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December 26, 2013

Below is a chart showing who controls the media.

It is even more ridiculous than you would have expected.

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk

Click to enlarge.

Show this to anyone who dares suppose that “Jews don’t control the media”.  Because it is an objective fact that they do.

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

Generic Ambien Looks Like

– BDL1983

Buy Diazepam 5Mg

This is one of Andre’s old articles, but it deserves repeating.

From Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada:

The idiot politically correct, cultural Marxist gibberish that is drilled into our brains from the time we can understand spoken language tells us that race does not exist, and that what we call race is simply an expression of culture.  The reality, however, is that culture is an expression of race.  This is why African blacks, many of who were totally isolated from one another for thousands of years, lived a very similar lifestyle, had very similar beliefs.  Their race was that which had adapted to the land they lived on, and their culture was a manifestation of this.  They lived in a harsh land, which required much violence, and thus they are a physical people with incredibly high testosterone.  But the Jew, with his cultural Marxist religious dogma, would have us believe that the physique of the black man is some type of cultural phenomena.  This is ridiculous and idiotic on the face of it.

It is not so long ago that whites understood the concept of race.  All of our grandparents surely understood it.  Not because they were “racialists,” sitting around thinking about it, but because it is such an obvious reality that it requires a massive brainwashing program, beginning in very early childhood, to cause a person to deny its existence.  The non-white races of the world are still very familiar with this concept today; all East Asians have a militant racial pride.  Yasuhiro Nakasone, the former Prime Minister of Japan, stated that Japan was a “homogeneous nation” with “one ethnicity, one state and one language.”  This attitude is surely not due to stupidity.

Having spent several years living in various Asian countries, I have had a chance to directly observe the characteristics of different races, being immersed among them.  East Asians have not merely the obvious physical differences – which the Jews will no doubt claim at some point don’t exist either – but an entirely different emotional and psychological framework.  Forgive me for stating the obvious, but regrettably it is necessary: emotional and psychological structure are as biological as physique.  Should we not expect people with an entirely different physical form to also have variant brain patterns?  Is not (what appears to white men as) the cold, detached culture of the East Asian societies a manifestation of these neural structures, which are in turn a manifestation of the genetic heritage of their ancestors, passed down through their DNA in the very same way as their squinted eyes and lack of muscle mass?

Can you imagine what the Jew thinks of you, that they are capable of telling you “race doesn’t exist” with a straight face?  These same people who pass laws about race mixing in their own alleged home country?  Does this not make you angry, to be lied to in such a flagrant and extreme fashion?

Remember your Ancestors

We are, all of us, nothing more or less than the collective genetic heritage of our ancestors.  We know this, somewhere deep in us, and this is what the “white guilt” phenomena plays on – if race doesn’t exist, why are we conditioned that we are supposed to feel guilty for black slavery and the alleged Holocaust of the Jews?

But our ancestors are not what the Jews would have us believe.  The White race has always been a proud and noble people.  Our physical achievements in constructing complex civilizations, which are often cited by White Nationalists as the proof of our greatness, are the least of our achievements; we have a compassion and a morality that goes far and beyond that of most peoples on the planet.  We developed a legal code and political system for the express purpose of providing justice and equality to all men.  We have created the most beautiful art on the planet, an expression of our genetically rooted respect for the beauty of existence.

All of this comes from our ancestors.  Because that is what race is. It is the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual heritage of our forefathers.  To deny the existence of your race is to deny everything you are.

Get up off your knees, white man.

Order Ambien Online Usa

Buy Diazepam By Paypal
Is race really a social construct? Good luck explaining this picture….

Merry Christmas to everyone who likes this site!

(I just realised that I reposted this back in July…. whatever, like I said, it deserved repeating!)

– BDL1983

Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk

This article comes from a new blog called Cheap Generic Soma“. It’s definitely worth a look!

Buy Xanax Saudi Arabia

White man – this is your enemy! Leader of Anti-Defamation League , ‘Abe Foxman’ , One of the biggest Jewish organizations in America pushing for white genocide in the name of anti-racism!

White male – #1 Enemy of Jews!!!

