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This video shows what happens when you expose the filthy rotten Jewish lie of the ‘Holocaust’. It shows us exactly how the Jews treat their enemies. Turns out that Jews are not the tolerant lovers of free speech that they pretend to be:


After re-watching that, I honestly don’t know how anyone could believe a word the Jews say about anything!

Hmmmmm……. Soccer leagues, camp money, swimming events, orchestras, comedy shows, work missions (work – that’s a Holocaust; Oy Vey!)………. Yep, all essential features of ‘Extermination Camps’! ANYONE who still believes the bullshit 6 million Jew story after seeing what’s presented in this video alone is a dishonest, stupid, lying sack of crap!

– BDL1983

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From Buy Xanax Paypal Uk:

Adipex To Buy Online

On Monday, Jan 27, the world will once again be subjected to the recounting of the Auschwitz tale of suffering and death – how the Jews were mass murdered by the Nazis. We are all encouraged to join in remembrance of the victims. Why on this date?

In 2005, the 191 member nations of the United Nations unanimously and without a vote, let be adopted an Israeli-drafted resolution proclaiming January 27th “International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust”.

According to Buy Zolpidem Usa, this amounted to a universal ban on Revisionism because of the wording, that it “Rejects any denial of the Holocaust as an historical event, either in full or part”.

This year, the committee has created a counter event to reject the rejection of Revisionism by the UN. It is called Buy Diazepam Ebay. Long name, for sure, but we had to get it right. It’s important to note that 1st implies there will be a 2nd, and a 3rd.

We believe that REVISIONISTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO! How can Revisionism and Revisionists be precluded from, or rejected for, questioning any historical event? What makes the alleged Holocaust an exception to history? And what gives the United Nations the right to say so?

Another motto of our campaign is CALLING FOR A RETURN TO SANITY, taken from the 2010 book Order Xanax Eu by Carlo Mattogno.

Be sure to visit this site and tell others about it. The people we most want to come here are the believers in the standard Holocaust narrative who still have somewhat of an open mind about it, so drop the link everywhere you can but particularly at mainstream news sites and forums: Cheap Xanax Pill Press. And particularly on Sunday and Monday, and during the coming week.


Visit Buy Ambien For Cheap for more!

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Cheap Valium For Sale
The Menora – A Symbol of the World’s Best ‘Lying Club’!

“Most average people believe that the Holocaust actually happened, that Jesus was a Jew, that the Jews are ‘Gods Chosen People’, and that the Bible is a book written by Jews………. They are mistaken on all four counts!”

Anyone who has been aware of the Jewish problem for any significant amount of time is aware that the WW2 ‘Holocaust’ narrative is a big Jewish fairytale which never happened. The Jews made up the whole story and forced it down everyone’s necks using their control of the mass-media (and everything else)!

Let’s use the Holocaust and WW2 as an example of Jewish behaviour: The Jews instigated the war, killed countless millions throughout Europe, caused real ‘holocausts’ all through Germany, then turned around at the end of the war which they won, and complained about being victims. Oy Vey, the Chutzpah!

Jew story: Evil Germans/Whites were killing poor innocent Jews….

Real story: Evil Jews/Communists killing innocent Germans/Whites……

The Jew story is clearly the opposite of the truth – you get the picture.

Buy Alprazolam Australia
The real sign in Jew Hollywood.

What we have here is a pattern: The Jews control everything, and then they force their propaganda on everyone. That much is easy to understand, since it is the only way they could pull-off a hoax like the Holocaust!

Now let’s move on to what the Jews tell us about the Bible, Jesus Christ, and them being these “Chosen People of God”:

We know that the Jews have infiltrated and successfully gained total control of modern ‘Christianity’. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that it is often termed ‘Judeo-Christianity’! We also know that the Jews never tell the truth about anything. Take anything the Jew says, then flip it 180 degrees and you’ll arrive at the doors of truth:

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

John 8:44 (no prizes for guessing who’s being referred to in this verse)

My question is this:

Why would anyone in their right mind believe what the Jews tell us about Christianity; a religion which they obviously control in its modern incarnation?

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online
Does Jesus look like a Jew to you? Looks White to me!

If you believe that Jesus was a Jew, that the Jews are ‘Gods Chosen People’, and that the Bible is a book written by Jews, then you have just swallowed probably an even bigger Jewish lie than the Holocaust!! The Jews are the ones who have told us these things about Christianity. That fact alone made me think (almost instantly) that the opposite is probably true.

Anyway, the deal with Christianity does work the same as with the Holocaust; namely the opposite of what the Jews tell us is true! The thing that amazes me most about the anti-Christ crowd is that they accuse Christian Identity of ‘wanting to do’ EXACTLY WHAT THE JEWS HAVE DONE!

Consider this:

The Jews and anti-Christs walk in lock-step on this issue. They think the Bible is a book written by Jews, and that Christian Identity adherents simply want to insert themselves into the Bible and take the Jews place! I.e. these White Christian Identity adherents want to rule over a multiracial society and behave just like the Jews do. This is the false idea held by those who believe the popular Jewish lie – the one where the Jew says that he created Christianity!

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India

On the other side of the coin, Christian Identity doesn’t make the mistake of believing what the Jews say about Christianity. They say that Jesus and the Israelites of the Bible were White, and that Christianity in its original form, was a White Racial Religion. This means it wasn’t at all ‘universal’ like modern Judeo-Christianity! They point to the modern day Jews and correctly identify them as the Edomites whom Jesus and the White Israelites fought against. Ironically, and correctly, Christian Identity points out that it is the Jews who are imposters pretending to be the Israelites of the Bible, which of course, they are not! (Any simple study of the requirements to fulfill the role of ‘Gods covenant people’ will show how the Jews don’t fulfill any of them!) The Jews are the ones ‘inserting’ themselves into a White racial book, then ‘universalising’ it. So rather than simply having a covenant with their god like the White Israelites did, they become masters over all people, and therefore ‘chosen people’ to rule the world using their own bastardised version of Christianity! Judeo-Christianity, as pointed out correctly by the anti-Christs, is a critical part of the Talmudic Jewish enslavement plan, and therefore it must be rejected by thinking Christians and everyone else for that matter!

