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The Jews are behind it all….

“If you own something, you will fight to protect it. If not, someone will come along and take it”.

The above statement holds true, whether you are talking about your own personal property, your family’s property, or your country’s resources and assets. The scale doesn’t matter – the principle remains the same.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed that the economies of our formerly White ‘Nations’ (for want of a better word) are not what they used to be. Manufacturing and Agriculture have steadily declined since the 1970’s, and now we’ve reached the point where we hardly do either of these things at all. When a country no longer does any productive work, it tends to struggle to convince the rest of the world that its currency is worth anything. But don’t despair, for it is easy to identify the forces at work systematically gutting Western economies – namely the World Trade Organisation with its ‘Free Trade Agreements’, the U.N with its I.P.C.C. Global Warming hoax, the International Monetary Fund & World Bank which works extremely closely with the WTO, and then finally the international force which created the U.N/WTO/World Bank/IMF power structure – The Jew! Let us never forget that it is the Jew who drives this push for world domination!

In the real world you’ll find that economies are not anywhere near as complicated as the TV (electric Jew) pretends. The animal world lives and deals with its own economic systems, but the key point is that their economic systems, whilst simple, are in tune with and deal only with natural, real quantities. The real purpose of money is to facilitate an easier and more efficient exchange of goods, as opposed to bartering, which would be very tiresome! There is no other legitimate purpose or use for money, none! Where did humans go wrong? The answer is that we are living under the unnatural, parasitic rule of a ‘financial system’ which is at odds with every naturally developed real economy. If ‘finance’ is not in tune with the same principles which uphold economic reality, then eventual failure is the only possible outcome.

Buy Valium Hua Hin
And Free Trade Agreements are just one more thing we want you to accept!!

This is why we are in the mess that we are in:

Free Trade Agreements

Free Trade translates in simple terms to ‘no National borders’. When you have no National borders, you have no protection, no way of guarding anything from International Communist thieves. Immediately there is a huge problem. What usually happens to unguarded assets? Answer – they disappear! This is precisely what has happened, and continues to happen in the Western world. National Economic Protectionism was the only way of stopping this from happening, but slowly the ‘pro-Jew’ forces dismantled the tariff system and chipped away at our national economic barriers, leading to the grave problems we see now.

The question of ‘Free Trade’ or a robust National Economy is one of either/or. If you accept Free Trade, then you will just be integrated into the global economic melting pot, and you should expect a living standard no better than the average Asiatic peasant. That’s the reality of the situation. On the other hand, if you support (and are willing to fight for) a robust National Economy where assets and resources are protected, then you can expect your standard of living to also be protected. It’s that simple. We Whites have a higher standard of living for the most obvious of reasons – we are simply more capable of producing a well functioning society than others. It’s none of that crap about privilege!  We are more adept at creating and running healthy societies, so why shouldn’t we protect our living standards? There is no logical reason why we shouldn’t!

As we know, the Free Trade Agreements are reached every time one of our gutless Jew-controlled politicians goes on a holiday to New York to meet with the Jews at the U.N. As they create more and more Free Trade Agreements, it stands to reason that the new FTA’s are going to knock down bigger ‘barriers’ every time. They all started off small – just knocking down National Trade barriers to consolidate into regional blocks. Now things are really accelerating since the Jew Fractional Reserve Debt-based money system is forcing their hand (Ponzi Scheme out of control). Regional blocks are now being integrated just to keep the money system going – all at the expense of our way of life!

Buy Adipex In Canada

Another powerful weapon in the propaganda armoury of the Communist Jews at the U.N. is the Cheap Valium For Sale or Buy Alprazolam Australiahoax. This Buy Valium 10 Mg Online is the key to successfully guilt-tripping all the White Nations into allowing their industries to be shut down. You are supposed to feel guilty about all that horrible polluting the evil White man has done over the last hundred years, and from there you are supposed to turn a blind eye to your country being shut down. “After all, it’ll help stop Climate Change if we de-industrialise – let’s set an example for the rest of the world”, says the ‘do-gooder’ White, all the while ignoring the fact that China and India and every other third-world cesspit nation will just carry on polluting (and they do real polluting, not the harmless CO2 style ‘polluting’ these idiots are going on about). Since Free Trade Agreements have led to western de-industrialisation, you can see how handy this Global Warming hoax is in getting White western populations to accept their own economic demise. These Communist Jews are experts at disguising their true motives – most think Global Warming/Climate Change is about the environment, when in reality it is about dissolving the White western economies so we are even more subservient to World Jewry!

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India
One side of the Jewish coin……
Buy Valium In Cambodia
and the other…..

