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Israel’s new Ambassador-designate to Australia Shmuel Ben-Shmuel presented Vladimir Meskenas with the award recognising his parents Josifas and Agripina as Righteous Among the Nations.

ISRAEL’S new Ambassador to Australia Shmuel Ben-Shmuel paid tribute to two Lithuanians who have just been declared Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem at a service marking the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht in Sydney on Sunday night.

Addressing the 650-strong crowd at the Great Synagogue in his first communal address since arriving in the country, Ben-Shmuel said that Josifas and Agripina Meskenas – whose son and grandchildren live in NSW – showed great bravery when the Jewish people were in their greatest hour of need.

“They risked their lives by providing asylum for a young Jewish girl escaping Nazi forces in Lithuania,” Ben-Shmuel said.

“The Talmud tells us that whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saves the entire world,” Ben-Shmuel said.

“The late Josifas and Agripina are a shining example to everyone here tonight and for all of humanity.

Buy Soma Online Us To Us


Yeah, the Jews are still full of shit. They prove it every day with heroic stories like this!

– BDL1983

Generic Ambien Looks Like

This is a real oldie, but none-the-less a classic which shows who our current Prime Minister is beholden to!

May 5, 2008

Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, left, dean and spiritual leader of Sydney’s Yeshiva Centre, presents a silver menorah to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, left, dean and spiritual leader of Sydney’s Yeshiva Centre, presents a silver menorah to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visited Sydney’s Yeshiva Centre, his second-such appearance at the Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate headquarters in New South Wales and his first since addressing its annual dinner by video.

More than 600 people showed up for the Friday afternoon event, which also featured the presentation of silver menorah to Rudd.

“The menorah is a symbol of light,” said the prime minister after receiving the gift from Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, dean and spiritual leader of the Yeshiva Centre. “It is about the Jewish people’s tradition, in the words of the biblical prophet Isaiah, of being ‘a light unto the nations’ and illuminating this world with acts of goodness and kindness. … The yeshiva epitomizes those acts of goodness and kindness that serve as a force for good in the world.”

Read More:

I’ve highlighted the most sickening bits so I don’t have to go through it again!! That sums it up Australia:

Vote for Rudd or vote for Soma 350 Mg Side Effects?

Either one is a vote for the Jew…. That’s how they run our political system…..

– BDL1983

Buy Diazepam 5Mg

Have a read of this for some sickening Jewishness:

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada

A senior Australian rabbi who failed to stop an alleged paedophile from sexually abusing boys at a Sydney Jewish school said some of the man’s victims may have consented to sexual relations and warned that involving police now would ”open a can of worms”.

Former senior Sydney rabbi Boruch Dov Lesches, who is now one of New York’s leading ultra-Orthodox figures, made his remarks in a recent conversation with a person familiar with a series of alleged child rapes and molestation carried out by one man associated with Sydney’s Yeshiva community in the 1980s. Rabbi Lesches’ comments are likely to increase scrutiny of Australia’s senior rabbinical leaders’ handling of child sex abuse cases, amid allegations of cover-ups, victim intimidation and the hiding of perpetrators overseas.

In a legally recorded telephone conversation heard by Fairfax Media and provided to NSW detectives investigating the Sydney Yeshiva cases, Rabbi Lesches admitted to counselling the alleged abuser upon learning that he had sexually abused a boy a decade his junior. Rabbi Lesches said he told the man that both he and the boy would be forced to leave the Yeshiva community if he could not control his urges.

”If not, both of them would have to leave,” he said.

Rabbi Lesches, who never informed police of the abuse, said he did not know that the man had ignored his warning and gone on to sexually interfere with at least three other boys during the late ’80s. He said other Yeshiva leaders were responsible for supervising the man.

In the conversation, Rabbi Lesches suggested one of the man’s victims, who was aged about 11 at the time of the abuse, may have been a consensual partner. ”Everyone was telling different stories and trying to put the blame on someone else,” he said.

”We are speaking about very young boys … everybody says about the other one that ‘he agreed to this’.”

