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7 thoughts on “CHRISTIANITY: DO WE NEED IT?”

  1. Well said! I like talking about this stuff, it’s interesting to me, and I think the CI historical perspective is spot on, to be quite honest. But you’re right – people just tend to get all bent out of shape over religion and Christianity in general. It’s stupid and immature if you ask me. I’d like to think we can discuss this stuff as rational mature adults who care about our race and ancestors! Dana and Eli James did that on my radio program recently. Maybe we can do something like that again in the future.

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  3. I just wrote some articles related to this. The real religion of whites is the white aesthetic. The Ancient Greek gods, the westernized blue-eyed Jesus, the Renaissance, and the new age white angels all express a beautification and veneration of the white race. My articles make that explicit. So, Christian imagery is fine if you understand that art IS religion which is the beautification and veneration of the white race. Modern art, by contrast, is the vilification, deconstruction, and obliteration of the white race. That’s iconoclasm, which we can now regard as atheism. In other words, philosophic atheists can be believers in the beauty of the white race, while Christian iconoclasts, like the Rockefellers, can hate whites and give modern art millions. The real demarcation is between believes and non-believers in the white aesthetic. When the divine is the stylized Aryan form found only in art, there are many paths to the divine. Doctrines become moot, so long as, you beautify the white race. Christianity has no monopoly on beautification. Semitic iconoclasm is the enemy. We can’t let others control our self-image. Buy Soma 500Mg Online

      1. Thanks for the article. I’ve been thinking of writing a short manifesto emphasizing the definition of art (“art is the beautification and veneration of the white race”) and putting it in envelops to art schools students. This would be a low-cost guerrilla activism that might so shock the students and create discussion that might spread across the country. Maybe a pipe dream, but it’s what little revolutions are made of.

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