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  1. Its a very Eugenic thing that our race produced different kingdoms and colonisations that competed with one another. The jews like to force the identities against one another, define them and say one is different from the other or hate the other. I feel im Australian because im the stock which produces it and I was born here but most importantly im Germanic and Nordic. And English people become naturally Australian and Australians are British, can be English but not necessarilly, some are if they are English. I am English too thats the real culture it comes out here and evolves in isolation. I hate the jews and the untermenchen.

    You look at the real Australians. All aware and continue their English culture, when they say England/Europe is shit, im Australian, Americas great that is when they are fucked. All great Australians I know were actually born in England, Germany etc or ancestors came not very long ago. THE JEWS WILL NOT ALLOW THIS IDEAL

    I support fellow Germanics wherever in the world they live and I hope whats left of us can come and make countries that the jews don’t control.

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