The Fractional Reserve Debt-based Money & Usury System

The money system we live under in the western world is nothing more than a giant Ponzi Scheme run by the ‘you-know-who’s’. The basic principle underlying the system is that of Debt-based money. Every single dollar which is circulated via government is done so under the condition that it must be paid back to the bank at a later date. Even if there were no interest (usury) to be paid back, the net result of paying off the ‘national debt’ would mean that no money would be in circulation (and the debt would be settled when no-one has a single cent left! Haha)!

Anyway, as if the Jews needed to make matters worse, they decided to also charge interest for the ‘privilege’ of using their debt money, of which most has no reserve sitting behind it backing it up! Fractional Reserve means exactly that. The bank is supposed to issue money as a receipt for the deposits we make (usually in gold or silver). The catch is that no-one outside the banks high level management has any idea how much the bank really has in deposits. This is why the cunning Jew thought, “Oh well, what the hell? I could just print off more receipts (money) than I have in real reserves (gold/silver), and no-one would be any the wiser!” Turns out the evil bastard Jew was right. No-one caught onto his sly little trick (well, not in modern times anyway)! So essentially, the bank lends out roughly ten times more money than it actually has in reserves, then charges us interest for the privilege! Therefore the Jew banker also makes ten times more interest than what you would think! I don’t believe that any of the big Jew banks would keep anywhere near the 10:1 or 9:1 ratio that they claim they do. We know what Jews are like – rather greedy from my observations.

This video explains everything without naming the Jew. It’s child’s play to connect the dots:


The simple principle to remember with Jew Fractional Reserve Debt Money is this: every dollar that goes into circulation has to be paid back to the Jew, plus interest. So, to keep it simple, 10% interest on $1 into the system means $1.10 must eventually come out, right? You can see how this creates problems for governments trying to pay their debts to Mr. Jew! If the system only received $1 then it’s literally impossible to get $1.10 out of it without asking for new ‘loans’ to cover the extra 10%. So when payment of the old loan is due, all they (government) do is take out a new one to cover the unpaid principal and interest on the old one. A Ponzi Scheme by definition! Because of the impossible nature of sustaining this system forever as things inevitably worsen financially, the only other way to get money to pay off old debts is to start selling all the nations assets and resources. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? This generates the much needed cash flow to keep the dying system afloat, but it’s a bit like trying to stop someone from bleeding to death by wrapping a bandage on their wound, even though they are going to bleed out regardless (like sticking a band-aid on a severed leg).

The principles behind the Fractional Reserve Jew Debt system explain why they absolutely must keep expanding and merging things together. This Fractional Reserve Capitalist Jew Ponzi Scheme makes it necessary for us to enter into the Communist Jew United Nations Free Trade Agreements. Without all the Free Trade Agreements, our western nations wouldn’t have been able to tap into the slave labour markets in Asia, and the Ponzi scheme which is reliant upon continual growth would have ran out of steam a while back. That’s the real reason for Free Trade and its ever expanding nature. The Capitalist Jew Debt Money system on one hand, then the Communist U.N. apparatus to compliment it on the other, and there you go: two sides of the one Jewish coin! Neither is correct, moral nor sound-economic-thinking in any sense, but the Fractional Reserve Debt system forces things to work like this. Only when you know that it is the Jew behind both the Capitalistic and Communistic financial scheming, can you see how and why things are set up like they are. The Jew always portrays himself as if other Jews are working against him. That is enough to fool most intelligent people, but when you know that these ‘opposing’ forces are actually working together, like in this case; it isn’t too hard to identify the unified group pulling all the strings! When you understand that the Jews control ‘International Finance’, it isn’t exactly a giant leap-of-faith to believe that they control everything else too. In fact, it would be a giant leap-of-faith to believe that they didn’t control everything else!

Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk
He knew the deal

Adolf Hitler understood exactly how the ‘two sides of the one Jewish coin’ worked together. He knew that the Debt and Usury Jew Capitalist system was set up and designed to fail in such a way that served Jewry, like in Weimar Germany. When it failed the International Jew speculators were waiting eagerly to pounce and buy up all Germany’s assets for virtually nothing while the German people starved and lost all their savings. Although it is true that these international Jew speculators were indeed Capitalists on one hand, they would later create the United Nations as a Communistic Internationalist organisation. Seemingly strange behaviour for committed Capitalists, but a Jew will become whatever best serves his tribes interests at the drop of a hat! The U.N. through their ‘loving & caring’ sounding communist terminology could then manipulate public minds world-wide and deliver the rotting economic bodies of the west (under the Jew Debt/Usury system) into the hands of even more powerful international Jew Capitalist banks. This was always the plan and Adolf Hitler knew what the Jews were up to:

“I began to study again, and now for the first time really achieved an understanding of the content of the Jew Karl Marx’s life effort. Only now did his ‘Das Kapital’ become really intelligible to me, and also the struggle of the Social Democracy against the national economy, which aims only to prepare the ground for the domination of truly international finance and stock exchange capital.”