The Jews have changed the demographics of former exclusively white nations into world nations, nations without a distinct people, without a distinct culture, but a melting pot designed to assimilate the white population out of existence. The word “Melting pot” was coined by Israel Zangwill (Jew) in 1908 who created the play ‘The Melting Pot’ Which promoted his idea of a mongrelized population. If this Jewish madness continues, we Whites in our own countries will be assimilated out of existence. Wiped off the face of the earth in the interest of a mentally insane minority. The Jews kill us, enslave us, they destroy the very fabric of our spirit. Jews will continue to destroy us in every way possible until we stand up against them.

The Jews would love to wipe out the white race completely by physical means. They would love to repeat another World War 2 and cause us to slaughter our own brothers again. The Jews now have taken the slower approach by promoting race mixing in every media outlet possible. From the Hollywood movies, to ads on television. They have promoted black males as masculine, promoting the gangster rap culture, injecting into minds of white women everywhere that the black man is the ideal man for them. In comparison the white male is promoted as weak and stupid especially on the television where one sees white male bashing everyday. TV shows will often have white male homosexuals as guests, TV adverts often show white men as stupid and the women as the smarter ones. The main focus of this is to destroy the masculinity of the white male, and to masculinize the women. Jews using television against us have created a false representation of reality.

On one Jewish octopus tentacle they have latched onto the media poisoning our brains, and on another Jewish tenacle they have changed our immigration policy to assimilate our race out of existence. Jews use every method possible to destroy our civilizations and our beautiful race. One may become confused about the immigration issue if they do not understand the Jewish mind behind it. People who are wise will realize that the white populations cannot handle this influx of people, No population control, no facilities or jobs, yet we are told that millions upon millions of non-whites coming into our lands is somehow advancing the country. In reality the Jews know exactly what they are doing, it has taken them many, many years to open our immigration polices to the entire world. The Jews are very patient. Once people understand the sinister plot, they will understand why there is no population control, or why the Government doesn’t care if there is enough jobs. Because their intentions come from hatred, they plan to disrupt and destabilize and completely destroy the health of the nation.

The Jew is acting in this way due to his DNA. His behavior is engraved within his very soul. The end goal of the Jewish biological threat is the complete destruction of the White race, humanity and the overall world. The Jew is the ultimate destroyer of everything, and in the end he will lead himself to his own destruction.

Buy Xanax Agora

Yep, this guy certainly knows the right stuff!!

– BDL1983

Cheap Valium From India

Listen up White Australians, and every other member of the White Race around the world. This is no fucking joke. The future of our race, and our very genetic existence is at stake.

Take a look at this short trailer clip for a new show called ‘Order Xanax To Canada‘ on Buy Diazepam Glasgow, Australia:


Not included in this clip, but in the SBS advert for the show, is a bit where the ‘coloured‘ host says something along the lines of:

“I can’t wait until Australia’s national pastime is making fun of White people”

And while poking at the eyes of a white doll, he says to a White person on the street, something like:

“Just look at him. Does he represent the typical Australian, with his beady, racist, blue eyes?”

It goes something like that anyway (I’m only going from the top of my head here). It’s a situation where if the races were switched, there would be a national, no, international outrage overnight, about the evil White racists on TV.

So Whitey, do you really feel like being the butt of the joke in the country your ancestors built? Should you stand for that? National humiliation from a bunch of mud parasites sent here by the JEW to destroy your genetic right to exist? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Nope. I’m highlighting the sort of stuff which will continue to flood the mainstream Jew TV propaganda machine, until we virtually cease to exist. It’s not a joke. This is why they are allowing the muds to swarm in, RIGHT NOW! It’s to get rid of you, Whitey, from existing in any place on the face of the earth. We have nowhere left to turn because all our countries are being flooded with coloured invaders. No-ones flooding all the coloured shithole nations. Nope. It’s only our White nations which are being systematically destroyed by the Jewish Multiculti machine.

Regarding the TV show: What a fucking load of shit! This is what we are supposed to uphold as ‘Australian culture’? Fuck off! I’m fucking angry, and I’ve had enough of all this bullshit that people watch on TV. It is all fucking crap, and a complete waste of time. You may as well be dead if all you plan on doing is watching the fucking TV while your race DIES!

Fuck the Jews, and all the coloured swarms who wish to deny our White Race the right to survive and live freely in our own territories, that WE CONQUERED! As for the ‘Multiculti Do-Gooder Whites’, I hope the Jews DESTROY you too, because YOU deserve it!

Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss (The UN’s run by Jews, so forget that, I was only illustrating the point)

Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy So FUCK YOU if you are offended!

Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.



He certainly was right.