When challenged on his position that young boys could give consent, Rabbi Lesches replied, ”You would be surprised,” and added that some non-Jewish boys, who he termed ”goyim”, began acting or thinking sexually ”from the age of five”. He also said teenagers from poor backgrounds had ”nothing else to do in life, only thinking 24 hours about sex” with each other, members of their own families and even ”dogs”.

Rabbi Lesches also said reporting the alleged abusers to police so many years after incidents occurred would ”destroy them and their children” and cause pain for victims.

”Do not talk this way … when it is such a long time ago, everybody suffers,” he said. ”If you start to do something about it will not be productive.”

A traditional rule known as Mesirah, which prohibits a Jew from reporting another’s wrongdoing to non-Jewish authorities, remains a big influence in some ultra-Orthodox communities.

Rabbi Lesches, who did not respond to questions from Fairfax Media, is the third senior rabbinical leader to be identified as having known something about the abuse of boys at the Sydney Yeshiva in the ’80s.

In February, Fairfax Media reported how the alleged perpetrator, who was sent overseas, had recently admitted guilt to some of his victims and told of how the centre’s spiritual leader, Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, once warned him to stop what he was doing.

Order Ambien Online Usa

Above: Rabbi Pinchus Feldman……. ugly kike.

In response to that story, Rabbi Feldman released a statement saying he had no recollection of anyone confessing to him their involvement in child sexual abuse 25 years ago.

In early March, another senior rabbinical leader, Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, admitted he did not contact police after a young boy contacted him more than 20 years ago to report sexual abuse at Bondi’s Yeshiva.

Rabbi Gutnick, who heads the Organisation of Rabbis of Australasia, said he received an anonymous phone call and alerted senior members of the Yeshiva to the boy’s claims. He said that with the benefit of hindsight ”I would have probably called the police”.

Rabbi Gutnick is understood to have told Bondi detectives recently all that he could recall about the phone call. In a statement published in the Australian Jewish News earlier this year, he said he ”felt deeply saddened that I had not recognised what I only now know was a legitimate cry for help”.

Read More:

Further Link:

This story’s a month old but I only just got round to reading it….. Worth the read eh.

– BDL1983

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From Cheap Generic Soma

Odinists come in many different sizes, shapes, and political allegiances. But this writer has never met one who believes that the power of the state should prevail over the rights of individuals. The call to the individual conscience that is one of the keystones of Odinist morality is tolerated, nowadays, in times of peace. But when the State, that “coldest of all cold monsters”, feels itself to be under threat, it is quick to turn on all free-thinkers – and Odinists are no exception.

Australia’s first prominent Odinist, Alexander Rud Mills (1885-1964) attended Melbourne University as a classmate of future Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. Mills became a solicitor and a poet, and his free-thinking nature was probably encouraged by his friendship with W.D. Cookes, the Director of the Rationalist Association of Australia. In the spirit of Odinist inquiry, he traveled with Sidney Webb to the Soviet Union, and was disgusted by Soviet collectivism and contempt for individuality. As his spiritual affinity with our ancestral religion grew, he published a series of books on the old religion. One of his earliest texts was Hael! Odin!, published in 1933 under the name Tasman Forth. From the same year came a discussion of the Christian ethic in politics called And Fear Shall be in the Way. Probably his best-known book was The Call of our Ancient Nordic Religion, which is still available in several libraries.

Buy Xanax Saudi Arabia

Rud Mills

By 1936 Mills was advocating the establishment of an Odinist church, the Anglecyn Church of Odin. He was recruiting converts to the old faith, and according to one historian, Barbara Winter (The Australia First Movement and the Publicist, 1936-1942, Glass House Books, 2005), by about 1934 “up to 120 members [i.e. Odinists] used to practice ‘the Ritual’ every Thursday evening and hold Odinist ceremonies on Mills’ land at Croydon”. The future of Australian Odinism looked assured. Then, with the onset of World War II, Australia itself looked to be threatened.

