trendy “Melburnian” man.

To have forty thousand ethnic groups all in one place does not enrich any culture. All it does is weaken and eventually destroy the race responsible for founding the original culture – I.e. the White Race. Melbourne is a done deal from what I’ve seen. The White Race is getting what it deserves in that city because it has been too gutless and cowardly to tell it like it is, or do anything about it (see above picture for proof). All of the pathetic White pieces of shit deserve to be wiped out. I no longer feel any sympathy for them, whatsoever. I hope the Jews and coloured swarms do absorb them, or just finish them off!

The most pressing question for Whites is this:

Now that you can see the precedent of White Genocide being set in all the major cities around the formerly White Nations of the world; can you also tell that this is not going to stop until we are all gone?

Does it have to be any clearer to you White men out there? The Jews are not going to stop flooding our countries until we are FINISHED as a race? EXTERMINATED! BANISHED! This is not a joke.

Something must be done, and it must be done soon!

Hitler certainly was right!

Buy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery

– BDL1983

Buy Valium Hua Hin

Here’s some “catchy” songs:

Buy Adipex In Canada

Above: Flag of Croatia.

This one’s a croatian nationalist tune… It gets stuck in your brain!!

From Andre’s Cheap Valium For Sale:

Buy Alprazolam Australia

This picture was taken in Glendalough, Ireland (County Wicklow) on a still, crisp morning in Winter 2012. The vibrancy of colours surrounding the dead trees was simply astounding, beautiful.

And Finally “Van The Man” doing a traditional Irish song…

Note: Guinness goes rather well with this!….. “Howzat” for a beautiful looking Pint!? Drink 12 of these and HAIR will grow from your lips!!! HAHAHA!

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online

Irish Pic:

– Brett