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I love these stories of Jews fighting each other over MONEY!! It’s good to have a laugh!!!! -BDL1983

Buy Xanax Nz

Oy Vey, ve have to pay zome money, oy: Rabbis Pinchus and Yossi Feldman.

A BETH din has ordered Rabbi Pinchus Feldman and his son Rabbi Yossi Feldman to pay more than $1.6 million to another rabbi who claims he is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Rabbi Shabsi Tayar allegedly loaned more than $1 million to the Feldmans while he worked at the Yeshiva Centre and associated entities in Sydney for more than 11 years.

When the money wasn’t repaid and Yeshiva was months behind in salary payments, Rabbi Tayar was forced to move to Melbourne, where he initially lived with his wife’s parents because he couldn’t afford to pay rent.

After summoning the Feldmans to a beth din, the presiding three rabbis were agreed upon by both parties. Earlier this month, those rabbis ruled that the Feldmans had to pay Rabbi Tayar more than $1.6 million.

To date, Rabbi Tayar has been paid two instalments totalling less than $500 since the decision was handed down.

Rabbi Tayar confirmed the details of the case to The AJN, saying he is on the brink of bankruptcy.

However, he didn’t want to discuss the case further.

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Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg

Note how the Rabbis have their own “Beth Din” “Rabbi Court” to settle THEIR disputes away from the Goyim! – BDL1983