A Conversation About Endless Internet Activity & Nothing Ever Really Happening in the Real World

It must end..... but how do we end it?
It must end….. but how do we end it?

I recently just took a week and a half off of blogging. I needed a bit of a break from constant internet ‘surfing’ and going through all the news etc. Sometimes you just get sick to fucking death of it all – the same old scenario of fucked up new stories everyday. It gets very repetitive (as you probably are fully aware!) spending most of your time analysing what the Jews have been up to.

We already know what the agenda is: Jews want to rule the entire world from their home bases of New York, London, Tel-Aviv, and Hollywood. They get to maintain their international swindling HQ over there in Edomite land (a land for Edomite Jews only; falsely called Israel), and the rest of the world will live in a big Commie pig-pen where everyone is nothing more than a bunch of mixed-race, culture-free, consuming, mindless idiots. That’s the promise from these wonderful enlightening rat-faced Edomite Jew bastards! We also know that Racial Nationalism/National Socialism are the only known antidotes to the Jewish problem. Right. So what do we do about this in the real world? Is there any point in me doing all this internet-based activism? Sometimes I really don’t know….

One of the engine rooms driving the Yids toward the goal of world domination
One of the engine rooms driving the Yids toward the goal of world domination

Anyway, I was having this particular conversation on Skype with John Hardon and Cairo last weekend and it seems I’m not the only one who’s fast growing sick and tired of our real-world political impotence. The general feeling that all three of us agreed on is described by John quite well in this post (although I wouldn’t say that the Daily Stormer is good for the Jews, but I think you get the gist of what John is saying there). Basically our general feeling is that the Jews will let us have these blogs/internet sites because it is a good avenue for us to ‘let off steam’ and continue to do nothing in the real world. We just happily sit here blogging and preaching to the already converted, in general. I know this is true because over time blogs get more and more popular as traffic increases due to more search engine hits. The traffic from other sites ‘in-the-know’ hasn’t really increased that much over time and this is because it’s the same people doing their daily rounds of the ‘anti-Semite’ sites. I know, I do the same thing myself!

So, yeah, John Hardon has taken a bit of time away from blogging lately and I don’t blame him. He’s not stopping it all-together and neither am I. Although I might streamline this site a bit and post less often to avoid a serious case of ‘bloggiosis’ (blog fatigue). I’ll probably be writing more of my own stuff and not bothering with as many reposts from other sites, maybe. We’ll see. I think that’s the direction I’ll head in anyway. Who knows – I’ll probably change my mind as the Jew news pisses me off again and I have to vent!………

Whatever, it’s just a few thoughts on things of late.


9 thoughts on “A Conversation About Endless Internet Activity & Nothing Ever Really Happening in the Real World”

  1. Instead of waiting for the next Hitler to come to our rescue, we should come to our own and not rush destiny – let the deteriorating world motivate us to act upon the words born of our own tongue.

  2. It’s a battle for hearts and minds my man, these putrid kikes cannot control their greed and their urge to fuck everyone over, we are riding a wave that will soon turn into a tsunami. Don’t despair brother, momentum is on our side and when the shithole they call the U.S.A collapses
    (and this will be sooner than we think) the anger will be unstoppable! Remember that truth and god are on our side, these are the two things these subhuman vermin fear most! There are a lot more of us than you and they think, 1488, SIEG HEIL!!

  3. Hello again!!
    Yes I totally agree with you about getting sick of all the unhappiness in the world, I too have to take time away from all media, as it can get really depressing.
    Everyones just so brain washed and, it really gets me down, the fact that people just dont seem to care about whats really going on in the world.
    I honestly think people want to believe the lie, its easier than waking up to reality.

    So thank you for this site, although I dont agree with everything on here, I am glad that people like you exist, I appreciate the time you put into this site.
    Its good to know im not the only one who questions the reality of our world.

    1. Cheers! Kind words are much appreciated! If you have any questions about stuff on this site I’ll be happy to explain my position. It’s the herd mentality of the masses – easier to follow the lie than stray from the herd!

  4. Yes I actually have a lot of questions I would like to ask, but Im very shy, I would much prefer to ask my questions privately, I looked for an admin email on your site but coudnt find one.
    You have my email, perhaps we could talk if you have the time.

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