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9 thoughts on “This Is Just So Upsetting”

  1. Lol So typical of the hypocrite Jews. They want Bolshevik red terror genocide of the best Goyim, yet want NS style pure racial nationalism in the Zionist bandit state, calling this murderous plump Zio-penguin a hero for kosher slaughtering so many Arab Gentiles, (Yet Hitler is a “Eeevieel Anti sheemite oy vey oy vey remember the 6666 billion in the shoah evil White Nazi goy!”. Dunno whever to laugh my ass off or throw up, both might be best!

    1. Since they control media for the most part , they make being a right wing nationalist ,Bolshevik backstabbing money grubbing , murdering , anti god parasite sound respectable ! God should have finished the job , when they sold him out for the golden calf

  2. What a waste of money keeping that rat on life support for 8 fucking years! I can’t believe that. I would’ve gladly given a bullet, or several. Cheer! S

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Good riddance to a fucking evil hooknosed rat!! At least in death he will be useful, by providing food for worms. Rot in hell vermin!

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