Australia’s Labor PM Rankles Jews With Tough Policy on Asylum Seekers

Dan Goldberg
August 12, 2013

798758535Above: Fucking “do-gooder” idiots….

The Labor government’s new policy of banishing asylum seekers who arrive here by sea has left some Jews fuming, many of them survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants who also arrived here as boat people.

Like Israel, Australia holds asylum seekers, most of them from the Middle East, in detention centers. Australia’s centers are on the Pacific islands of Papua New Guinea and Nauru to the north and northeast.

Both countries’ leaders have pledged to “stop the infiltration problem,” as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it recently. Both have been criticized by human rights groups for violations of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, of which they are both signatories.

In 2011, MK Danny Danon (Likud) wrote to Jewish lawmaker Michael Danby, asking if Australia could accept African refugees who had sought asylum in Israel. Danby responded that Danon’s proposal was “quite unrealistic.”

“Asylum seekers who come here by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia,” Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on July 19 when he announced the policy ¬ which is rankling some prominent Jewish voters ahead of the upcoming federal election.

“I understand that this is a very hardline decision,” Rudd said. “But our responsibility as a government is to ensure that we have a robust system of border security and orderly migration, on the one hand, as well as fulfilling our legal and compassionate obligations under the refugees convention on the other.”

The new policy prompted Josh Bornstein, a prominent Jewish lawyer, to declare that he was abandoning his lifelong support for the Labor Party.

“I cannot stomach voting for a government that treats other human beings in this way,” Bornstein wrote in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper. “A line has been crossed.”

Bornstein, whose grandparents fled Poland in 1938, told Haaretz: “Rudd’s policy, like that of [Tony] Abbott’s, is brutal. It relies on abusing the human rights of one group of refugees to deter another group.”

Tony Abbott, the leader of the opposition Liberal Party, has campaigned on a similarly hard line, pledging to appoint a senior military commander to lead a task force to help the navy intercept boats and tighten border security.

To the polls next month

Rudd recently declared that the election would be held on September 7, sparing the nation’s 110,000-plus Jews a clash with Yom Kippur by changing the schedule set by Julia Gillard before she was dramatically deposed from the top job six week ago.

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  1. I wonder how much old Netanyahu’s Asylum Seeker policies ‘Rankle’ the same Juden so rankled about Rudd’s little diversion! This article gets ya flaming, they rub salt in the wounds with the beautiful Aryan women in the photo holding the signs…. grrr

    1. “beautiful Aryan women in the photo holding the signs”

      Why would you pedestalise these slags? There is very little objective feminine “beauty” in that photo. All I see are masculinised, abrasive femcunts who don’t deserve the title “women” let alone “beautiful.”

      1. I see three cute Australian girls acting like allot of Australian girls do when brainwashed into Marxist propaganda, probably Uni students. If they were holding pro white banners though, i hardly think you would make that statement, each to there own though mate..

        1. It’s all brainwashing related…..
          They’re ugly bitches in that photo because of their signs and attitudes….. BUT they’d become good looking with the right signs and attitudes!
          HH & fourteen words

  2. ‘Mark Leibler, national chairman of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, a privately funded lobby group, blasted the politicization of the issue in the “election campaign hothouse.”’

    Its these jews and their policy groups responsible for the situation where in most ‘issues’ aren’t even political are spoken about in the ‘democracy’.

    I also love how the jews try to tell us what ‘base drives’ are. Keeping darky scum out of your borders is actually one of the highest ideals. Jews should not be allowed to comment on anything. They just wait for the day when people have no brains.

    The bit where the jew writer writes that if the liberal party gets in the Attorney General and the jewish art fanatic will go back to the opposition. I can see a day where written in the Australian is plans for ever increasing ‘quota’s’ of official jews in all different positions as some kind of ‘freedom’ thing just like how they force women into jobs to stop them from being mothers.

  3. Even if it was about ‘compassion’ does that not alone prove that they are inferior, if all we can feel is this ‘compassion’? I certainly don’t feel like compassion is a good enough reason to bastardise my race, and surely I would only feel compassion for someone I liked anyway. There is nothing to like about these subhumans.

    All these jews do is destroy.

  4. It is all a deception – Rudd (i.e. Labor) has strong ties to the Greens – as everyone here knows they are watermelons. They are only doing this hardline stance to win the conservative vote.

    1. All the pollies are those annoying little leftie arse-kissers we all hated in school… Then they all go through student unions and university politics clubs.. You’re spot on. They are really just one big happy club of sellout arseholes…. and people fall for it!

      1. Yehh aye all the biggest people i could not stand at school who i thought are only around because everyone has to ‘tollerate’ them all went to study journalism or something political at uni. All these people definately want the races mixed too.

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