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Daily Stormer


At long last, the promised White National news site is now up.

The Daily Stormer is a comprehensive news site for the White European Race.  We will cover not simply news relating directly to the cause, but all areas of life which affect our people.

The site will be updated multiple times per day, with both original stories and those drawn from elsewhere on the web – both mainstream and independent sources.  We will also be featuring extensive video and radio material.

I have organized an excellent team, which I believe is well capable of maintaining the greatest news site on the web.  I would like to thank, presently, Ed, Clement, Ben and Julian for being a part of this Great Enterprise.

Please, check it out and give your feedback – positive or negative.

Putting this together was a surprisingly massive endeavor, and it is certain there are to be bugs, so consider this a beta version, and bring any problems you have to my attention.

The ultimate goal of the Daily Stormer is to provide a central point on the internet for racially conscientious White European people in America and across the world.

Hail Victory.


Check out the Daily Stormer:

Top notch effort from Andre and co!

Looks similar to Newsnet14 (another great white news service)

Sieg Heil! 1488

– BDL1983

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