At the beginning of the war there were several possible attitudes that people might take. One was that Australia’s long-term security was bound up with the fate of the British Empire. This was the view of the Prime Minister, Mills’ old classmate, Sir Robert Menzies. On the 3rd of September 1939 Menzies broadcast that Australia was now a participant in a war he variously described as a “tragedy”, a “wanton crime”, and an “agony”. Some took a different attitude. The war in Europe didn’t affect Australia directly, and Australia’s armed forces might well be required to defend their homeland if Japan advanced southwards. The chief proponent of this isolationist position was the Australia First Movement, which urged that “Australia should look to its own interests without regard to the total allied strategy”. This movement was supported by the poet Ian Mudie, novelist Miles Franklin, Sir Thomas Gordon, Adela Pankhurst Walsh of the famous suffragette family, and the Women’s Guild of Empire. It was led by Percy Reginald Stephenson (1901-1965).

“Inky” Stephenson was a prominent man of letters. He had been taught Latin at Maryborough Boys’ Grammar School by Gordon Child, and gone on to study arts at the University of Queensland, where he became a close friend of the writer and future prominent communist, Jack Lindsay, and the famous grammarian Eric Partridge – and also became member number 45 of the Australian Communist Party (later denouncing communism as “only banditry disguised as a political philosophy”.) In 1924 he gained a Rhodes Scholarship, and after his studies at Oxford he became manager of the Franfrolico Press in 1927. Here he published authors like Aldous Huxley, Jack Lindsay, Hugh McCrae and Kenneth Slessor. He translated and published Nietzsche’s The Antichrist in 1929, and after moving to the Mandrake Press he published DH Lawrence’s paintings, the first English edition of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and works by Aleister Crowley. On returning to Australia in 1932 he became managing director of the Australian Book Publishing Company, and brought out works by Norman Lindsay, Banjo Paterson, Henry Handel Richardson, Eleanor Dark, Randolph Hughes and Xavier Herbert.

Stephenson was no lightweight, and no disgruntled “outsider” figure. All his life he had advanced the careers of new, and particularly Australian, writers. It was probably inevitable that he would adopt the isolationist position with regard to the war in Europe. In September 1941, Stephenson launched the Australia First Movement.

At the outbreak of the war the Federal Government had passed a “National Security Act” giving the authorities sweeping powers to rule by regulation. In effect, Australia (like Britain under Churchill) had moved close to being a dictatorship.

By 1942 there were 6,780 people held in Australian concentration camps, including foreign nationals and people perceived as political dissidents. A parliamentary faction led by the member for Bondi, Abram Landa, and the Labor backbencher SM Falstein, began agitating to have the leaders of the Australia First Movement incarcerated. (Note the two Jews: Landa and Falstein….. – BDL1983)

Rud Mills had had some contact with Inky Stephenson. To start with, he had sent another Odinist, Leslie Cahill, to Sydney to try to convert Stephenson to Odinism. He had also written articles for Stephenson’s monthly, The Publicist. Finally, when Stephenson came under government suspicion, Mills wrote a letter that was intercepted, offering him legal advice. At the urging of Landa and Falstein, Stephenson was arrested on the 20th of March, 1942, and interned for three years, five months and one week. With him in the concentration camps, guarded by machine guns and barbed wire and starved of rations, were about twenty other members of Australia First. These people were prisoners of conscience in the strictest Amnesty International sense of the phrase. (Not one was ever charged with a single offence.)

(Jews behind putting Australian patriots in concentration camps; how ironic – BDL1983)

Soon to join them was Leslie Kevin Cahill. He had enlisted on the 20th of January 1942, and served as an army private. For having tried to convert Stephenson to Odinism, he was arrested on the 10th of March. He ended up at Loveday concentration camp in South Australia, where he was held until the 6th of February 1944.

Now it was the turn of Rud Mills. On the 10th of March, 1942, Major Ted Hattam of Military Intelligence and Sub-Inspector Birch of the Victorian CIB Special Branch called at his Canterbury flat. Apparently believing that Mills’ faith in his ancestral Gods would somehow make him pro-German, they searched his premises, but found nothing incriminating. He remained free until the 7th of May, when he was taken under armed guard to a detention camp in Broadmeadows. From there he was sent to Loveday. Mills was forced to appear before a military tribunal in July 1942. Despite having been systematically starved of rations for three months, and despite having at least once been beaten with a rifle by a sadistic camp guard, he still put up a good showing. The tribunal recommended that he be released without restriction. On the 17th of December 1942 he walked out of Loveday concentration camp as a free man.