(The way I translate this quote in my head is like this: International Jew Karl Marx = Social Democracy = Communism = natural inclination to destroy national economy = same function the U.N. provides in the modern scenario = eventual deliverance to International Jewish Capitalism)

Finally, I have two telling quotes: the Jewish Rothschild family’s attitude to money, then the aim of World Jewry explained by a Rothschild agent:

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws”

– Amschel Rothschild, International Jew-banker-extraordinaire.

“We shall have world government whether or not you like it… the only question is whether or not it be by conquest or consent.”

– James Warburg, Jew Rothschild Banking Agent, 1950

– BDL1983

Buy Ambien Canada Pharmacy

From 350Mg Soma Medicine:

Buy Alprazolam Powder China

On Monday, Jan 27, the world will once again be subjected to the recounting of the Auschwitz tale of suffering and death – how the Jews were mass murdered by the Nazis. We are all encouraged to join in remembrance of the victims. Why on this date?

In 2005, the 191 member nations of the United Nations unanimously and without a vote, let be adopted an Israeli-drafted resolution proclaiming January 27th “International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust”.

According to Soma 350 Mg Street Value, this amounted to a universal ban on Revisionism because of the wording, that it “Rejects any denial of the Holocaust as an historical event, either in full or part”.

This year, the committee has created a counter event to reject the rejection of Revisionism by the UN. It is called Order Carisoprodol Overnight. Long name, for sure, but we had to get it right. It’s important to note that 1st implies there will be a 2nd, and a 3rd.

We believe that REVISIONISTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO! How can Revisionism and Revisionists be precluded from, or rejected for, questioning any historical event? What makes the alleged Holocaust an exception to history? And what gives the United Nations the right to say so?

Another motto of our campaign is CALLING FOR A RETURN TO SANITY, taken from the 2010 book Generic Ambien 74 by Carlo Mattogno.

Be sure to visit this site and tell others about it. The people we most want to come here are the believers in the standard Holocaust narrative who still have somewhat of an open mind about it, so drop the link everywhere you can but particularly at mainstream news sites and forums: Cheap Valium For Sale Uk. And particularly on Sunday and Monday, and during the coming week.


Visit Cheap Xanax Online Pharmacy for more!

Buy Valium New York

Super Cheap Xanax

Surprise, surprise!!

Buy Valium Using Paypal found on J-Wire, a Sydney-based Jew named David Singer, presents the Jewish community’s ‘concern‘ over people’s ability to express themselves freely on the internet. Freedom to say whatever you want, must be limited, because 5 poor innocent loving Jews were beaten up last week in Bondi. How dare anyone say anything that paints the Jewish community is a less-than-favourable light? Why, that is called ‘Hate‘, and according to the Jews we shouldn’t be allowed to express hatred. To tell the truth about this charming group is simply labelled ‘Hate’.

Just a little reminder to any Jews reading this: Buy Xanax Over The Counter

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Just as a side-note: I am aware that all documentation and spoken word from any U.N. body referring to ‘human rights’, is actually referring only to Jews as humans, since according to the Talmud, we (the non-Jews) are beasts:

“The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.”
Order Xanax From Mexican Pharmacy

Let’s see what the Jews are Buy Xanax In Las Vegas:

The Internet has become one of the major contributors to the growing spread of Jew-hatred and assaults on Jews world wide.

The senseless attack by a group of hooligans in Bondi, Sydney last week bashing five Jewish people – one a 62 years old woman – as they were walking home after enjoying a Sabbath meal with friends – has resulted in an outpouring of world-wide condemnation by politicians, the media, the public and other religious groups.

Yet it is only one of an increasing number of such similar assaults on Jews world-wide.

Jewish communities have for decades been required to place their synagogues, communal schools and organizations under 24 hour security surveillance.

The propensity of the Internet to become an uncontrolled vehicle for racial incitement has been allowed to escape under the radar. It is time that its capacity to so influence the minds of its readers was diminished.

What has become particularly disturbing is the ability of people to make whatever comments they like on the Internet without disclosing their full names and addresses to web editors when submitting their comments.

Newspapers require such details to be supplied – and only in exceptional circumstances will anonymous letters be published.

Why do Internet sites not demand the same standard of compliance?

Failure to do so has seen the publication of anonymous comments such as the following:

“The Jews will still occupy the West Bank and blockade Gaza and continue with their brutal, genocidal occupation. If the world were to be rid of the U.S. and Israel, there would be a chance of peace in our chaotic, conflicted world. Surely, anyone with half a brain can see that! 

