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I’ve never really given this ‘Bitcoin’ thing much thought, but I’d like to know what people think the deal is with them?

Based on simple logic I can see no way that they can be anything other than a scam. A Bitcoin is apparently backed by nothing other than a bunch of computer algorithms. So there’s no precious metal or substance backing them, and also no output of any real service or product. That should raise a few red flags, to put it mildly…..

When you have something that does nothing useful, like a Bitcoin seems to, then what do you really have? A bullshit scam as far as I can see. Apparently it started off with a really low value in exchange for real currency, then it went up dramatically, but it still does nothing. There’s nothing useful to it. It would be the same if I started printing money and said to people, “well, here you go, just believe it’s worth something and trade with it”. People would look at me as if I had four heads! That is, unless I was a really professional conman, which is what I suspect is going on with these Bitcoins. It appears to be an alternative scam to the mainstream Jew money scam. Whatever…….

Buy Diazepam 5Mg
It appears to be a load of bullshit to me….

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada seemed about right to me:

Bitcoin: The Ultimate Scam

Here is a little brief introduction into Bitcoin. It has been around for roughly 3 years. The individuals who own it are unknown, it uses a peer to peer link to make sure there is always a database in existence.


This is mind blowing (or as they say it in Blades of Glory, “MIND BOTTLING”) to anyone who lives in the real world. You simply download a bitcoin wallet software, download a “MINING” program onto your computer (MAC,PC,LINUX). This “MINING” program then runs algorithms using your CPU and Graphics card to solve a them. Depending on the specifications of your computer you are “mining” for bitcoins at a rate (faster the computer the more the bitcoins you earn). Seems easy? It is, it will simply cost you a lot on your electrical bill. Now note as the number of BITCOINS rises, it becomes hard to get them, so the longer you will have to run these programs on your computer to get 1 BITCOIN.

Here is my problem with “HOW TO GET BITCOINS”. They treat it like you are mining for gold? Really it is solving a bunch of useless algorithms that go NO WHERE! So imagine this, your light bulb breaks, you stand up and turn the switch on and off infinite times to get light. Get the point? No matter how many times you do this, no light comes on. This useless “MINING” program rewards you in this virtual currency called bitcoin when you run this program.

Hopefully those less computer savvy are still following around. In simple terms you doing a pointless thing to get some fake virtual coins that will exist in this fake virtual wallet. That’s right virtual. Like Barney and friends used to say. Use your imagination.


Well, really to be honest, I have no clue. It makes no sense, either all these individuals own stocks in their utility companies or they spite their parents so they run up the electric bill. No one good reason comes to mind to run your computer at full capacity to do pointless algorithms. NOT ONE REASON TO GO FLICKER ON AND OFF A LIGHT BULB THAT HAS BURNT OUT.

Order Ambien Online Usa

Anyway, I could be wrong about these Bitcoins, but it does smell a bit fishy, does it not?

Please, do leave comments. I want to know what people think about this topic!

– BDL1983

Buy Valium In Cambodia

Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk

It’s clear to me that modern China with its giant manufacturing industry, cheap labour, and slave-like mentality is a product of the Jews. Cheap labour and willing slaves are the Jewish dream and the Chinese fit the bill perfectly….. The only reason the manufacturing industry is thriving (slowing now) in China is because the Jews who control all our White Western nations shipped all our manufacturing jobs over there… With all the jobs going to one spot (China) and leaving our shores, it doesn’t take a genius to foresee problems a-brewin’!

If you take a quick look at the world economic situation, what you’ll find is that China is basically making everyone else’s stuff and we are fast running out of things to offer them in return! The Jews, with their control over the west, have created an absolute shit-storm on the horizon because China needs other countries to buy all their manufactured goods. Without any other countries rich enough to buy all the Chinese crap, the Chinese will soon find themselves with little to do. You don’t sell goods to someone if they have nothing real to offer you in return. That’s Chinas predicament. The West has almost reached the point of having nothing to offer. Think about how much more we import from China than we export. The Jews are having a hard time finding ways to keep pretending that the west is still productive… This is why we have all these stimulus programs…. When all else fails the Jews print up astronomical sums of money to keep the failing economy floating (actually they don’t print much of it physically, they create credit by pumping money into whatever their latest scam happens to be)…. This never works of course because printing money does nothing in any real terms to the real economy! It only leads to huge inflation in the future, which means our ‘funny money’ is devalued, and the Jews wind up at the point where the only thing they could use to control inflation, namely raising interest rates, is economic suicide….

