Muhammad Ali Explains Everything in Simple Terms


What a brilliant video!

Muhammad Ali just said it like it is and he made Michael Parkinson look stupid! It’s hard to sound convincing when someone is steamrolling you with the truth!

The bottom-line is that there is nothing tricky or difficult to understand about our philosophy. It’s just kind-after-kind and a respect for the natural instincts we are all born with, which tell us to preserve and reproduce our own kind!

Michael Parkinson had no answer for this clear and obvious logic, so he did what all Jew-controlled liberals do – blame the natural tendency to reject race-mixing on society. Yes, it’s society’s fault that black and white mixing together just isn’t right. We need more communist Jewish education so we can override our instincts of self-preservation and mix ourselves out of existence! What a great idea! Thanks Jews!

Anyone with Muhammad Ali’s attitude toward race is a friend of mine, no matter what colour they are! Raise a glass (or 2) for the truth:

German beer is good
German beer is good

Oh and forget this “blogging holiday” thing I’ve been on. I’ll be posting stuff when and if I feel like it. We’ll see what happens, but I can’t guarantee anything because I have a very short fuse when it comes to our so-called “internet activism” these days…….

– BDL1983

12 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali Explains Everything in Simple Terms”

  1. Oy Vey, it’s another shoa!! Ali tells the truth,and thus must be a racist,antisemitic,holohoax denier,neonazi!!…Call the ADL immediately!
    Very articulate man, especially for a boxer… 1488-SIEG HEIL

  2. I came across this video 2 years ago and if my memory is correct Muhammad went on to date a white woman very soon after….What he said makes perfect sense but what should appear so strange to you is that the Jewish owned YouTube has not removed it yet. I doubt that it will ever remove it because the Jews know just how much it winds you all up!

    You would be very surprised to know just how many of the so called “ant-semantic” websites are actually operated by them or for their benefit.
    YouTube pretends to hate anti-Semitics but it is very selective and limited in its censorship of such. For an example the so called ant-Semite bro Nathaniel appears to be bullet proof.
    Jewgle is a very different question by the way.

    1. “You would be very surprised to know just how many of the so called “ant-semantic” websites are actually operated by them or for their benefit.”

      I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised actually. This whole internet based “movement” is bullshit. It doesn’t exist in the real world. I’m only keeping this site going because it’s somewhere for me to vent – basically: just for the hell of it!!
      I hope Muhammad Ali meant what he said there and didn’t go on to date white women. Oh well, whatever…… Jewtube tends to remove videos where it’s a WHITE PERSON saying that sort of thing, anyone else and they’ll more than likely leave it up there…..
      Brother Nathaniel is a shithead Jew liar out there deceiving at the highest levels of info, mainly by pretending that any Jew can convert to Christianity and they’re no longer a Jew… That sort of crap. Jews are a parasitic entity and can never convert into anything different, just like how the leopard can’t change his spots!
      By the way, I don’t think the Jews really care that much about us doing nothing but constant blogging…..

  3. I would bet that Jewgle knows the IP address of every single computer in the world which utilises its services so if you use Google and hate the Jews you had better watch your back!
    But of course I feel very safe because Google could not possibly have it on record that I own one of those so called “ant-Semitic” IP addresses.:-).

  4. i am a mongrel living in argentina, who flyes with me? other mongrels? what do you think? maybe i fly alone.


    The jew detests Arthur Topham…… His activism is likely to make rule by Noachde Law, ,14,12 or 3 by 14 or 42, near impossible. Racial Nations tend naturally towards self governance….and are an impediment to the realisation of the ritually self abusive jewish dream…..that being raceless, ‘diasporised’ and directionless goyim who fall by default of squabbling amongst themselves over hurt feelings, under the dominion of the narcissistic Much Chosen by Proxy afflicted jew, whose religion declares jews to be god incarnate….. After all, schmacking a jew is a jew fantasy as demonstrated by the incitements of the keiser fool to have BOC ‘av a go, and is as iif infringing upon god himself.

    A vacuum always draws in the liet weight things first……..and any power vacuum attracts the buzzing with excitement jew. Hence the attempts to make politicz repugnant to others and we find ourselves answering by default to the depraved neediness of the mendacious and murderous jew.

    1. I don’t particularly like Arthur Topham either… He’s married to a Jew, but whatever…. If the tribe hates him then he must be doin’ something right!

  6. Didn’t know that…. Any children are full jews……. The religion demands that its identees……. subvert their host nations…… Is it a contrived Dog and Pony show then….. so that the ‘goy’ relax, content to watch the show.

    The presence of jews has the tendency to destroy trust, it makes the clean…..seem unclean.

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