For those with lingering doubts – take a step back and think about which option sounds more plausible:

1.)    The Jews telling us the truth about Christianity and how they are ‘God’s Chosen’, since we all know that the Jews wouldn’t lie about anything, or

2.)    The Jews are lying imposters using and subverting Christianity for their own evil Talmudic agenda of world domination?

When you understand that the Bible is not meant to be taken as ‘universalistic’, since it is a White Racial book, then you begin to understand what it is really all about! In essence, it all comes down to a racial battle between ‘the light’ and ‘the dark’, ‘good’ versus ‘evil’.

The forces for ‘the light’ (or ‘the good’) are the White Israelites – House of Jacob/Israel.

The forces for ‘the dark’ (or ‘the evil’) are the Jews – Esau/Edomites/Canaanites.

The racial battle described in the Bible sounds all too familiar! The key to understanding it is to correctly identify who the peoples involved actually are!

The battle continues…….

Buy Valium In Cambodia

End Note:

Just for some clarification regarding my religious views in case anyone is wondering – I don’t officially subscribe to any religion, but as an outcome of my recent studies into Christian Identity and Christianity in general, I can safely say that I now know where Christian Identity adherents are coming from. They are certainly analysing the Bible from the right perspective, as opposed to the Jews and anti-Christs, who are just plain wrong about all of it. What I’ve gathered from my studies into CI, which will be continuing until I’m done with it, is that there are far more historical truths in the Bible than most would care to admit. Does that mean I agree with it all and that I’m going to be yelling ‘praise Yahweh’ at everyone? Certainly not, since I don’t buy into the whole idea of the Bible being sacred. It’s a book with valuable lessons and historical truth in it, but that doesn’t mean I believe it all! ‘Yahweh’s word’ had to be written down by mortal men like ourselves, but we are not fool-proof and nor are we always correct in our interpretation of things; especially after 2,000 years of changing languages, translation errors and deliberate subversion (Jews). The leap of faith, as far as Christian Identity is concerned, is the leap from believing what can be proven to be true, such as the Israelites being White, the Edomites being the modern day Jews, the historical migrations of the Israelite tribes, to believing all the ‘Creation stories’ in Genesis, the Giants walking the earth, and fallen angels etc. I don’t care who you are, you cannot make me believe that any book is the word of God, or some unknown ‘higher creative force’! I do, however, believe in a ‘higher creative force’ which somehow put things how they are, but I don’t believe any man can claim that he knows the secrets of what lies beyond this life, or what the ‘higher creative force’ actually is! That’s the ‘leap of faith’ which I won’t be making….. Not without a miracle or divine intervention!

– BDL1983

Buy Xanax Aus

Andrew Anglin
Buy Diazepam Online Eu
January 9, 2014

On New Year’s Eve, a group of intoxicated German teenagers partied on the Berlin Holocaust memorial, set off firecrackers and urinated on the symbolic graves of the allegedly gassed Jews.


Here is a clip of a Jew news service whining about it.


Note that these do appear to be actual White European Germans, rather than Muslim immigrant “Germans.”

Though this may appear to simply be drunken shenanigans of wayward youth, I would offer that it is deeply symbolic of a coming polar shift of the soul of the German nation.  In my own estimation, the Roman saying “In Vino Veritas” (In wine, is truth) certainly holds true here, as the teenagers acted out something rooted in their subconscious minds – a drive to be out from under the weight of the guilt the Jews have brought down upon them.

During my time in Europe last year, I met many Germans, and being the sort of gentleman that I am, would find an opportunity to bring up the alleged gassings of the innocent little Jews that their grandfathers are said to have taken part in.  Though my denial was sometimes met with slight resistance, there was a universal perception among those I spoke to that they, as a nation, no longer had a duty to support these Jews.  They all confirmed that this sentiment is growing very steadily amongst the youth of this once greatest of nations.

Though they were not deniers (at least not when I met them – I converted at least two, and possibly more by telling them to watch a few YouTube clips), they were ready to state the obvious fact that four generations is too long to hold people responsible for this.  And once they are ready to question their own responsibility in the matter, it is not a huge leap to question the culpability of their ancestors.  Once the window is open, to consider if it is possible that it didn’t happen, it is game over – it doesn’t take much research to see that there is literally no evidence whatsoever to support this ridiculous Jewish lie.

Once the Holocaust lie collapses, so does the entire foundation of Jewish power.

If the youth of Germany rises, so do we all.  Even broken down and occupied by the US military, it remains the strongest country in Europe, economically and politically, representing the most intellectually capable members of our race.

Though I believe they are going to need a push, it seems to me that the rise of the Golden Dawn may be on the verge of presenting such a push – of kindling a long diminished flame in the racial soul of the German people.  When the Golden Dawn becomes the government of Greece, showing that such a thing is indeed possible, they are going to give the Germans, and all the other Whites of the world, an opportunity to ask the question “what if?”

And once that question is asked, every single member of the Aryan race knows the answer, deep down in their bones.

2014 is going to be a very interesting year indeed.

Buy Diazepam Prescription Free


Yeah, the fuckin’ Holohoax. It never stops with these whining Jews! Let them whine, for the day of the rope draws ever nearer!

– BDL1983