Israeli Knesset: Internet Antisemitism is “Like a Tsunami Wave”

Just remember this you Jew motherfuckers - God (the one you hate) is with us!!!! We are the embodiment of truth!
Just remember this you Jew motherfuckers – God (the one you hate) is with us!!!! We are the embodiment of truth!

Note: Regarding yesterdays post about the futility of internet activism – I can’t deny it: Ten days off of blogging and I feel like I’ve renewed the fire and hatred of our enemies!! I think I just needed a short refresher break……

This post here by Andre has reinspired me:

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer


That’s right. We’re taking it back.

It seems the Jews have caught on to our little internet community here, and are preparing to take action against us in order to save themselves from being rounded-up and gassed with disinfectant spray.

Seriously though.  If I had total control of the government, the only thing I would do to the Jews is strip them of their assets and send them all back to Israel.  I wouldn’t even bother putting most of them on trial, unless they were clearly responsible for murder or ripping off more than a hundred million dollars as part of one of these insane banking scams.

I just want rid of these people.  It is only their intrinsic, genetic narcissism that leads them to believe we want their diseased blood on our hands.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Anti-Semitism on the net is “like a tsunami wave,” Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Committee chairman MK Yoel Razbozov said during a Sunday hearing on online hate speech.

Razbozov called for countries to enact legislation restricting online hate, and warned that if Jews will not act to combat the spread of anti-Semitism online, they will eventually “find themselves in mortal danger.”

Representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, the Israeli Internet Association and the Anti-Defamation League, among other bodies, testified regarding the dangers of online hate and discussed methods of combating disinformation about Jews and Israel.

The Anti-Defamation League testified regarding its ongoing relationship with Internet hosting company GoDaddy to take down anti-Semitic websites, citing some 30 sites it said were taken down by the American company.

[…]The World Zionist Organization established a communications center for combating hate online and is beginning two pilot courses for training Israelis to engage in this struggle, WZO Department for Countering Anti-Semitism chief Yaakov Hagoel told lawmakers.

“I don’t see us winning the battle but at least we are putting up a fight,” he said.

While combating disinformation with facts and taking anti-Semitism offline were both tactics discussed during the meeting, only the former will have any substantial impact, committee member MK Dov Lipman told The Jerusalem Post.

“I fear that we are fighting a losing battle,” he said. “I am convinced that our focus should be on getting Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and urge websites to remove anti-Semitic materials and not with setting up our own sites and pages to negate the anti-Semitism. I will present this proposal to the chairman of the committee and will push hard for this to be the government’s direction.”

Hear that, folks?  This tsunami wave cannot be fought with logical arguments, it must be stamped out by authoritarian decree.  If it could be debated away, these Jews could just invite me to the Knesset and we could have a public, moderated debate, and just get this “Jewish Problem” business all cleared up once and for all.

And I ask ye – where, oh where, is the peak of this tsunami wave of digital hatred for the filthy parasitical Jew?

Right here, brothers and sisters, at the Daily Stormer.

Don’t touch that dial.

Let the games begin, kikes.

Let the games begin, kikes.

Click to visit Source Article
Click to visit Source Article

Fuck these rat-faced KIKES!!! 14/88 – Sieg Heil!!!

– BDL1983

A Conversation About Endless Internet Activity & Nothing Ever Really Happening in the Real World

It must end..... but how do we end it?
It must end….. but how do we end it?

I recently just took a week and a half off of blogging. I needed a bit of a break from constant internet ‘surfing’ and going through all the news etc. Sometimes you just get sick to fucking death of it all – the same old scenario of fucked up new stories everyday. It gets very repetitive (as you probably are fully aware!) spending most of your time analysing what the Jews have been up to.

We already know what the agenda is: Jews want to rule the entire world from their home bases of New York, London, Tel-Aviv, and Hollywood. They get to maintain their international swindling HQ over there in Edomite land (a land for Edomite Jews only; falsely called Israel), and the rest of the world will live in a big Commie pig-pen where everyone is nothing more than a bunch of mixed-race, culture-free, consuming, mindless idiots. That’s the promise from these wonderful enlightening rat-faced Edomite Jew bastards! We also know that Racial Nationalism/National Socialism are the only known antidotes to the Jewish problem. Right. So what do we do about this in the real world? Is there any point in me doing all this internet-based activism? Sometimes I really don’t know….