Watch the “Money Masters” for a complete overview of how our Jew money system works…. It’s over 3 hours and it’s honest about everything except actually naming the Jew. That said; it’s still a “who’s who” of a Jewish wedding!!

China is slowing”. This is what you constantly hear on the TV… The reason for this is that the rest of the world’s economies are in shutdown mode and when people are being screwed over financially they tend not to buy as much stuff…. Therefore China “slows”. It’s that simple…..

The Jews and their mad drive for world domination is a genetically innate thing in them. Being a parasite means enslaving and destroying the host eventually. That’s the point we are at in the west today. As host nations, the Jews are just about done with us… They always destroy nations then look for new hosts….. I think its unlikely China will be a welcoming host. Certainly not when they realise that all their buyers have nothing to offer them in return. That’s when things will get tricky for these Jews!

The Jews don’t own China (that’s my opinion anyway; some may beg to differ). They have a lot of financial interests over there but it doesn’t amount to them “owning” China. Although, it is fair to say that the Jews “hold sway” over the Chinese, since the Chinese exist in their current state only as long as the Jews can keep the West spluttering along…

The interesting part of this Jewish created global debacle is that the Jews have created a situation which is suicidal for themselves. If they pull the pin on the west (fast collapse), or it just collapses as it inevitably will (slow lingering death); either way the Jews are fucked and so are we (like the tree and the mistletoe)… It really is an insane situation they have gotten the entire world into, and there is no easy solution to the upcoming global financial shit-storm either! This shows how the Jews are not that smart but in fact of bunch of genetically driven lunatics…. They can’t resist destroying everything, and in the end themselves also… It shows the inborn genetic group behaviour of these “people”. They can only conspire so much before they crap in their own nests…

If they were the financial geniuses they pretend to be (and that most think they are), then the global economic situation wouldn’t look like it does. They would have kept a workable balance in Western national economies, since manufacturing, agriculture, and service (less so) industries are all essential if you want to keep them propped up…. You would think the Jews would have decided to use the western nations for 2 or 3 decades longer, keep us going until their “loose-ends” are tied up, and then destroy us after they’d used that time to seize “concrete” control over the entire world…. If the Jewish conspiracy was airtight, that’s what they would have done… When the point of “concrete” global control is reached, and no-one can rise against them, they are free to do whatever they want to the Goyim. This is the proverbial “HELL ON EARTH”!

More on Jews (not China):

People who are wise to the Jew seem to have a habit of assuming that the Jew is a sane creature; that he makes all his decisions based on well thought out careful plans. Nothing could be further from the truth! He is actually an alien creature, unlike ALL other humans of any race, and he is definitely not sane. Rather, he is INSANE! He acts based on his insane genetic inclinations and they are destructive, parasitic, and funnily enough, suicidal….. The Jew would have committed suicide a hundred or more times over IF he didn’t have other host nations to run to throughout history! Funny thought!

All parasites are suicidal. They kill the host then die themselves. Jews are parasites and they are not capable of the 100% rational planning required to rule the world. Parasites cannot plan to survive; they just can’t. If there were no more trees, mistletoe couldn’t “magically” develop the capacity to survive without a host tree…..The Jewish parasite seeks to enslave, kill, and exterminate everyone and everything they get their hands on! The Jew couldn’t survive without other people to bleed dry…

Jewish behaviour is always the same and predictable to anyone who studies them. They repeat the same patterns and mistakes over and over and over… All we have to do is KNOW THEIR HISTORY to see what stage they’re at in their cycle…….

Their behaviour is genetically driven above all, and it is their genetics that make them conspire!!

– BDL1983