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12 thoughts on “Jewish Feminist says Women should Freeze Eggs to Further Careers”

  1. Same old same old from these demonic vermin, women should be men and men should be women. Or you can choose your gender from the DOZENS available on facebook if that suits!
    The astonishing thing is how can whitey not see clearly who’s peddling this mental illness? That ridiculous hook nose surely gives the game away does it not? Retribution must be, and will
    be merciless! This world has reached it’s nadir and the day of the rope beckons! SIEG HEIL brother.

  2. This is a great article Brett,
    “I certainly don’t want some stroppy, pissed-off, suit-wearing, pain-in-the-arse for a future wife, that’s for sure!”
    Ha Ha you are funny! but yeah its true.
    Its a sad sad world we live in, when its now acceptable to freeze your eggs, for no other reason than to have it all, man I pity these children born to selfish career women, because if a woman dosnt feel the natural instinct to have a child in her fertile years, then what makes her believe that she will later in life.
    Ive known a few woman who waited to have children until there 40s, and it came as a big shock, because for the first time in there lives they had to think about someone other than themselves.

  3. ‘ career woman ‘ is a jewish wetdream, the depravity of
    This sick face never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Having children around is so much fun, i just love children,
    especially nordic children. I Think that nordic men and women
    both need children around in there adult lives. It gives them a purpose
    to live for, plus raising children – fatherhood and motherhood respectively
    is what life is all about. I Cherish the children in my lives, i live for them all.

    – Sieg Heil.

  5. I wasn’t put here to be a baby breeder. I think y’all are just upset some women make more than you.

      1. That’s great to hear Eva, it’ll only take a generation for useless Marxist degenerates like you to wipe yourselves out and we won’t have to lift a finger. A win-win for everybody! How ironic that your name comes from the original woman, ROFLMAO… couldn’t make this stuff up. 1488

  6. Not surprising that …. Eva the Immortal.. She’s gonna be here for eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva …. ad infinitum.

    Nothing else matters really. Will finish her Time here having seen more pricks than a second hand dart board and having produced fuck all of value.
    Children leverage a Woman’s contribution to the world, because she seeds many who do much more that she can alone.
    That fact seem to escape the puerile mind of the hedonist roaming the world today seeking relevance in celebrity.

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