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From Buy Alprazolam Cheap:

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All our hearts are bleeding for this wonderful Edomite Jew……

FORMER Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon died at a hospital near Tel Aviv last night, aged 85, after spending eight years in a coma.

Confirmation of the death came early today. “The Sheba medical centre in Tel HaShomer announces with sorrow the passing of former prime minister Ariel Sharon that was determined approximately an hour ago,” Professor Shlomo Noy told a news conference.

Despite multiple efforts to halt stabilise him, he passed away yesterday afternoon at about 1200 GMT (11PM AEDT), the hospital said.

“He’s gone; he went when he decided to go,” his son Gilad told reporters at the hospital, in remarks carried by Channel 2 television.

The health of Mr Sharon had worsened in preceding days, with hospital officials describing him as being in “extremely critical” condition.

“Over the past hours, there has been a worsening of the condition of former prime minister Ariel Sharon. His condition is described as extremely critical and his family is at his side all the time,” said a statement from Sheba hospital on Thursday.

Mr Sharon has been in a coma since January 4, 2006 after suffering a massive stroke, but his condition took a sudden turn for the worse on January 1 when he suffered serious kidney problems after surgery.

The long-time leader of the right-wing nationalist camp in Israeli politics, Mr Sharon had a stroke on January 4, 2006, slipping into a coma from which he has never recovered.

Following an extraordinary and controversial career stretching back more than half a century, Mr Sharon became convinced Israel needed to separate from the Palestinians and unilaterally determine its own borders.

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk

An Israeli Right-Wing NATIONALIST; what a hero! If he were any other non-Jewish “Right-Wing Nationalist” they’d be spitting venom at the guy…. Oh well, at least with Jews there are never any double standards!! Hahahaha!!!!

– BDL1983

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From Buy Xanax Paypal Uk:

Adipex To Buy Online

The word racism is used as a mind weapon against White people who speak about immigration, racial differences, or persevering their own people. A White person who stands up in protection of their own human rights will be slandered as being a hateful racist.
It has also become a word to falsely project an inner hatred that whites are inflicting on non-white populations. It is a word used to explain why another race in a European homeland may not be prospering like the host population, or why blacks are poor and live in ghettos committing crimes. By understanding the broad spectrum this word is used for truly shows its power and the correct label as a weapon. Originally the word ‘Racist’ meant someone who understood racial differences; no longer so. These words have been carefully created and the connotations they carry have been planned in accordance with the Jewish agenda. The word racism and its connotations, images and emotions it carries was not brought about naturally, but a deliberate deceptive orchestration to be used as a weapon in conjunction with the Jewish plan of replacing the population of European countries with 3rd world immigrants.

Words created to support the Jewish agenda

White Supremacism White supremacism is used against a white person who stands up for the human rights and preservation of his own people.

Connotations: This word carries connotations such as belittling non-white races and the person being superior over other races.

Anti-Semitism – This word is used against anyone that has something to say about Jews or Israel , i.e Someone questions whether Israel has the right to nuclear weapons.

Connotations: The Holocaust (Buy Ambien For Cheap), an irrational hatred of Jews for no other reason than being Jewish.

Homophobic – This word is used to slander, insult anyone who has an opinion on a homosexuality issue. A person that supports the traditional ideal of marriage between a man and a women.

Connotations: Someone who hates homosexuals for the fact they have a different sexual orientation. Carries certain connotations such as: religious, old fashioned, hateful.

Nazi: This word is used as a slander against any White person in the world that stands up for his or her rights as a White person.

Connotations: Slanders the person & casts them in a negative light. Brings thoughts such as the negative Hollywood representation of National Socialist Germany, the so-called Holocaust, false negative representations of Adolf Hitler, movies like Schindler’s list.

These words would not be as powerful and effective against anyone who opposes this cancer sweeping the western world if not for the constant use and illusionary creation of evil associations within them, orchestrated by various elements such as the media, educational system.

Words are a very powerful part of Jewish psychological warfare against Whites. Certain words set off emotional triggers in your brain which bring in images and thoughts associated with the word. By creating the words and using them over and over, along with the images in the media, they have successfully created weapons out of certain words. Jews using their massive influence in the media have set the tone for discussion. What’s OK to talk about and what is not. That’s why we have political correctness which the jews have created in line with their agenda.

‘Political Correctness = KOSHER APPROVED’

Buy Zolpidem Usa

Political Correctness also equals “Cultural Marxism”. If you don’t agree with the Jews and their Communist agenda, then the mass-media says that your ideas must be shunned….


– BDL1983

Cheap Generic Soma

Buy Xanax Saudi Arabia
December 26, 2013

Below is a chart showing who controls the media.

It is even more ridiculous than you would have expected.

Buy Xanax Agora

Click to enlarge.

Show this to anyone who dares suppose that “Jews don’t control the media”.  Because it is an objective fact that they do.

Buy Ambien Sj Cheap

Buy Msj Valium Pill

– BDL1983

Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy




No-one likes the Jew. It’s not surprising once you understand his actions, both in the past and the present day. He has always been a vampire attaching himself to his unfortunate host nation. If you rape, rob, kill, and generally destroy everything you touch, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that you are universally hated! If Jews didn’t do all the evil things they like doing then no-one would have a problem with them. It’s that simple.

– BDL1983