In 1944 the Attorney-General, Dr Evatt, set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the detention without trial of Australian citizens. Rud Mills was tormented for three days in the witness stand, but failed to crack.

In its report, the Commission concluded that “after the outbreak of war he [Mills] had not disclosed in his conduct any hostility to the allied cause”. One might wonder why they thought he would. After all, Sir Robert Menzies had also done everything he could to avoid the war. Even as late as the 18th of August 1939 he had argued that the British and Germans “have more in common than not, and the things we argue about are mere froth on the surface”. (Too true…. We are almost identical racial stock!….. – BDL1983)

This was precisely the point that Mills had made in the 1930s. But Mills’ internment had shown that what was an acceptable sentiment in the mouth of a Christian politician was unacceptable from the pen of an Odinist poet. Others took the point. Most of the Odinist circle faded away. The Anglecyn Church of Odin either dissolved or went very deeply underground. Leslie Cahill vanished from public life so completely that no photo of him is known to survive. Rud Mills fought for compensation for his illegal imprisonment, but received nothing. The book that he planned to write about his incarceration never appeared.

Ironically, Odinists in Germany were also persecuted at the same time as Rud Mills. Members of Odinist or heathen organisations were harassed by the security police and banned from joining the dominant Nazi party (NSDAP). From June 1941 their organisations were formally banned, their assets confiscated, and some of their leaders sent to concentration camps.



A nephew of Rud Mills and Evelyn Price was bequeathed the copyright to all of Rud Mills’ published and unpublished works, photos and other memorabilia by Evelyn. She also designated him Mills’  literary executor.

This generous man has now signed and dated  (12 September 2011) a formal statement. In it he freely transfers all residual rights in Mills’ literary estate to the Odinic Rite of Australia.

Essentially, this means that no-one else can legally publish or re-print any of Mills’ intellectual property without first obtaining permission from the Odinic Rite of Australia.

The repercussions of this man’s generosity will presumably become apparent in the months and years to come. For the moment, suffice it to say that several individuals and groups hostile both to Mills and to Odinism have quoted from Mills’ writings at unlawful length, and have also illegally used his private photographs and other intellectual property.

While the Odinic Rite of Australia is certainly not litigious, we are now in a position to warn people hostile to Mills and to Odinism that they should obey the law in future.


Interesting article…..

If anyone is wondering: I don’t subscribe to ANY organised religion, Odinism, Christianity etc. I use the Celtic Cross and Odinist symbols wherever I like; not for any religious purpose but simply because these symbols are bound very tightly into the history of the White Race and they appeal to me aesthetically!

– BDL1983

Order Xanax To Canada

I love these stories of Jews fighting each other over MONEY!! It’s good to have a laugh!!!! -BDL1983

Buy Diazepam Glasgow

Oy Vey, ve have to pay zome money, oy: Rabbis Pinchus and Yossi Feldman.

A BETH din has ordered Rabbi Pinchus Feldman and his son Rabbi Yossi Feldman to pay more than $1.6 million to another rabbi who claims he is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Rabbi Shabsi Tayar allegedly loaned more than $1 million to the Feldmans while he worked at the Yeshiva Centre and associated entities in Sydney for more than 11 years.

When the money wasn’t repaid and Yeshiva was months behind in salary payments, Rabbi Tayar was forced to move to Melbourne, where he initially lived with his wife’s parents because he couldn’t afford to pay rent.

After summoning the Feldmans to a beth din, the presiding three rabbis were agreed upon by both parties. Earlier this month, those rabbis ruled that the Feldmans had to pay Rabbi Tayar more than $1.6 million.

To date, Rabbi Tayar has been paid two instalments totalling less than $500 since the decision was handed down.

Rabbi Tayar confirmed the details of the case to The AJN, saying he is on the brink of bankruptcy.

However, he didn’t want to discuss the case further.

Read More:

Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss

Note how the Rabbis have their own “Beth Din” “Rabbi Court” to settle THEIR disputes away from the Goyim! – BDL1983