One of the engine rooms driving the Yids toward the goal of world domination
One of the engine rooms driving the Yids toward the goal of world domination

Anyway, I was having this particular conversation on Skype with John Hardon and Cairo last weekend and it seems I’m not the only one who’s fast growing sick and tired of our real-world political impotence. The general feeling that all three of us agreed on is described by John quite well in this post (although I wouldn’t say that the Daily Stormer is good for the Jews, but I think you get the gist of what John is saying there). Basically our general feeling is that the Jews will let us have these blogs/internet sites because it is a good avenue for us to ‘let off steam’ and continue to do nothing in the real world. We just happily sit here blogging and preaching to the already converted, in general. I know this is true because over time blogs get more and more popular as traffic increases due to more search engine hits. The traffic from other sites ‘in-the-know’ hasn’t really increased that much over time and this is because it’s the same people doing their daily rounds of the ‘anti-Semite’ sites. I know, I do the same thing myself!

So, yeah, John Hardon has taken a bit of time away from blogging lately and I don’t blame him. He’s not stopping it all-together and neither am I. Although I might streamline this site a bit and post less often to avoid a serious case of ‘bloggiosis’ (blog fatigue). I’ll probably be writing more of my own stuff and not bothering with as many reposts from other sites, maybe. We’ll see. I think that’s the direction I’ll head in anyway. Who knows – I’ll probably change my mind as the Jew news pisses me off again and I have to vent!………

Whatever, it’s just a few thoughts on things of late.


Daily Stormer Hacked!

From The Daily Stormer:

The site was compromised yesterday, and I have been trying my best to get things back working again.

Besides redirecting to Wikipedia, over 700 posts were deleted from the site.  It appears they were playing some kind of game.  In particular, original posts which I and other Daily Stormer writers put up were deleted.

We will continue to make updates during this period, but they will likely be slower, as I am attempting to figure out how to restore the deleted posts.

If it turns out they cannot be restored, that is just the way it is, and we will continue to move forward.

Please continue to support us in any way you can.

Hail Victory

Andrew Anglin, Publisher
October 31, 2013


My take:

I woke up the other morning, logged on to upload a new article, and noticed how the post counter had gone down significantly. I immediately knew something was wrong, so naturally I told Andre about the problem.

As any regular reader of the Daily Stormer knows, Andre’s site has been doing really well lately. It ranks 122,753 on the Alexa rankings. Obviously it has been reaching a fairly large audience and gaining some loyal readers. Well, this is just unacceptable if you happen to be a dirty stinking hook-nosed, rat-faced kike!

Somehow, Schlomo Goldbergwitzstein from Tel Aviv must have hacked in and fucked around with the page directory thing, and wiped a heap of posts. I have no fucking idea how these arseholes do it, but it is a testament to the fact that Andre’s site is clearly making some ‘shekel-loving-Yids‘ shit themselves. I’m proud to say that I’m a contributer to the Daily Stormer with a few articles and a few reposts, here and there. At least half of the stuff I posted was wiped clean. Maybe its a small badge of honour? I don’t know. What I do know is that Andre and Ben do most of the work at the Daily Stormer, and I do my (much smaller) bit. If anyone has any spare time and wants to help out, then contact Andre at [email protected]. It helps hurt the Jews, so support Andre’s efforts on this great news site.

A commenter on The Daily Stormer summed up what I was thinking perfectly. (I just couldn’t find the quote instantly)

“Anyone who picks up a Jewish newspaper in the morning and does not see himself slandered in it has not made profitable use of the previous day; for if he had, he would be persecuted, reviled, slandered, abused, befouled.” – Adolf Hitler

Their attacks are proof that they are scared.

So true. You don’t get attacked if your work doesn’t threaten the hook-nosed enemy!

– Brett

The Daily Stormer

From Total Fascism:

Daily Stormer


At long last, the promised White National news site is now up.

The Daily Stormer is a comprehensive news site for the White European Race.  We will cover not simply news relating directly to the cause, but all areas of life which affect our people.

The site will be updated multiple times per day, with both original stories and those drawn from elsewhere on the web – both mainstream and independent sources.  We will also be featuring extensive video and radio material.

I have organized an excellent team, which I believe is well capable of maintaining the greatest news site on the web.  I would like to thank, presently, Ed, Clement, Ben and Julian for being a part of this Great Enterprise.

Please, check it out and give your feedback – positive or negative.

Putting this together was a surprisingly massive endeavor, and it is certain there are to be bugs, so consider this a beta version, and bring any problems you have to my attention.

The ultimate goal of the Daily Stormer is to provide a central point on the internet for racially conscientious White European people in America and across the world.

Hail Victory.


Check out the Daily Stormer:

Top notch effort from Andre and co!

Looks similar to Newsnet14 (another great white news service)

Sieg Heil! 1488

– BDL1983

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