Steaming Pile of Shit (Part 1)………..

Tony Abbott speaking at 2011 UIA Gala Dinner. Photo: Peter Haskin

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott addressed a packed room at Palladium at Crown in Melbourne as part of an Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) event on Monday.

With an election (elections being something Jews run – BDL1983) showdown looming, Abbott spoke about the challenges facing the country, including the national debt, infrastructure and government spending. He also spoke about the “extraordinary contribution” made by Jews to Australian society. (Sickening – BDL1983)

“Australia is the only country in the world, outside of Israel, where Jewish people have been chief justice, commander in chief of the army, and head of state,” Abbott said. (Yeah right arsehole….. Ever heard of the Jewnited Snakes of Amerikwa? Wingnut idiot! – BDL1983)

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What an inspiration Tony “Wingnut” Abbott is!!!

– Brett


13 thoughts on “Steaming Pile of Shit (Part 1)………..”

  1. You know, i worked out a long time ago that jews take advantage of the cretenous hatred of authority to enforce democracy and make sure we never get real leadership, until the best of us die out. It sure works, we can’t get rid of it.

    1. I usually draw my own box on the stupid voting slip and vote for Hitler! 88
      I know how ya feel man, Rudd and co are trying soooo hard to be real commies… but they can’t quite do it yet! Gotta keep the Democracy ruse going a bit longer…. …. to hell with ’em all. Theyre all bastards

  2. Whenever i read the word ‘philanthropy’, especially with the word Jew, i feel sick! He is a steaming pile of shit, Rudd too that chinaphile bastard!

    1. I know what you mean re philanthropy… Labor vs Liberal is tweedle dee vs tweedle dum…. The choice is akin to choosing between whether you’d like to be hung or shot; you end up dead either way!
      1488 mate

    2. Yeh jews are good at putting opposites together, its brainwashing. No Australian (anglo-saxon, germanic, not a faggot) would want to say those two words anywhere near each other.

      He is such a gaycunt. Seeing as we are all Australian I feel I can write like this.

  3. Abbott was instrumental in getting Pauline Hanson put behind bars. He is every bit as anti-white as Mandarin-yapping Kevin Rudd is. The only thing going in his favor is that he doesn’t have any kike kids. Although I bet he wishes he did.

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