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When you go “surfing” through comment sections of “Jew-wise” and “Race-wise” sites you will notice people endlessly Buy Xanax Nz each other. I don’t really know why, but I’m going to show how you can be “Racist” and “Anti-Racist” at the same time……. “Nationalist” and “Anti-Nationalist” also!

Here we go:

I am a Racist: My definition of a “Racist” is a person who believes there are obvious differences between the human races. Therefore I am! It’s that simple, if that is your definition of who is a “Racist”…..

I am an Anti-Racist: My definition of a “Racist” is someone who doesn’t believe there is any such thing as “Race”, and would seek to integrate the “Races” together. Since I believe in preserving the “Races” and they believe in destroying the “Races”, then I am a true “Anti-Racist”!

The “Anti-Racist” label above is what I’d prefer to go by…. But it isn’t going to happen! So whatever, I can live with the “Racist” label…. Labels don’t bother me….

Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg

Buy Xanax Paypal Uk

I can use a similar argument for myself being a “Nationalist” or an “Anti-Nationalist”…

I am a Nationalist in the sense that my Race is my Nation, and therefore I am a Nationalist. Nationalism implies racial loyalty and solidarity, so why wouldn’t I be a Nationalist?

I can also argue that I am against Nationalism. If I view all the so-called “White Nations” and their inherent nationalistic tendencies as artificial barriers between members of our race, then I could logically say that I oppose Nationalism and Nation-states… And that I’d prefer no “Nation-states” but one large White racial conglomerate. That also makes sense…. So now I’m “Anti-Nationalist”!

The point of this little exercise is that I don’t really care what label I’m given, so long as we all understand what side of the fence we are on! Definitions of words are not really that important. It is the underlying intentions that matter…. We should always do our best to understand the “vibe” of what someone is saying before condemning them if they say they are a certain label; like a “Racist” or a “Nationalist” and so on….. You might be against artificial Nationalist barriers and then condemn someone for saying they are a “Nationalist”, when they mean that their “Race is their Nation”…… I think I’ve made my point.

People do the same sort of thing regarding Adipex To Buy Online. Some in the “pro-white” and “anti-Jew” crowd love and promote Christianity; some hate it and attack it endlessly…. Usually it’s the CI crowd promoting their version of Christianity, while the other side attacks Judeo-Christianity (whatever the hell that is…. modern Jew run Christianity). The disagreement is usually over two different versions of Christianity going under one broad banner – “Christianity”! The CI crowd hate Jew-run modern Christianity, and the “Anti-Christs” attack CI based on mostly Judeo-Christian dogma…… You can see how it’s mainly “semantics” which cause all the problems!  I don’t care if someone believes in Christ, Odin, the Lepricorn, or the Tooth Fairy. If they are “pro-white” and “anti-Jew”, ABOVE ALL THE RELIGIOUS DOGMA, then that person is alright by me!

Buy Ambien For Cheap Buy Zolpidem Usa

Take your pick, I don’t care! As long as you are pro-white and against the Jews!

Anyway, enough said. The point of this post was just to show how easy it is to argue that you are two contradictory things at the same time….. It’s obviously just a stupid little play on words, but people love beating each other over the head by twisting words and their meanings…… People do it constantly and it’s a waste of time…

Buy Diazepam EbayAbove: My “vibe”!!!!

It’s the “vibe” and the underlying thrust of what someone says that matters to me.

Fuck all the petty arguments!!!



Buy Adipex In Canada

From Cheap Valium For Sale:

Buy Alprazolam Australia

The idiot politically correct, cultural Marxist gibberish that is drilled into our brains from the time we can understand spoken language tells us that race does not exist, and that what we call race is simply an expression of culture.  The reality, however, is that culture is an expression of race.  This is why African blacks, many of who were totally isolated from one another for thousands of years, lived a very similar lifestyle, had very similar beliefs.  Their race was that which had adapted to the land they lived on, and their culture was a manifestation of this.  They lived in a harsh land, which required much violence, and thus they are a physical people with incredibly high testosterone.  But the Jew, with his cultural Marxist religious dogma, would have us believe that the physique of the black man is some type of cultural phenomena.  This is ridiculous and idiotic on the face of it.

It is not so long ago that whites understood the concept of race.  All of our grandparents surely understood it.  Not because they were “racialists,” sitting around thinking about it, but because it is such an obvious reality that it requires a massive brainwashing program, beginning in very early childhood, to cause a person to deny its existence.  The non-white races of the world are still very familiar with this concept today; all East Asians have a militant racial pride.  Yasuhiro Nakasone, the former Prime Minister of Japan, stated that Japan was a “homogeneous nation” with “one ethnicity, one state and one language.”  This attitude is surely not due to stupidity.

Having spent several years living in various Asian countries, I have had a chance to directly observe the characteristics of different races, being immersed among them.  East Asians have not merely the obvious physical differences – which the Jews will no doubt claim at some point don’t exist either – but an entirely different emotional and psychological framework.  Forgive me for stating the obvious, but regrettably it is necessary: emotional and psychological structure are as biological as physique.  Should we not expect people with an entirely different physical form to also have variant brain patterns?  Is not (what appears to white men as) the cold, detached culture of the East Asian societies a manifestation of these neural structures, which are in turn a manifestation of the genetic heritage of their ancestors, passed down through their DNA in the very same way as their squinted eyes and lack of muscle mass?

Can you imagine what the Jew thinks of you, that they are capable of telling you “race doesn’t exist” with a straight face?  These same people who pass laws about race mixing in their own alleged home country?  Does this not make you angry, to be lied to in such a flagrant and extreme fashion?

Buy Xanax Hoodie

Remember your Ancestors

We are, all of us, nothing more or less than the collective genetic heritage of our ancestors.  We know this, somewhere deep in us, and this is what the “white guilt” phenomena plays on – if race doesn’t exist, why are we conditioned that we are supposed to feel guilty for black slavery and the alleged Holocaust of the Jews?

But our ancestors are not what the Jews would have us believe.  The White race has always been a proud and noble people.  Our physical achievements in constructing complex civilizations, which are often cited by White Nationalists as the proof of our greatness, are the least of our achievements; we have a compassion and a morality that goes far and beyond that of most peoples on the planet.  We developed a legal code and political system for the express purpose of providing justice and equality to all men.  We have created the most beautiful art on the planet, an expression of our genetically rooted respect for the beauty of existence.

All of this comes from our ancestors.  Because that is what race is. It is the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual heritage of our forefathers.  To deny the existence of your race is to deny everything you are.

Get up off your knees, white man.

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India

Above: What Rockwell would have shouted!!!! Stand up and FIGHT!!


Nicely said.

– BDL1983