Freedom of speech should not mean that people should enjoy freedom from prosecution or legal action for comments they make that defame people or groups of people or incite or are capable of inciting violence.

This would be a clear violation of Buy Diazepam Wholesale, if the term ‘human rights‘ included the Goyim. It doesn’t, and it is only speaking of Jews as ‘human’. Back to the whining article:

Should the following comment have been allowed to be anonymously posted?

“Racist Israel is more than an abomination in the Middle East, it is a threat to the 7bn people it considers not to be racially “special”. Us.  All the more reason to stop keeping it alive, and to target it with overwhelming nuclear might if it retaliates against civilisation for refusing to back its play. The Zionists may be blinded by their belief that God will protect them. Nobody and nothing will.”

No doubt apologists will argue that objections can be lodged to delete offending comments – but its implementation inevitably leads to strident cries claiming censorship.

Securing the deletion of an objectionable comment also ignores the damage caused during the time that such comment has remained online before its removal.

These vile viewpoints – if authoritatively sourced – should be exposed to public gaze so that readers can understand the level and intensity of the hatred that exists – as exemplified in the following comment:

“Why should we [love Jews] given what they do to the Palestinians and have done since 1948? I don’t think that Jews are capable of love. Their religion gets in the road. Their god is loveless and punitive and so are they!”

Jews are not on their own in being singled out for such incessant abuse and vilification on the Internet………..

Buy Liquid Valium Online

As you can see, the criticism of Jews and Israel (expressed in the example comments) is very tame, and essentially truthful. That’s what they’re worried about of course! They just keep on whining about it.

Here’s another related post from Cheap Valium Online Australia:

According to Generic Ambien Not Effective by the New York Post, the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), an anti-European Jewish organization, has found that more and more people criticize international Jewry online.

“There’s everything from mocking the legacy of Anne Frank [who died of typhus but has been expoited as a ‘Holocaust victim’ by Jews ever since], to getting young people to try to join in with a racist, extreme far-right [sic] group in the United States,” says Rabbi Abraham Cooper at the SWC.

Twitter generally avoids political censorship. Recently however, a Jewish student organization in France pressured Twitter into releasing personal details of thought criminals in France.

Generic Ambien 79

Buy Phentermine Online In The Uk

– BDL1983

Buy Xanax Sticks

Listen up White Australians, and every other member of the White Race around the world. This is no fucking joke. The future of our race, and our very genetic existence is at stake.

Take a look at this short trailer clip for a new show called ‘Buy Adipex Diet Pills Uk‘ on Buy Carisoprodol 350 Mg, Australia:


Not included in this clip, but in the SBS advert for the show, is a bit where the ‘coloured‘ host says something along the lines of:

“I can’t wait until Australia’s national pastime is making fun of White people”

And while poking at the eyes of a white doll, he says to a White person on the street, something like:

“Just look at him. Does he represent the typical Australian, with his beady, racist, blue eyes?”

It goes something like that anyway (I’m only going from the top of my head here). It’s a situation where if the races were switched, there would be a national, no, international outrage overnight, about the evil White racists on TV.

So Whitey, do you really feel like being the butt of the joke in the country your ancestors built? Should you stand for that? National humiliation from a bunch of mud parasites sent here by the JEW to destroy your genetic right to exist? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Nope. I’m highlighting the sort of stuff which will continue to flood the mainstream Jew TV propaganda machine, until we virtually cease to exist. It’s not a joke. This is why they are allowing the muds to swarm in, RIGHT NOW! It’s to get rid of you, Whitey, from existing in any place on the face of the earth. We have nowhere left to turn because all our countries are being flooded with coloured invaders. No-ones flooding all the coloured shithole nations. Nope. It’s only our White nations which are being systematically destroyed by the Jewish Multiculti machine.

Regarding the TV show: What a fucking load of shit! This is what we are supposed to uphold as ‘Australian culture’? Fuck off! I’m fucking angry, and I’ve had enough of all this bullshit that people watch on TV. It is all fucking crap, and a complete waste of time. You may as well be dead if all you plan on doing is watching the fucking TV while your race DIES!

Fuck the Jews, and all the coloured swarms who wish to deny our White Race the right to survive and live freely in our own territories, that WE CONQUERED! As for the ‘Multiculti Do-Gooder Whites’, I hope the Jews DESTROY you too, because YOU deserve it!

Buy Phentermine 37.5 White With Blue Specks (The UN’s run by Jews, so forget that, I was only illustrating the point)

Buy Ambien Online So FUCK YOU if you are offended!

Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.



He certainly was right.